Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 17 - Taking Water From the Bamboo Forest, Passing Through the Thorns

Chapter 17: Taking Water From the Bamboo Forest, Passing Through the Thorns

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The sky had just turned bright when Bell began to move.

The live-stream became active again.

The air was slightly moist in the primeval forest in the morning.

But it did feel good.

Taking a deep breath could greatly increase one’s spirit.

Bell walked forward under the faint illumination of the light.

“We are tight on time today. We only found a little bit of water yesterday. What we’re looking for now is a river. Normally speaking, we should be able to find the way out of the primeval forest by following the river.”

“The water in the canteen is almost used up as well.”

Bell explained to the audience in the live-stream.

Shennongjia was a sub-tropical climate zone, located in northwestern Hubei Province in China.

It was a typical monsoon area.

The characteristic of this place was that the air was moist, had abundant light, rich heat, had a long frost-free period, and had abundant rainfall.

Although they were in Wilderness Survival, Bell felt that the production team chose such a place because they were thinking of those contestants who were there just to make up the numbers.

After all, it was not particularly difficult to survive in such a primeval forest because there was enough food. As long as they had some basic plant identification techniques, they would be able to survive safely.

Compared to some primeval forests in Africa, there were much fewer large beasts here.

Bell analyzed as he walked down the terrain.

Soon, the sky brightened.

Beams of sunlight shone through the gaps in the leaves into the forest, and the vision became clearer.

Looking into the distance, a rare smile appeared on Bell’s face.

“Everyone, we’re in luck today.”

The camera was pointed at a dense bamboo forest not far away.

“If you are lucky enough to encounter a bamboo forest in the wild, you can consider a gift from the heavens.”

Bell said happily.

He even hurried forward.

“For a survivalist, bamboos have many uses.”

“The audience who live in Sichuan should know about the use of the bamboo forest.”

Soon, Bell arrived at the bamboo forest.

As he spoke, he took out the dagger given by the production team.

Hearing Bell’s words, some Sichuan residents also became active.

“Host, you’re really lucky today. You encountered a bamboo forest. In that case, the water issue should be settled.”

Because this program was a global live broadcast, there were audiences from everywhere.

Bell’s live-stream had already accumulated a lot of popularity.

After hearing Bell’s words, some Sichuan audience stood up and interacted warmly with Bell.

Bell glanced at the comments and smiled when he saw the reply.

“That’s right, our luck today is really good. With this bamboo forest, the water issue won’t be a problem for a while.”

Bell said as he walked deeper into the bamboo forest.

He shook some bamboo, as if searching for something.

“Can someone explain to me what Bell is doing? Is there something in these bamboo?”

Some people who did not live in Sichuan and rarely saw bamboo did not know the secret of the bamboo center.

However, before the audience could answer, Bell had already taken the initiative to explain.

“I believe many of the audience are wondering what I’m doing now.”

“I can take this opportunity to explain to everyone.”

“Actually, I’m looking for water. The center of some bamboos that are thick and long and have not been damaged is hollow. There will be a lot of water inside.”

“Shake it hard. If you can hear the gurgling sound, it means that there is plenty of water in that bamboo.”

Bell continued to search while explaining.

As if to verify his words, he heard a gurgling sound when he shook a thick bamboo.

“Found it.”

Bell took out the dagger.

“It’s this thick bamboo. Listen to the sound inside.”

The camera was brought closer. Bell shook it again, just enough to hear the sound of water in the bamboo.

“I heard it! There really is water.”

Many people in the audience heard the sound of water. There were usually some differences in the sound between the bamboo that had water and the bamboo that were empty.

Many people knew that the bamboo was hollow, but this was the first time they knew about water inside bamboo.

After the demonstration, Bell cut a small hole at the bottom section of the bamboo pole. Then, he chiseled a hole in the center section.

“It’s not difficult to take out this water. You just need to cut open two holes.”

“The hole at the bottom is mainly used to let air flow into the bamboo pole. This way, the internal pressure will be imbalanced, and the water in the bamboo sections will naturally flow out.”

“Of course, if you have large tools, you can cut down the entire bamboo joint and use it as a container to store water.”

“But that can’t be done now. After all, the production team is tight on funds and only gave me a dagger. It’s too troublesome to cut this bamboo with it.”

Bell complained.

“Haha, that’s right. The production team is really too stingy.”

“Bell, give us your location, we will airdrop you a chainsaw.”

Some audience members joked.

After filling his water canteen, Bell passed through the bamboo forest.

“There’s a thorny area ahead.”

Bell looked ahead from the edge of the bamboo forest. There were dense thorny bramble bushes.

Looking at the spikes on the branches, the audience was a little afraid.

“Host, if there is no path, you should take a detour.”

“Yeah, these bramble bushes are so dense. There is a high probability of being scratched if we were to move through them. Moreover, if there is some poisonous substance, it will not be worth it.”

Many of the audience were worried for Bell, and they wanted to persuade him to move elsewhere.

Bell looked at the comments and the thorny area in front of him, and finally shook his head after a while.

“Let’s collect some vines first. These vines are rather strong. We can use them as ropes and also as protective tools.”

“But I won’t take a detour. We don’t have much time. These bramble bushes cover a wide range. It will take a lot of time to detour.”

Bell said seriously as a determined expression flashed across his young face.

Everyone in front of the screen was stunned, infected by Bell’s emotions.

But soon, Bell showed a relaxed expression.

“There is no need to worry. Since it’s a Wilderness Survival, we will encounter all kinds of difficulties. But believe me, I have a way to resolve it.”

“I’ll show everyone how to safely cross this thorny zone.”

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