Archean Eon Art

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The Women from Idle Stone Garden

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“And the two of them.” The child in the old servant’s arms pointed at the two other drunkards. “They were there when Boss Wei led his men to abduct my sister.”

“It has nothing to do with us.”

“We just run errands.” The two drunkards didn’t dare make a sound. After being pointed out by Ironborn, they immediately explained in panic.

Yan Jin frowned and shouted, “Where is his sister?”

“This…” Boss Wei and his two subordinates exchanged looks and began to hesitate. The rules of the gang were stringent.

“If we don’t find her, all three of you will die,” Yan Jin said coldly.

“We’ll talk.”

“She has been sent to Idle Stone Garden,” Big Boss Wei and the others hurriedly said.

Idle Stone Garden was one of the six major strongholds the Black Wolf Gang specially used to train women. It was located in the northern sector of Eastcalm Prefecture.

Woof! Woof!

The sky was already dark, and dog barks could be heard occasionally from Idle Stone Garden. Clearly, the compound had guards patrolling it.

The Boss Wei trio led the way. Yan Jin, Meng Chuan, and the others also arrived.

“This compound is Idle Stone Garden. There are usually more than a hundred women here. They will be trained. If they have the ability, they will be sent to various upscale brothels. If they can’t handle it, they will send them to some whorehouses,” Boss Wei said with a fawning smile.

“Ah Chuan, that’s interesting. I’ve seen a few upscale brothels in Eastcalm Prefecture from afar. I’ve never seen the place where they train the women…” Liu Qiyue was especially excited. “I’ve long heard that some pitiful women have been abducted here. Now, we’re going to save them. We can’t let any of those evil Black Wolf Gang members off.”

“I’m not going to let off anyone who does evil,” answered Meng Chuan.

“Quick, open the door! It’s me, Wei!” Boss Wei slammed on the door and shouted.

The doors of Idle Stone Garden opened.

The old servant took the initiative to step forward. With a flick of his hand, the two indolent gatekeepers were sent flying. When they struck a wooden pillar or the ground, they vomited blood.

“An attack.”


“Who is so bold?”

“How dare they come to our Black Wolf Gang’s territory and behave atrociously?”

There was a commotion, and people from all over the compound rushed over.

Yan Jin, Meng Chuan, and the others waited at the front yard. Boss Wei and company stood to the side cautiously with their heads bowed. On one side was Jadesun Palace and the Meng family, and on the other was their gang. They were afraid of both!

Very quickly, a group of men appeared. Some of them had quite strong auras and possessed strength at the Marrow Cleansing realm.

The leader of the group was an elderly man in a colorful robe who had reached the Mortal Shedding realm.

“Young Master Meng?” The colorful-robed elder’s face had a cold expression, but upon seeing Meng Chuan, his face immediately bloomed like a flower. “To think that Young Master Meng would come to my humble abode. I’m truly blessed. Young Master Meng, how may I help you? Young Master Meng, please speak your mind.”

“I heard that you abducted women?” Meng Chuan asked.

“No, absolutely not.” The colorful-robbed elder said hurriedly, “Our Black Wolf Gang has always followed the law to a tee. Why would we do something like that?”

Meng Chuan pointed at Boss Wei and the others who had their heads lowered. “They said so.”

The elder glanced at Boss Wei and the others coldly.

“Guardian, this is Young Master Meng. That person is from Jadesun Palace. We didn’t have a choice either,” said Boss Wei with a bitter expression.

“Jadesun Palace?” Only now did the old man take notice of Yan Jin and the old servant.

The old servant took out the Jadesun Palace token and revealed it.

The elder’s heart skipped a beat. The Jadesun Palace has servants and soldiers… But those who can hold the Jadesun Palace’s token are all from the upper echelons. There aren’t more than ten of them! Who are these two? Why haven’t I heard of them?

“This child’s elder sister was sent here about two hours ago by Wei Sandao,” said Meng Chuan.

“Wei Sandao just sent someone here?” The elder turned his head and shouted while blinking slightly at his subordinate.

The subordinate immediately said, “It seems so. I’ll go find her and bring her here.”

“Hurry up!” the elder barked.

The subordinate immediately ran off.

The elder turned his head and smiled at Meng Chuan and company. He immediately said, “Lord of Jadesun Palace and Young Master Meng, don’t worry. Our Black Wolf Gang is very well-behaved. We definitely don’t abduct women.”

“You still refuse to admit it?” Yan Jin’s voice was cold as he swept his gaze across the compound. “His sister was abducted, and there are more than a hundred women in this compound. I’m sure many were abducted here against their will.”

“Absolutely not,” the elderly man said.

“Seven women are living in that building. Take them all out,” instructed the old servant.

“Yes, right away.” The elder nodded and gestured to his subordinates. However, he was secretly shocked. How impressive. He knows that seven women are living inside from hundreds of feet away?


Seven women came out. Some looked like young maidens, while others were in their twenties or thirties.

“Did you willingly come here, or were you abducted?” Yan Jin said solemnly, “Just tell me, don’t be afraid. We are from the Jadesun Palace, and this is a scion of the Meng family. The Black Wolf Gang cannot threaten you. You can take revenge if you have a grudge against them. As long as these people violated the law, none of them will escape.”

“Those who violate the laws will not be able to escape,” said Meng Chuan. “This is my promise to you.”

The elder’s eyes narrowed when he heard that. The subordinates behind him looked at each other.

Of the seven women, one of the older ones laughed self-deprecatingly. “Young Masters, all of you have been busy for nothing. All of us sisters came to this place of debauchery because we have nowhere to go. For example, I was abandoned by my husband. I had no place to live, no place to eat, and I was bullied. Only by coming here will I be able to eat to my heart’s content and shelter myself from the elements. Speaking of which, the Black Wolf Gang gave me a way out.”

Yan Jin, Meng Chuan, and Liu Qiyue were stunned.

It was different from what they had imagined.

Another woman also said, “Young Masters, I escaped from disaster and came here. There was nowhere to go, and I was on the brink of starvation. Can you understand what it feels like? It’s useless begging anyone. I was so thin from starvation that I had to sell my body and be despised by everyone. It was the Black Wolf Gang who picked me out from a group of beggars and gave me a way out.”

“My father sold me to repay his debt, and it can be considered as me repaying his kindness for raising me,” a girl said coldly. “As long as I earn money in the brothels and pay off my debt… I can regain my freedom and have some money to live the rest of my life.”

“It’s great here. We have pretty clothes to wear. We have sisters to have fun with. There’s good food, and we don’t need to work hard.” A girl with a baby face smiled brightly. “Why do we need saving?”

There was a hidden tunnel in this compound. At the end of the tunnel was a hidden hall.

In the underground hall.

A hunchbacked man was seated in a lotus position. A faint green fog covered his entire body, and his eyes were filled with a terrifying green light.

There was another female corpse to his side. There was a hole in the female corpse’s chest, and it was clear that her heart had been dug out.

Chi! Chi! Chi! The hunchbacked man’s long right fingernails held a heart. However, the heart was now very dry.



Green mist entered the hunchbacked man’s body from his nose before he spat it out after some time.

Knock! Knock! Knock! A series of knocking sounded from outside.

“Oh?” The hunchbacked man’s expression changed slightly as he said coldly, “What is it?” How dare his subordinates disturb him when he was cultivating?

“My lord, there are a few young men and a woman outside, as well as an old man. They are from Jadesun Palace, and among them is Meng Chuan from the Meng family. They say they are here to rescue a child’s sister,” the person outside the hall said softly.

“Then return the child’s sister to them,” said the hunchbacked man with a frown. “I’m at a critical point in my cultivation. There’s no need to provoke the five Godfiend clans or Jadesun Palace.”

“What if they want to search the entire Idle Stone Garden? I’m afraid some secrets will be uncovered,” said the person outside the hall.

“Forbid them from searching!” The hunchbacked man said calmly. “If you really can’t stop them, we’re destined to be exposed. Kill them and give up on this place. That will be a warning to the five Godfiend family clans and Jadesun Palace.”

“Yes,” the person outside the hall replied respectfully.

The hunchbacked man looked at the female corpse on the ground and said in a low voice, “I really can’t bear to give up such a good place for cultivation that provides me virgins often.”

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