Archean Eon Art

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Release of Demonic Aura

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In Idle Stone Garden, the seven women’s words left Meng Chuan, Yan Jin, and Liu Qiyue slightly stunned.

“Let all the women in these buildings come out,” Yan Jin said sternly. He refused to believe it.

When he was young, the maidservant that had treated him exceptionally well was tortured to death in such a place.

“Bring them all out.” The colorful-robed elder smiled as he instructed. More than thirty women were brought and gathered together.

“Young Master Meng?”

“It’s the Meng family’s Meng Chuan!” Many women’s eyes lit up when they saw Meng Chuan!

Countless people were envious and jealous of Eastcalm Prefecture’s geniuses. Meng Chuan often traveled between Meng Manor and Mirror Lake Dao Academy. Many people had seen him over the years.

“If you were abducted, you can say it out loud. You don’t have to worry about the Black Wolf Gang’s revenge,” said Meng Chuan. “They don’t have the guts.”

“Young Master Meng, although some of us were crying and wailing when we came, it has nothing to do with the Black Wolf Gang. I came here on my own accord because of my brother’s marriage. The sisters beside me all have their sad stories, but we were all willing,” said a woman with a smile.

“Young Master Meng…” These women were all very willing to tell Meng Chuan.

As Meng Chuan, Liu Qiyue, and Yan Jin listened, the three became more confused. They could tell that these women didn’t have any resentment towards the Black Wolf Gang. They were even shocked when they heard the women talk about their hardships.

They had known that life was difficult for ordinary people due to the rules set by the imperial government—those who didn’t reach the Marrow Cleansing realm had to serve in the military otherwise the jobs available to them would be limited. But, those who opened small businesses and worked some odd jobs could still fill their stomachs. But today, they found out that there were people who lived more miserable lives amongst ordinary people. Those who were seriously ill or had families with gambling addicts. Those who went through famine or had their hometowns destroyed by demons…

These women were pretty, so they had this path to take. If they didn’t have the prerequisite beauty, this path wouldn’t have worked out.

“Sis!” Ironborn—who was standing by the side—called out in excitement, his eyes widening suddenly. He didn’t feel anything when he heard the women complaining because his father was a gambling addict. If it weren’t for his sister working as a servant in a large family clan, his family would have been finished.

“Ironborn.” The woman who had been brought out by the Black Wolf Gang immediately ran over.

“Haha…” The elderly man laughed. “We found her. What happened? How did this woman get brought to our Idle Stone Garden? How was I not aware of this?”

“Guardian,” said the gang members respectfully. “The father of this woman named Red Rain owes us Black Wolf Gang 300 taels of silver. That’s why our subordinates brought the man’s daughter to hide here temporarily. It’s to force her father to raise the money.”

When the elder heard, he immediately glared at the Boss Wei trio and shouted, “Why didn’t you tell me you were hiding her here for your debt recollection?”

Boss Wei immediately came to a realization and said with a fawning smile, “Guardian, how would we dare to alarm you with such a trivial matter? We only planned to hide her here for a few days to scare that gambler.”

Meng Chuan and company frowned when they heard this.

When a debt reached a significant amount, debtors who temporarily impounded other family members to force the family to return the debt would only be punished with fines at the court. Unless the abducted woman was forced to become a prostitute, be severely injured, or killed, would a heavy punishment be meted out.

As for Ironborn’s sister, Red Rain, she clearly wasn’t injured.

“Sis, did they bully you?” Ironborn hugged his sister and asked immediately.

“No, they just locked me up in a room.” Red Rain shook her head.

“Could we have made a mistake?” Liu Qiyue whispered when she saw this.

Yan Jin frowned.

Meng Chuan looked at the group of women. Every single one of them had their stories, but none of them were forced. What he experienced today had indeed allowed him to see the other side of this world.

“Young Master.” The old servant stood beside Yan Jin and chuckled. “If it’s illegal, the Black Wolf Gang will not let us see it easily.”

Yan Jin’s eyes lit up.

“This Red Rain was taken away by force without a doubt. Furthermore, the Black Wolf Gang didn’t have an indenture contract for her. Since there’s a precedent, it can’t be only this once,” said the old servant with a smile. “Furthermore, the place where Red Rain was imprisoned is in the back of the compound. I’m quite sure there are other pitiful women in those places.”

These words caused the Black Wolf Gang members’ faces to change. The elderly man in colorful robes had an ugly look on his face.

“Yes, shady matters need to be hidden more carefully,” said Yan Jin coldly. “Uncle Wang, check this compound carefully. I want to see how bold a small gang like this can be.”

“Haven’t you gone overboard?”

The elder’s face darkened as he took a few steps forward. His subordinates behind him also took a few steps forward, blocking the path in front of them. The colorful-robed elder said in a low voice, “The person you wish to save is now with you. Are you not giving us an out by continuing to force us?”

“Move aside,” said Yan Jin coldly.

“This is the Black Wolf Gang’s territory, and also the Bai family’s territory.” The elder laughed coldly. “Do you all intend to fall out with us?”

“Haha, you are quite bold as a Guardian,” said the old servant with a laugh. “Is there anyone who dares to threaten Jadesun Palace in Eastcalm Prefecture?”

In Eastcalm Prefecture, the Jadesun Palace held the highest status, and it represented Archean Mountain.

“If you dare to obstruct Jadesun Palace’s operations, I can kill you directly. Your Black Wolf Gang should know the rules.” The old servant took out the Jadesun Palace’s token, and the color in the faces of the gang members immediately drained. They couldn’t help but retreat. The Jadesun Palace’s reputation was too great! It was said that the Imperial Court was in charge of mortal affairs while Jadesun Palace was in charge of all other matters.

If one offended the Jadesun Palace, they would die for nothing.

“Guardian, don’t fight with the Jadesun Palace.”

“Bear with it.”

“Let’s report this to the gang. We won’t be able to block them,” the gang members said hurriedly. Even if it were a serious crime to abduct women, with so many people from the Black Wolf Gang, the Imperial Court’s punishments would probably not reach them even if they did mete out punishments.

Under the night sky.

Inside Idle Stone Garden, the women watched nervously. The members of the Black Wolf Gang also retreated. The Boss Wei trio didn’t dare say a word.

Only the elder’s expression darkened. He stood in the way. “Are we really going to fall out with each other?”

“Do you think you are worthy of that?” The old servant chuckled softly. In terms of background, his family clan was far beyond what any of the five Godfiend clans in Eastcalm Prefecture were capable of.

“Make way!” Yan Jin’s eyes were cold. The thought of women being tortured to the point of death triggered his killing intent.

“Haha, alright. I’ll make way. Make way. Let them investigate!” The elder laughed, causing the old servant’s expression to change.

At this moment…

A person walked out from a distant corridor.

His back hunched, but he remained tall. His hair was disheveled, and he walked over with a smile as he looked at Meng Chuan, Yan Jin, Liu Qiyue, and the old servant.

Upon seeing this person’s aura limited to an ordinary person’s, Meng Chuan could vaguely sense an extremely terrifying threat approaching! It was as though a terrifying monster was approaching him.

“I heard that you are going to investigate this place?” The hunchbacked man smiled. “So many paths lead to life, but you had to choose the one that leads to death.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a rich green aura suddenly erupted from his body as his eyes glowed green. His entire body became larger and muscular; his fingernails grew longer as well. Reaching out his hand, he sent pebbles on the ground flying into the air and into his hands.

“I’ll send you on your way.” The hunchbacked man waved his sharp claws.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Dozens of stones flew out. A green aura enveloped every stone, and their speed was terrifying.

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

Easily causing large holes, some stones passed through the wooden pillars while others passed through the rockery.

“Ahhh!” Following the stone trajectories, three gang members and two innocent women were pierced through by stones. Blood splattered everywhere as they died on the spot.

“Be careful.” Meng Chuan jolted to attention as he stepped in front of Qiyue and instantly unsheathed his saber at his waist. Liu Qiyue immediately pulled the siblings behind her.

“Skydemon Sect? Release of demonic aura?” The old servant’s expression drastically changed as he brandished a soft sword. “Young Master, be careful.”

Yan Jin pulled out both his swords from his back. He immediately tried his best to block the attacks with both blades.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dozens of terrifying rocks enveloped with green aura instantly struck them. Meng Chuan, the old servant, and Yan Jin used their full strength to block the lethal stones. Every stone felt extremely heavy. They were stronger than arrows shot by an expert at the Mortal Shedding realm. The stones were even more terrifying than 100 Mortal Shedding realm warriors shooting arrows simultaneously.

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