Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

The system’s affirmative answer brought a brilliant expression to Ye Li’s face.

“But what about the special abilities of the Four Great Vajras after the fusion?

Ye Li wondered. The Four Great Vajras possessed the abilities of wind, rain, thunder and lightning, which would be incredibly powerful if they were fused.

“Don’t worry, host. The fused zombie will retain all the abilities.” the system assured him.

Upon hearing this, Ye Li felt relieved.


“Please select the zombies you want to fuse.” prompted the system.

After pondering for a few seconds, Ye Li began to make his selection.

He thought it would be best to fuse Ah Da and the Four Great Vajras together because he decided to prioritize cultivating Ah Da and Hongye.

Immediately, Ah Da, the Four Great Vajras, the Giant Axe Zombie, and several male zombies of different levels began to fuse.

The fusion began:

“10%… 30%… 60%… 100%.”

“Please choose whose appearance to retain.” the system asked.

Without hesitation, Ye Li chose to retain Ah Da’s appearance.


“Fusion successful. Ah Da has become a Tier 3 zombie.”

Ye Li looked at Ah Da and noticed that he had become even more handsome. As a Tier 3 zombie, Ah Da should be capable of speaking, right?

“Ah Da…?” Ye Li tentatively called out.

“Master,” Ah Da respectfully addressed Ye Li.

“Oh, he can actually speak.”

Ye Li exclaimed in excitement. The fact that Ah Da addressed him as “master” left him at a loss for words to describe his elation.

“Ah Da, do you think I’m handsome?”


Ah Da didn’t continue speaking.

Ye Li felt a bit disappointed but quickly let it go, thinking that a Tier 3 zombie would probably only address him as “master.”

With that in mind, Ye Li thought he should speed up Hongye’s advancement. She would likely become the most beautiful person in this post-apocalyptic world.

Alas, she would possess skin as fair as ice and bones as pure as jade, almost free from any trace of sweat.

Ye Li could already envision that day!

He checked Ah Da’s attributes:

Ah Da: Tier 3 mutated zombie.

Weapon: Ordinary boxing gloves.

Abilities: Earth-shattering Fist, Wind, Rain, Thunder and Lighting.

Attribute: Strength.

A Tier 3 zombie’s eyes were blue.

Ye Li checked all his zombies:

Male zombies: Ah Da.

Female zombies: Hongye, one Level 7 female zombie, one Level 6 female zombie.

Elder… Elder, did Ah Da just speak?

Xiao Hui asked, astonished. If possible, she would prefer to belive that she have misheard, but obviously, she hadn’t.

A zombie who could speak!

Xiao Hui had never even heard of such a thing, let alone witnessed it.

“Is it strange for zombies to speak?” Ye Li replied casually, observing Xiao Hui’s reaction.

In truth, a speaking zombie was not strange at all, but Xiao Hui was an ordinary person who had no knowledge of such things.


Suddenly, a burst of arrogant and unrestrained laughter erupted.

Ye Li fixed his gaze and realized that the one standing before him was none other than Guardian Scorpion.

“Miss Xiao Hui, I’ve finally found you!” Guardian Scorpion exclaimed.

Xiao Hui’s face turned pale as she looked at Guardian Scorpion.

“What should we do, Elder?”

Xiao Hui naturally knew of Guardian Scorpion’s strength as a Tier 3 Evolved Being—an overwhelmingly powerful existence.

Before Ye Li could speak, Guardian Scorpion spoke.

“Brat, you’re here too?”

Guardian Scorpion clearly hadn’t expected to find Ye Li and Xiao Hui together.


“Brat, as I said, we would meet again!”

Guardian Scorpion laughed triumphantly, as if he had emptied a lifetime’s worth of laughter in that moment.

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