Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

Chapter 279 - Chapter 279: Let Me Tell You a Secret

Chapter 279: Let Me Tell You a Secret

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The seductive woman was shocked. “Demon… King?”

In the Wilderness Northern Region, there was only one person referred to as the Demon King, and that was Ye Li, who was neither human nor a member of the Dark Race.

Ye Li’s reputation in the Wilderness Northern Region was unparalleled, and everyone knew of him.

“Are you Ye Li, the Demon King?” the seductive woman asked in horror.

With this statement, all the Fire-worshiping Sect’s genetic warriors took a sharp intake of breath.

Demon King Ye Li?

It was said that he was neither human nor a member of the Dark Race.

He commanded the Apocalypse Legion that was composed of eighth-tier zombies.

The Fist-God Zombie, the Iron Foot Zombie, the Frost Zombie, the Petrification Zombie, and the Ghost Sword Zombie.

Of course, at that time, Bone Maiden hadn’t appeared yet.

The Demon King himself was terrifying beyond comparison.

He could fly high in the air, jump from tall buildings to flat ground and walk across rivers and seas.

“Yes, this is the esteemed Senior Demon King, Ye Li! You dare to block the path of the Demon King? 1 see you don’t want to live?” Ziqiong jeered beside Ye Li.

Upon hearing this, the seductive woman gritted her teeth, but after a few seconds, she steadied herself. “So what if you’re the Demon King Ye Li? You’re nothing in front of the Fire-worshiping Sect.”

The Fire-worshiping Sect was an absolute powerhouse in the Wilderness Northern Region, and she didn’t believe that Ye Li would dare to make a move against them.

Unfortunately, the seductive woman couldn’t fathom that the Fire-worshiping Sect’s young master, Zhao Yang, wasn’t killed by the Sky Eagle Organization but by Ye Li himself.


Ye Li suddenly chuckled, his laughter calm.

“Demon King, why are you laughing? Am I not correct?” the seductive woman asked coldly.

Ye Li shook his head slowly. “No, no, you’re absolutely right…”

Ye Li hadn’t finished speaking, and the seductive woman had already started to smile triumphantly because she knew that even the Demon King Ye Li feared the Fire-worshiping Sect.

However, the seductive woman couldn’t have imagined that Ye Li hadn’t finished speaking yet.

Ye Li continued slowly, “Before 1 kill, I usually smile.”


With this statement, both the seductive woman and the hundreds of Fire-worshiping Sect’s genetic warriors were shocked and terrified.

They couldn’t have imagined that Ye Li had smiled for this reason.

“Ye Li, do you really want to be an enemy of our Fire-worshiping Sect?” the seductive woman said coldly.

This place wasn’t far from the Sky Eagle Organization’s base but there was still a distance. Ye Li had already scanned the area with his Heavenly Spirit Eyes. The Fire-worshiping Sect’s leader was not nearby.

Apart from the Fire-worshiping Sect’s leader, no one else could make Ye Li feel the slightest bit of concern.

After a few moments of contemplation, Ye Li looked at the seductive woman and said, “Actually, I’ve always wanted to tell you a secret, but I felt a bit embarrassed.”

“What secret?” the seductive woman eagerly asked.

“Well… actually, I killed your Fire-worshiping Sect’s young master,” Ye Li said casually.

In other words, if Ye Li could even kill the Fire-worshiping Sect’s young master, what were they?

With this statement, the seductive woman and the hundreds of Fire-worshiping Sect’s genetic warriors were shocked to the core.

“You… you killed the young master?”

The seductive woman’s eyes widened, and she couldn’t believe her ears.

When she had first seen Ye Li, she thought he was extraordinarily handsome and charming.

However, now, Ye Li was like… a devil in her eyes!

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