Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 13 - The Technique of Drilling Wood for Fire  

Chapter 13: The Technique of Drilling Wood for Fire

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“Host, go ahead. I’ve already taken out my notebook.”

“It’s time to spread knowledge. What are you waiting for? Take notes!”

Looking at the exaggerated comments, Bell smiled helplessly.

“Everyone, don’t be so excited. It’s just some simple knowledge. I hope you guys won’t need to use it. After all, it is better to go through professional guidance if you want to adventure in the wild.”

Bell reminded kindly.

“When gathering the firewood, you have to pay attention. You have to choose the wood that makes cracking sounds when broken.”

“Such wood has been exposed to the outside for a long time. The water inside is basically dry, so it’s easy to ignite.”

“It is better not to pick up branches that emit muffled sounds like this. It’s very difficult to ignite these branches.”

As he spoke, Bell even deliberately chose two branches to compare with.

“Host, you’re so meticulous. Thank you. I’ve learned and fully grasped it.”

In the broadcast room, Ed and Bear had already regained their senses from seeing Bell’s terrifying strength.

Seeing Bell explaining the knowledge to everyone, the two nodded.

“That’s right, this contestant is indeed very professional. This knowledge of choosing the wood is very detailed.”

“If you ask novices in wilderness survival to choose firewood, they only know to choose thin sticks or branches that are easy to break, but few people pay attention to these.”

“That’s right, this contestant is indeed very professional, but he has another problem now.”

Ed also spoke.

The several women in the broadcast room became nervous when they heard there was another problem that Bell had to resolve.

Even the audience became nervous. They wanted to know what the problem was.

Ed slowly said, “If you want to survive in the wilderness, the most important thing is the source of fire. I wonder how our contestant will start a fire? Many people know the theory of making fire, but in practice, there are very few people who can really ignite fire.”

Ed explained.

Everyone was worried.

They had heard of the concept of drilling wood to make fire.

Many people had even tested it.

However, not many people succeeded.

This required various details, and was not a technique that ordinary newbies could grasp.

The female host nodded.

That’s right, among these thousands of contestants, there were less than a hundred who could successfully start a fire by drilling wood.

One out of ten participants was already a very high ratio, and some of them relied on luck.

The audience wanted to know how Bell would resolve this problem.

At this moment, Bell had already finished gathering the wood and returned to his shelter.

Looking at the pile of wood, Bell wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Although his strength was not bad, the long period of activity exhausted him.

Looking at the comments on the screen, Bell continued his explanation.

“Alright, everyone, the preparations are done. What’s next is to drill wood to start a fire.”

“I believe most of you have heard of this method. Many people have tried it, but few have succeeded. Now, I will teach everyone the correct way to start a fire by drilling wood.”

“Firstly, we need to find a slightly dry land and gather some stones. This is mainly to prevent the flames from spreading out after the fire is started. If we accidentally start a forest fire, that would be a real mess. I’ll probably have to live stream in prison for the rest of my life.”

Bell showed an exaggerated expression.

The comments were also filled with sly humor.

“Welcome to this episode’s Prison Survival. Today, I will explain how to open the prison door.”

Bell smiled and said.

“Alright, this is not an issue. I won’t let such a thing happen.”

“We have finished stacking the stones. Now, we need to trim some wood, as well as get some dry weeds, and some sand to increase the friction.”

Bell prepared everything patiently.

Then, the audience saw Bell take off a shoelace, and tie it once around the trimmed wood, then tie its ends to another wood, making a bow-like shape.

Then, like a saw, he moved it back and forth.

Soon, black smoke rose from the dry weeds below.

Bell carefully added some more weeds and blew gently.

Under the audience’s gazes, a tiny flame rose.

Looking at the rising flames, Bell smiled.

In the broadcast room, Bear and Ed were also surprised.

Even they had not thought of using this method to start a fire.

In the past, the two of them still used their hands to drill into the wood. Only after long grinding could they start a small fire.

Bear smiled bitterly.

“I have learned today. I can use this method next time in Man vs. Wild.”

“That’s right, this method is much more brilliant.”

The two survival specialists nodded in agreement.

In the live-stream, Bell gained another wave of popularity.

After starting the fire, Bell’s small figure continued to work in front of the fire.

He opened his backpack and took out the dark snake meat.

He looked around and chose a tree branch to use as a skewer to hold the snake meat.

Sitting beside the fire, Bell smiled.

“Everyone, it’s finally time to eat. Our dinner is pretty good. Let’s have roasted snake meat.”

“This isn’t enough for me, but it can replenish some of my energy.”

Bell put the snake over the fire.

“By the way, I almost forgot to mention this. You have to pay attention to something when cooking in the wild.”

“Everyone, watch carefully. You might be able to use it during a normal barbecue as well.”

Bell said with a smile, arousing everyone’s interest again.

Everyone wanted to know what technique he was talking about.

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