Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 50 - Rock Climbing, Gifts  

Chapter 50: Rock Climbing, Gifts

“Host, what should we do in this situation? If we don’t find the direction, won’t it be dangerous to blindly walk in this desert?”

Comments flashed across the screen.

Even ignorant people knew that they could not waste their energy casually in the desert.

At the same time, these fans were worried for Bell.

The difficulty of Wilderness Survival this time was indeed much higher than before. Even Bell did not immediately figure out a plan.

This had never happened in the previous two rounds.

Everyone was worried.

However, at this moment, Bell turned the camera in another direction.

“Alright, don’t worry. Although the setting is indeed difficult, I will tell everyone the correct way to survive in the desert and escape danger.”

“Since I can’t find a water source, I can try to reduce the surface temperature and maintain my stamina.”

Bell zoomed in again.

On the screen, a canyon appeared before everyone.

“We can try to get there first. It’s not too far from our location. The bottom of the canyon can be slightly cooler.”

“This can help us maintain the water content in our bodies.”

“Moreover, because the water usually flows down, there might be a water source in the canyon. That’s the direction we’re going now.”

Bell looked around.

“However, we still have a problem to resolve. This slope is really too high. We have to think of a way to get down from this slope first.”

The camera followed Bell’s gaze.

Everyone was shocked.

The slope did not seem to be very high or steep, so they did not take it to heart. They felt that the place was just a small slope.

But at this moment, when they saw from Bell’s point of view, this slope was actually forty to fifty meters tall.

Moreover, the surroundings were not as stable as they had imagined.

Bell walked to the edge of the slope and tested it with his foot.

With a light step, the weathered rock was shattered and rolled down.

Fortunately, Bell was quite skilled and quickly retreated, preventing him from falling with the rocks. Otherwise, he would have been seriously injured or dead.

The rock that Bell had stepped on fell to the ground and shattered into pieces.

Seeing this scene, the crowd realized how dangerous this slope was.

“F*ck, did the production team make a mistake? Why did they drop him in such a place? Isn’t this fatal?”

“At this height, if he falls, he won’t even need to be saved.”

“Host, why don’t you change the route?”

Some fans realized the danger and started persuading.

Bell looked around and shook his head.

“No, everyone can see it.”

“This round platform is surrounded by bumpy areas. The only part that is relatively stable is too far away.”

“In the desert, our bodies will lose a lot of water, so we have to hurry.”

“This is the shortest distance to our target.”

“I will teach everyone how to climb down rocks first.”

Hearing that Bell was really preparing to descend on this steep and loose slope, everyone couldn’t help but worry.

“The host is awesome!”

“Host, if you succeed, I’ll gift you 5,000 USD.”

“The tycoon has appeared.”

“Remember this ID! We can’t let him escape.”

Seeing that Bell was really preparing to do such a dangerous thing, everyone was excited.

The comments became abnormally lively.

Seeing the atmosphere so lively, Bell smiled.

He did not care about money, but this reward could increase his popularity.

This was what he needed the most. This strengthened his resolve to take the risk.

“Alright, let’s begin.”

Bell walked to the edge of the slope.

After many attempts, he found a relatively stable place.

Bell moved down and explained.

“You have to pay attention to whether the rocks under your feet are stable. These rocks are made of layers of sand and rock. They are not dense, so they are not firm.”

“At the same time, you have to pay attention to something when you are climbing down.”

“When you try to do rock climbing, you might face a situation.”

“You will realize that you have reached the middle and can’t go up or down.”

“Even many experienced climbers will die in this situation.”

“I can teach everyone a way.”

“If the next landing spot is only 4 to 5 meters away, you can try to jump. It might save your life.”

“When jumping down, put your legs together and bend your knees slightly. When you land, you can choose to roll and land. This way, the force of the impact can be spread to your legs and back to the greatest extent.”

“Let me give everyone a demonstration.”

With that, Bell bent his legs slightly and tightened them.

The five-meter height made one’s heart palpitate, but Bell jumped down without hesitation.

“Oh my god, this is too dangerous!”

Many of the audience were shocked when they saw this scene.

Many people had even taken out their phones to help Bell contact the rescue helicopter.

But the next second, Bell did as he said. After landing, he immediately rolled.

After rolling two rounds, he stood up.

The audience was stunned when they saw this scene.

“He’s really fine.”

“Oh my god, this is much more exciting than parkour.”

“How agile!”

“Bell is awesome!”

“Anon gifted the host 500 USD.”

“Anon gifted the host 500 USD.”

“Anon gifted the host 500 USD.”

“F*ck, the tycoon kept his word! Hurry up and snatch the gift bag!”

After Bell landed, the lurker who had said that he would reward Bell kept his word and gifted ten gifts worth 500 USD.

Reward was a common activity on the platform.

One-third of the income would go to the platform, one-third to the host, and the other third would be distributed to all online users.

As long as they paid attention to Bell’s live-stream, they could receive it.

Therefore, a gift window quickly appeared in Bell’s live-stream.

Immediately, a large number of audience entered Bell’s live-stream.

The lurkers were dumbfounded.

“What happened here? Why are there so many gifts all of a sudden?”

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