Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Xiao Hui had seen many Evolved Beings in the White Lotus Sect, but she had never seen someone like Ye Li.

She stared at Ye Li in a daze, only to find that he remained calm as if nothing had happened.

“Senior, do these zombies obey your commands?” Xiao Hui asked cautiously while looking at Ye Li.

“What do you think?” Ye Li replied with a question.

Xiao Hui was startled by his response and didn’t know how to answer. Her mind was in turmoil.

She couldn’t believe that zombies could obey human commands.

“Do you have to follow me?” Ye Li suddenly asked.

“Senior, if I don’t follow you, I will definitely die.” Xiao Hui replied, lowering her head.

Ye Li sighed inwardly and decided to let her do as she pleased.

Then Ye Li began to walk forward, with Xiao Hui following closely behind.

Xiao Hui looked at Ye Li’s slightly thin figure and, for some reason, felt a hint of sweetness in her heart.

In the fading spring of May, she seemed to have found the love of her life.


It had been five days since Ye Li and Xiao Hui arrived in the East District of Tongcheng. During these five days, Ye Li had merged numerous zombies.

The Four Great Vajras were now all 10th-level zombies and were about to become first-tier mutant zombies.

Moreover, these Four Great Vajras now possessed special abilities, including wind, rain, thunder, and lightning, although their power was yet to be tested.

Ah Da remained a second-tier zombie, and Hongye had reached the first tier. It wouldn’t be long before Hongye became a second-tier zombie.

Ye Li had also become an 8th-level Awakened Being and was now a true high-level Awakened Being.

“Senior, you are truly amazing,”

Xiao Hui said, looking at Ye Li with an admiring expression. Over the past five days, her admiration for Ye Li had reached its peak.

Ye Li remained silent because he knew that he wasn’t truly powerful at the moment.


A familiar sound resounded, and Ye Li sensed a hint of danger.

He looked closely and saw a tall zombie wielding a giant axe charging towards him.

Most importantly, the eyes of this giant axe zombie were green.

“I didn’t expect there would be a first-tier zombie in Tongcheng.”

As Ye Li spoke, he released Ah Da from the system space.

“Ah Da, take down this zombie.”

Upon Ye Li’s command, Ah Da rushed towards the giant axe zombie.

This giant axe zombie was only a first-tier zombie, while Ah Da was a second-tier zombie. It was clear who was stronger.

With the wind whistling around his fist, Ah Da knocked down the giant axe zombie before it could swing its axe.

“Roar! Roar!”

The giant axe zombie struggled to get up from the ground, indicating its intention to continue fighting with Ah Da.

Unfortunately, the power gap between them was too significant. The giant axe zombie was knocked down again by Ah Da before it could even stand up.

The giant axe zombie couldn’t get up anymore.

Ye Li put the giant axe zombie into the system space.


“Congratulations, host, for obtaining one random draw opportunity.”

At that moment, the voice of the system echoed in Ye Li’s mind.

Naturally, Ye Li chose to draw, and the pointer on the roulette in his mind began to spin.

“Congratulations, host, for obtaining one fusion opportunity x1.”

Ye Li was stunned. A fusion opportunity?

Fusion opportunity: Allows to fuse zombies of the same gender into a single zombie.

“So, you mean the Four Great Vajras can be fused into a single zombie?” Ye Li asked the system.

“Yes, host.” the system replied.

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