Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 49 - Utah Desert, Confirming Direction  

Chapter 49: Utah Desert, Confirming Direction

After the host’s opening speech, the screen in the broadcast room also turned to the contestants.

Compared to the previous rounds, the number of participants in the desert round was clearly much lower. There were less than 100 people.

However, the audience expressed understanding.

After all, compared to the tropical rainforest and the snowy mountain, the desert was probably the place where dangers lurked everywhere.

Because the water and food needed by the human body were very difficult to find here.

Bell had already handed his personal belongings to the production team.

In the helicopter, Bell turned on the live broadcast equipment.

As soon as the equipment was turned on, a large number of fans rushed in.

“Great, I finally see Bell start the live broadcast again.”

“Is this where the round is going to be? Why is it different from the desert? Why are there only canyons?”

“Previous poster, you don’t understand. This is a desert, not a simple erg. Of course, it can’t be just sand. Otherwise, how can they even survive?”

“But don’t be fooled by this. The danger level is definitely not low.”

Seeing Bell’s stream, the audience became lively.

Although it was not the sand dunes that he had imagined, sometimes, this canyon was even more dangerous.

The helicopter slowly stopped.

As the first test for the survivalists, the helicopter did not choose a stable place for these survivalists. Instead, it stopped directly above a steep cliff.

Because of the airflow, the helicopter could not land directly.

Fortunately, the production team took out ropes.

The instructor handed the rope to Bell.

“We have arrived at the center of this desert, but the helicopter can’t land safely. We have to use ropes to descend at a height of 30 to 40 meters from the ground.”

Bell said to the audience.

Because of the temperature difference, the air in front distorted.

Bell felt a heat wave hit him.

“We have to leave the helicopter as soon as possible.”

“The helicopter’s propeller is constantly drawing this heat wave over.”

Bell did not hesitate and immediately climbed down the rope. After landing, Bell did not stay idle either. He quickly untied the rope and escaped from the range of the propeller.

After putting away the ropes, the helicopter slowly left.

The third round of the Wilderness Survival was starting in Utah’s desert.

Bell stood on the steep cliff and looked around.

“The production team really knows how to play. They have already activated hell mode.”

Bell joked.

At the same time, the camera turned.

Bell was on the top of a cliff.

It was nearly 30 meters tall.

“Although we’re standing higher now, I have to say that I don’t feel cool at all.”

“I feel like I’m in an oven.”

Sweat was flowing down Bell’s face.

This was because the heat here was too high, and the water in the human body would quickly evaporate.

Sensing the rapid loss of water in his body, Bell did not dare to delay.

“Let’s move quickly and reach our goals. According to what I know, there are two rivers in this desert. As long as we can find these two rivers, we will be saved.”

“Remember what I said before? We can see further from a high point of view. Let’s take advantage of this high altitude to confirm the direction.”

Bell stood on the spot and looked around.

In this desert, there were canyon and dried river beds everywhere.

It was not easy to determine which river was the one he needed to find.

The audience also saw the scene in front of Bell. They couldn’t help but gasp.

Although Bell said it relatively simply, everyone saw that there were dried river beds everywhere in the desert.

It was impossible to tell.

“F*ck, can the host really find it? If he decides on one and it is not a river, won’t he be dead meat?”

“I heard that there are many river beds in this desert. They have been settled for countless years. They must have been abandoned long ago.”

“There are so many river beds. How can we differentiate between them?”

The comments were filled with questions.

Bell smiled.

“Don’t be anxious. Everyone, maintain your calm.”

“I’ll tell everyone how to find this river bed.”

“Everyone knows that plant growth requires water. Even in this desert, this law will not change.”

“Therefore, by confirming the signs of plants, it can help us determine which river bed has a water source that flowed through it in the short term.”

Bell zoomed in the camera toward the distance.

There were some sagebrush growing densely.

The audience was excited to see the plant.

“Host, we saw it. Is it there? Is there a water source there?”

Everyone thought that the dense sagebrush was near the water source.

Some hates even curled their lips when they saw this scene. The comments were not polite.

“Tsk, the production team only knows how to add gimmicks. They even said that the difficulty of this round will increase. So it turns out that they dropped him in such a safe place. They might as well drop him beside the river.”

“That’s right, with this difficulty, I can do it too.”

“Previous poster, you can only say this on the screen. I’m afraid you will be the first to withdraw from the competition.”

There were naturally fans who defended.

The next second, Bell shook his head.

“Although we saw some dense green plants, unfortunately, they are not what we are looking for.”

Although sagebrush grew in the desert, unlike other plants, it did not require much water, so it usually did not grow beside the river.

Therefore, they could not find a water source if they followed it.

Bell turned the camera.

“Sorry, our luck is not too good. Although we are standing on a high ground, we have not been able to find the correct direction.”

Hearing Bell’s words, the haters who were arguing on the screen stopped.

They resentfully deleted the message in their comment box.

However, these haters were still staring at the screen, wanting to see if there was anything they could argue about.

Seeing that the direction was not confirmed, the real fans were worried for Bell.

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