Are You Telling An Eight-Year-Old To Survive In The Wilderness?

Chapter 12 - Simple Shelter

Chapter 12: Simple Shelter

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Bell smiled in satisfaction.

“The host is awesome! I just went to the live-streams of the other contestants. Compared to the host, these people are tortured beyond recognition.”

“That’s right. There was a contestant who was bitten by a poisonous snake. He has already been sent to the rescue.”

“Indeed, not everyone can survive in the wild.”

“Tsk, what’s so hard about it? I could do it too.”

“Previous poster, if you are so good, show it. Why don’t I see you doing a live broadcast?”

No matter where it was, there were always some trolls who felt that they were many times stronger than others, but they only dared to tap the keyboard in front of the screen.

Bell ignored these people.

Seeing that the live-stream was about to descend into an argument, Bell started talking to attract their attention.

“Our top priority now is to build a shelter. Otherwise, I might die tonight. I don’t want to stay here forever. I don’t even have a girlfriend yet.”

Bell joked.

“Haha, host, are you looking for a girlfriend at such a young age?”

“Little friend, how about you add me on WeChat?”

“Previous poster, I have enough evidence of your crime. Please contact me. This is my WeChat. Take the initiative to cooperate and seek leniency.”

“I seriously suspect that the previous commenter has ulterior motives.”

After hearing Bell’s joke, the audience stopped arguing and turned their attention to Bell.

“Let’s talk about girlfriends later. Now, we need to check how to build the shelter.”

“The conditions in the wilderness are limited. We have to use all the resources we can.”

“There are some leaves here. We can spread them on the ground.”

“Let me teach everyone here. If your girlfriends chase you to the grassland to sleep one day, I suggest you lay something on the ground.”

“Even if you don’t cover yourself, there has to be something underneath you.”

“Because the ground conducts heat very well. It absorbs human heat, and you will catch a cold if you’re not careful.”

Bell said seriously.

The comments section became lively again.

“Alright, I got it. I’ll get my boyfriend to test it out tonight.”

“Ah? Are you demons?”

“I’m not willing to test this, but I can let you try it yourself.”

The comments in the live-stream became active again.

In the broadcast room, the female host, Li Ziqi, and the guests also laughed after hearing Bell’s teasing.

“This child is too cute.”

Li Ziqi said.

“That’s right, to be so optimistic in such an environment, his mentality is indeed good.”

“If I were alone in this forest when I was eight years old, I would probably be crying from fear and unable to even walk.”

Even the foreign female host’s eyes lit up when she saw Bell’s cute appearance and his adult-like tone.

Who could reject such a smart and cute child?

The female host seemed to think of something. She looked at Bear and Ed and asked, “Do you think this contestant can survive the selection?”

Whether it was intentional or not, the female host put the screen on Bell and chatted with Bear and Ed.

She deliberately gave Bell more scenes.

This caused the audience in Bell’s live-stream to increase.

Bear and Ed hesitated for a moment after hearing the host’s question.

Bear rubbed his chin and thought for a while before saying, “It’s actually not easy to judge now.”

“Why? Although this contestant is young, everyone has seen his skills and mentality. He’s definitely very outstanding. Can’t he even pass the preliminary?”

“If even he can’t pass the preliminary, I really can’t think of how many people will be left in this program.”

The female host was very surprised.

At this moment, Ed spoke.

“This contestant is indeed very professional, be it in terms of skills or mentality.”

“Then why?”

“Just like you said, this contestant is too young. Being young often means that his body is weak. In the wild, strength of the body is also very important. Every step in wilderness survival consumes a lot of stamina. We will have to see if he can continue like this.”

At this moment, the scene in Bell’s live-stream changed again.

Bell, who had just left the scene, was dragging a tree trunk that was two to three times taller than him.

Then, he placed it on the split branch with ease.

“My god! What kind of strength does this child have? Even I cannot carry it.”

“Ed got a face-slap in the live-stream. He said that the host is too young and too weak. Host, do you want to consider participating in the weightlifting competition?”

The tree trunk that Bell had carried earlier was at least 150 to 200 kilograms.

It was like a light wooden stick on Bell’s shoulder.

Everyone was shocked and speechless.

Bell did not read the comments on the live broadcast. It was turning dark, and he had to hurry.

Before long, Bell made a simple shelter.

It was done smoothly, and he did not look tired at all.

In the broadcast room, Ed, Bear, and the others were shocked speechless.

“My god, is this China’s kung fu skills?”

Bell now had time to look at the comments.

Seeing the messages on the screen, Bell smiled.

Although he looked like an eight-year-old boy, his strength was indeed much stronger than ordinary adults. This was all thanks to the system.

At the same time, he used various techniques from his previous life’s special force training.

It was not a problem to lift a 150 to 200 kilograms tree trunk.

Bell did not explain further.

He picked up a few dried branches.

“The shelter is already built. We need to start a fire now.”

“In the wilderness, the night is very cold. We have to maintain our body temperature to remain in prime condition.”

“I will teach everyone how to choose wood.”

“At the same time, I’ll be explaining how to drill wood and start a fire. This is an important knowledge in the wild.”

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