Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 18 - Night Line Fishing

Chapter 18: Night Line Fishing

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Bell stirred up everyone’s emotions with a few words.

The beautiful host in the broadcast room was focused on Bell’s screen.

Seeing Bell’s expression and smile, Bear nodded in satisfaction, and his eyes revealed a look of agreement.

“Bear, you seem to be very satisfied with our contestant.”

The beautiful host caught Bear’s expression and asked.

“Haha, this young contestant has indeed greatly exceeded my expectations. Actually, crossing the thorny zone is not a wise decision.”

“Just like the comments said, it’s easy to be scratched when going through this area. You have to know that this is a primeval forest. Even a small wound can be troublesome to deal with if it leads to an infection.”

“But at the same time, this is also a test for the survivalists.”

“Let’s see if he can choose the correct method to pass through this forest of thorns.”

“I’m quite satisfied with him because of his mentality.”

“As a survivalist, you can have a sense of crisis, but you can’t let it affect your mood and judgment. This contestant knows what he wants.”

“If he had really listened to the audience’s opinion and chose to avoid this thorny forest, he might have gained nothing today.”

“But if he passes through this thorny area safely, he will gain a lot.”

“We can see this lake not far behind this area. That’s his destination.”

The broadcast room could see the aerial view.

The thorny area in front of Bell was not small.

It would take a day to detour around it.

In this thorny area, food resources were scarce.

The audience in the broadcast room looked enlightened when they heard Ed’s words. They all clapped and cheered for Bell.

At this moment, Bell was trimming the branch on his hand into a long wooden stick.

“Everyone, don’t be anxious. Whether we can safely cross this thorny area will depend on this wooden stick.”

Although time was tight, Bell was not flustered.

He explained to everyone.

Hearing Bell’s words, the audience was curious.

“Host, what’s the use of this wooden stick?”

Some people expressed their puzzlement.

As they asked, Bell’s wooden stick was finished. He measured its size and nodded in satisfaction.

“What’s its use? Everyone will see it soon.”

Bell walked to the edge of the bramble bushes with the wooden stick.

After choosing the landing point, Bell quickly took two steps and jumped, perfectly jumping past the bramble bush.

Every thorn was three to four meters wide.

There were only a few small gaps in the middle.

However, Bell could easily find the gaps in between the dense thorny brambles, and not a single one of them touched him.

“F*ck, could it be that the host has really trained before? Even an athlete can’t compare to him, right?”

“Am I really watching Wilderness Survival? It’s not a sports program, right?”

“Kung Fu!”

Bell’s smooth movement astonished a lot of the audience.

“It’s over. There’s no way to explain this.”

Not only the audience in Bell’s live-stream, even the people in the broadcast room were shocked.

“Oh my god, isn’t he too agile?”

The host gaped in surprise at Bell’s actions.

Bear and Ed couldn’t help but clap with the crowd.

“China is really a magical place.”

They had thought of various ways to pass through this thorny area, but they did not expect Bell to make up for this difficulty with his strength.

“Indeed, everything is useless before absolute strength.”

Bell continued to jump through the thorny area with the wooden stick. Neither the thorny vines nor the rocks could stop him.

There was still some distance before he crossed the thorny area. Even with Bell’s stamina, he was becoming exhausted, but he persisted.

Sitting on the ground, Bell breathed heavily and wiped the sweat from his forehead, but he was smiling.

“Hehe, sorry for making a fool of myself. It’s been too long since I’ve done this. I’m a little rusty.”

Bell said humbly.

The live-stream exploded.

“No, no, no. The host is too modest. With such skills, it would be a pity if you don’t become a professional athlete.”

“That’s right. As a sports student, I think every move of the host is very difficult. I don’t think I can do it. By the way, I’ve been doing sports for eight years.”

Seeing that his skills had surprised him, Bell scratched his head awkwardly.

When he was in the special forces, these movements were basically compulsory.

In addition, the system had increased his physical strength.

Only then could Bell reach his current level.

After resting for a while, he followed the water tributary past the thorny area and soon arrived at the lake.

“Everyone, look, we’ve found the water source. In this case, there’s no need to worry about food.”

“Wild fish taste excellent. Even without any seasonings, they are very delicious.”

“It’s decided. Tonight’s food will be fish.”

Bell smiled.

“As expected, while the other streamers are still hungry, our contestant has already begun to consider the menu. How can the difference between people be so great?”

“I wonder if the other streamers will cry after seeing Bell’s life.”

“The other participants are already hungry and eating grass.”

Bell ignored the messages on the screen and put down the vines and backpack. He took out the dagger and began to dig on the soft ground beside the lake.

“Since we want to fish, we naturally need bait. This land is not bad and is easy to dig. Let’s dig some earthworms and place them on the vines later.”

Because the ground near the lake was wet and soft, it was very easy to dig. Before long, Bell found several earthworms.

“I can teach everyone a way to fish in the wild. Night-line fishing.”

“The vines we gathered earlier can be of use.”

Bell took out the vines and the wooden stick.

After tying it tightly, he stabbed the wooden stick into the ground beside the lake.

Some stones were tied to the end of the vine, and the earthworm was hung on the end.

“In the wild, these earthworms or some leftovers can be used as bait.”

“The thorns on the vines can be used as fish hooks.”

“We just have to throw the vines into the water and wait patiently.”

Bell even deliberately made a few more such preparations.

“Can the host really do this?”

Many people were doubtful.

But Bell smiled mysteriously.

“If nothing goes wrong, we will have fish tonight.”

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