Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 10 - Take Off Your Pants! Use Them as a Filter!

Chapter 10: Take Off Your Pants! Use Them as a Filter!

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Looking at the turbid appearance of the water in the pit that Bell had dug, many members of the audience said worriedly.

“Host, this water looks much dirtier than the puddle. Are you sure you’re not joking?”

“That’s right, host. Why don’t we change to another location?”

Seeing the comments, Bell smiled.

“Although the water in this pit looks very dirty, it is actually much cleaner than the puddle.”

Seeing that Bell was not joking, the audience was stunned.

“Host, you can’t joke about this. Your body won’t be able to endure drinking such dirty water.”

“That’s right. It looks much worse than the puddle.”

Looking at the mud-like water in the pit, everyone felt that this water was not safe to drink.

Bell shook his head.

“Thank you for your concern, but let me use this opportunity to teach everyone a way to get water in the wild.”

“Although the water in the pit looks turbid, it is actually much cleaner than the puddle.”

“Are you serious? I am not very knowledgeable, don’t lie to me.”

“That’s right, that’s right. No matter how I look at it, the water in the puddle is clearer than this.”

The comments were filled with questions.

“Although the puddle looks much clearer, it has no self-purification ability because it is too small.”

“We just found many animal footprints beside the puddle. This means that there are animals drinking from it.”

“Animals will inevitably drip their saliva into the water.”

“The bacteria in many animals’ mouths are lethal. It is easy to be infected if you are bitten by them. It is not much different if you drink water with their saliva.”

Bell explained.

Hearing that, everyone immediately understood.

“F*ck, stop talking, there is already an image in my head.”

“Host, you must be speaking from experience.”

“I, Madara Uchiha, am declaring you as the most experienced host of all time!”

“Replying to the person above, the host is only eight years old. Don’t lead the conversation astray.”

Seeing that someone was using sexual innuendos, Bell’s older sister and mother fans immediately stood up.

There were instantly over a hundred complaints.

The audience who was using sexual innuendo was immediately silenced.

Bell ignored this and continued to explain to the audience.

“Actually, it’s not just because of the saliva of these animals.”

“There are also bacteria from the dead corpse in the puddle.”

“All these factors add up. Although this water looks clearer, if I really drink it, there will probably be a severe reaction.”

“In comparison, although the water in this pit looks a little turbid, it has actually been filtered by the soil.”

“As long as we let it settle down and use some methods, it can be drunk.”

The audience finally understood.

“I remember now. I learned that the land has a filter function. Every layer of rock is a filter. The reason why the underground water is clean is because it has been filtered by many layers of soil and rock.”

“That’s right, that’s right. This is similar to the filter in our houses.”

After Bell’s reminder, everyone reacted.

“Everyone is right. The land itself has the ability to filter bacteria.”

“But even so, we can’t drink it directly. We need to purify it further.”

Bell began to unbuckle his belt.

Then, he took off his pants.

“Little friend, what are you doing? Don’t.”

“Should I warn the moderator?”

“Previous poster, are you an idiot? You are going to call for a moderator because an eight-year-old is taking off his pants?”

“Er, that’s true, but this is a live broadcast, not anywhere else. Is this really appropriate?”

“Bell, you need to block the camera first.”

“Block the screen with bullet comments.”

Some female fans in the room started commenting, wanting to hide Bell’s body.

However, Bell was speechless when he saw this.

“Everyone, you’re mistaken. I just want to cut a small piece of cloth.”

Bell took out the dagger, and cut a corner of the pants, then put it on again.

“Such a pity, I couldn’t see it.”

“You pervert, he’s only a child.”

“What’s wrong with children? Aren’t children better?”

“F*ck, you guys have such a heavy taste?”

“I mean, aren’t children’s chubby calves more adorable? What are you guys thinking?”

“…Yeah, that’s right, they are cuter.”

The group of perverts started discussing strange topics.

Of course, there were attentive audiences who were puzzled by Bell’s actions. What was Bell doing?

“Why did the host cut off his pants? Isn’t it easy to get scratches like this?”

In this show, every contestant’s clothes were distributed by the production team.

It was a good outfit for survival in the wild, and could prevent the damage caused by some branches and thorny vines in the primeval forest.

Ordinary contestants would not ruin their clothes unless they had no choice.

At least for now, no one had cut their clothes.

Bell’s action was undoubtedly unique.

Seeing this comment, Bell smiled and said, “Haha, there’s nothing I can do about this. I don’t want to cut my pants either, but the most important thing now is to have water to drink. I’m already too thirsty. If I don’t replenish the fluid level, it will affect my subsequent actions.”

While explaining, Bell pulled a reed stalk out.

The piece of cloth that he had cut earlier was also folded by him a few times and put at the end of the reed stalk.

Then, he carefully stuck that end into the water.

“The outfit given by the production team is quite good. They didn’t cut corners when making it, and it is suitable to be used as a filter.”

Bell put the straw into the middle of the pit and gently sucked.

“The host is awesome. The host is awesome.”

“F*ck, how did you think of this?”

“This is real. He’s using everything he can use.”

“It’s quite an innovative idea, but it’s effective.”

“Bell, grow up quickly. I want to have your babies.”

The comments started rolling again.

Everyone was looking at Bell to see if he could successfully filter the water in the pit.

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