Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

Chapter 278 - Chapter 278: Do You Know You’re Ugly?

Chapter 278: Do You Know You’re Ugly?

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Ziqiong was taken aback. “Fire-worshiping Sect’s guardian?”

The seductive woman smiled. “I didn’t expect Miss Ziqiong to know that I’m a guardian of the Fire-worshiping Sect.”

Apart from the seductive woman, there were hundreds of fierce genetic warriors surrounding Ye Li and Ziqiong.

“Miss Ziqiong, your Sky Eagle Organization killed my Fire-worshiping Sect’s junior master. Now that I’ve run into you, I must offer you to our master.”

The seductive woman smugly laughed, and her heavily made-up face was quite repulsive.

Ye Li couldn’t help but smile when he heard this. So, the Fire-worshiping Sect was pinning the blame on the Sky Eagle Organization.

Large forces like the Fire-worshiping Sect usually had the Flame of Life, and when the Flame of Life extinguished, it meant that the person was dead.

The Fire-worshiping Sect had just captured hundreds of ordinary people from the Sky Eagle Organization, so anyone would suspect that it was the Sky Eagle Organization.

“Oh, there’s also such a handsome little brother,” the seductive woman said flirtatiously, looking at Ye Li.

Ye Li smiled inwardly, wondering why there were so many stupid people in the world.

The seductive woman was one of the Fire-worshiping Sect’s guardians, a seventh-tier Evolved Being, and a formidable presence in the Wilderness Northern Region.

“Young man, what’s your name?”

The seductive woman seemed captivated by Ye Li’s appearance, smiling charmingly as she continued.

“Do you know that you’re ugly?” Ye Li replied nonchalantly.

This statement stunned not only the seductive woman but also the hundreds of Fire-worshiping Sect’s genetic warriors. They were all taken aback.

“How dare you say I’m ugly?”

The seductive woman was in complete shock. It was as if she would rather believe that the sky was falling than accept that Ye Li had said such a thing. “Don’t you think you’re ugly?” Ye Li asked in return.

“You… You!”

“You… You!!!” The seductive woman, as one of the guardians of the Fire-worshiping Sect, had never been called ugly by anyone before. She was so angry that she couldn’t even speak coherently.

“I want you dead!”

A moment later, the seductive woman screamed and rushed towards Ye Li.

Her hands turned into claws, exuding a strong aura, similar to the Nine Yin White Bone Claws from martial arts novels.

Ye Li shook his head slightly. Ants would always be ants; they never knew how high the sky and how vast the earth were.

He slowly raised his finger, and golden spiritual light enveloped it as he pointed at the approaching seductive woman.


A wind breaking sound was heard!

The seductive woman had originally thought that Ye Li was, at most, a low-level Evolved Being. However, she couldn’t have imagined that Ye Li could unleash such a terrifying attack.

She hurriedly dodged, narrowly avoiding Ye Li’s attack.

All the Fire-worshiping Sect’s genetic warriors, numbering over a hundred, were terrified. They realized they couldn’t withstand the attack Ye Li had just unleashed. It was too horrifying.

“You… You’re actually this strong?”

The seductive woman looked at Ye Li in astonishment. She had originally thought that Ye Li was merely hiding his true level.

Ye Li hadn’t spoken yet, but Ziqiong was the first to respond.

“Of course. If the Demon King wanted to kill you, it would be as simple as crushing an ant.”

After returning from the Falling Stone Mountain Range, Ziqiong had already come to the conclusion that Senior Demon King was invincible in battle..

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