Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 2221 – Perfect!

Chapter 2221 – Perfect!

The Sword Supreme had submitted!

It had truly submitted at this moment.

It was a righteous sword, and it had its own intelligence. So, she was very well aware what the fate of the entire large universe would be if Yang Ye couldn’t stop the undying race’s army now.

If Yang Ye’s group lost, the living beings throughout Void Spirit Continent would be annihilated, and then the entire large universe would be next!

In the end, she’d chosen to submit to him!

At the instant he took it in his grasp, his sword intent rose rapidly. At this moment, it had suppressed his slaughter intent, but it didn’t take long for his slaughter intent to rise madly with the help of Scarlet.

However, it wasn’t able to suppress his sword intent this time!

Because he had the Sword Supreme!

The number one sword of the large universe!

The supreme sword!

At this moment, his slaughter intent and sword intent couldn’t suppress each other!

If it wasn’t for Yang Ye, they would definitely start fighting each other because they refused to acknowledge the other as superior!

Meanwhile, countless swords had shot over from all the large universe because Yang Ye had summoned them. In just a short while, a dense cloud of swords appeared above the continent. All of them weren’t ordinary swords, and they were swords with intelligence of their own!

Everyone here had quite a solemn expression on their faces when they witnessed this scene, especially the undying cavalry. Yang Ye’s strength had increased quite a bit after he obtained that sword!

Suddenly, Yang Ye transformed into a ray of light that shot at the undying cavalry.

At the same time, the countless swords transformed into an array of light that followed close behind him. It was an absolutely shocking and magnificent scene!

Dugu Juetian’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then she stabbed her spear forward.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s sword arrived before her.


An explosion resounded, and then countless watched as Dugu Juetian was blasted over 30km away!

At the same time, Yang Ye charged into the army of undying cavalry, and one of them charged at Yang Ye.


However, along with a sharp howl of the wind, that undying cavalry’s head flew up into the air, but her body was still charging forward and only stopped after charging over 1km away!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye was holding the head of an undying cavalry in his grasp, and blood was still dripping from it.

That head’s eyes were still wide open and filled with disbelief.

Yang Ye gazed at the army ahead, and his eyes were red and white.

The red side naturally represented slaughter intent, and the other eye represented sword intent!

Yang Ye glanced at the head in his grasp and gazed at the others, “How weak!”

The head exploded apart while Yang Ye’s figure flashed like a ray of light.

The undying cavalries’ expression changed drastically. Yang Ye’s strength had truly surpassed their expectations!

Suddenly, Dugu Juetian ordered, “Kill!”

As soon as she gave the order, the entire undying cavalry charged at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye took a step forward, and then an invisible force appeared here.

The Sword Domain!

Countless swords trembled violently within the Sword Domain, and then rays of light shot out of them all.

Sword energy covered the area!

The powerful sword energy pushed all the undying cavalry back repeatedly. Suddenly, a ray of light flashed through them.

Hiss! Hiss!

The heads of two undying cavalry flew into the air!

They didn’t even have the ability to fight back!

“Break!” A few hundred howls of fury resounded.


The space above Void Spirit Continent shook violently while a wisp of blood seeped out of the corner of Yang Ye’s mouth, and his figure was pushed over 10km away! However, it only took an instant for him to charge at them once more.


The heads of two undying cavalry flew up into the air, and they hadn’t even been able to react to it!

Dugu Juetien’s expression changed drastically from the sight of this. She was about to attack when a hand stretched out from the door of light in the endless black holes, and it instantly appeared in the sky above Void Spirit Continent and slammed down at Yang Ye.

It was like the sky was collapsing as it descended!

Yang Ye looked up, and the Sword Supreme trembled slightly in his grasp.

A moment later, a ray of light shot up into the air.


The huge hand shook violently and cracked open, but the strength it contained suddenly grew.


Yang Ye was blasted downward.

Suddenly, the Universe Sprite formed a seal with both hands, and then countless strands of energy from all the beings throughout the universe converged.

“Destroy!” A voice resounded from within the door of light, and then the hand above the continent slammed down.


Space collapsed and was obliterated as it descended.

The Universe Sprite’s eyes flashed with viciousness, and then she raised both her hands with the intent of attack. However, a ray of dark light suddenly slammed against the hand.


The hand exploded apart.

“Hmm?” A voice came from within the door of light, and then a terrifying wave of pressure swept out. It swept through the black holes and slammed down in Void Spirit Continent’s direction!

However, another ray of dark light slammed against it.

An instant later, the pressure vanished without a trace like it was never there!

A moment of silence ensued, and then a voice came from within the door of light, “I never expected an expert like you to exist in the large universe. I’m truly surprised. We’ll meet again!”

As soon as the voice finished resounding, the endless black holes returned to calm once more.

As for the undying cavalry above Void Spirit Continent, they had retreated.

However, when they left, Dugu Juetian glanced at the surroundings and said, “That person can’t save all of you. It won’t take long for us to return. At that time, no one will be able to stop us!”

She vanished into the distance once she finished speaking.

Yang Ye suddenly looked up at the sky, and he saw an ethereal figure far above the clouds. A moment later, he appeared where the figure had been, but there was nothing there.

It was empty!

Yang Ye frowned.

Meanwhile, the Universe Sprite appeared by Yang Ye’s side and spoke softly, “That person’s gone!”

Yang Ye asked, “You noticed too?”

The Universe Sprite nodded, “It should be the mysterious person who helped us just now!”

Yang Ye asked, “Do you know who it is?”

The Universe Sprite shook her head, “That person left too quickly. I wasn’t even able to see him or her clearly. I presume that person doesn’t want us to know their identity!”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “You’re the spirit of the universe, so you know who in this universe possesses such strength?”

She glanced at him, “I don’t!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

She spoke indifferently, “Come with me! I have something to discuss with you!”

She vanished on the spot once she finished speaking.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and followed her.

Based on the current developments, the Universe Sprite should have no ill intent.

It didn’t take long for him to arrive in an expanse of space with her. She gazed at him and said, “The End Times hasn’t arrived!”

Yang Ye frowned, “What do you mean?”

The Universe Sprite explained solemnly, “The spirit energy in the large universe was forcefully taken away by the undying race and sent back to their home universe. As for the reason for that, I don’t know. However, I’m certain that the End Times hasn’t arrived in the large universe. The End Times will come, but it isn’t now. The large universe can be said to have had its spirit energy taken by force, causing the End Times to arrive in advance!”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “You’re the spirit of this universe, can’t you stop it?”

She shook her head slightly, “They’re too strong. I can’t stop them.”

Yang Ye asked, “Then what do you plan to do?”

She gazed at him, “Don’t you have any thoughts?”

Yang Ye shrugged, “I’m no match for them. So what can I do?”

The Universe Sprite fell silent for a long time and said, “The top forces of the large universe are much, much weaker than the undying race, and the weaker forces are completely useless. If this continues, the spirit energy in this large universe will be completely extracted. At that time, even if the undying race doesn’t kill the living beings here for death energy, all the living beings in the large universe will die. So, what do you think about that?”

“What I think?” Yang Ye shook his head, “I don’t have any thoughts.”

The Universe Sprite gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and said, “I planned to take you somewhere so you can grow even stronger, but now it seems like it isn’t necessary since you don’t have any thoughts about all of this.

She turned around and walked away.

Suddenly, Yang Ye obstructed her path and laughed with embarrassment. He said, “I have thoughts about it, I do. I have so many thoughts.”

The Universe Sprite spoke indifferently, “Really?”

Yang Ye spoke seriously, “The undying race is invading the large universe and bringing death to the large universe. How can I, Yang Ye, allow such evil deeds to go unpunished? But my strength is too weak, or I would have annihilated them all.”

The Universe Sprite looked him in the eyes, “Go on, don’t stop your performance!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, she said, “Alright, come with me. I’ll take you to a place!”

She turned around and left.

Yang Ye hurriedly followed her.

In an expanse of space, a young girl had her hands behind her back as she walked forward slowly.

A short while later, she stopped abruptly. There was a middle aged man in a cloud white robe standing a short distance ahead.

The middle aged man gazed at her, “I sense danger. I haven’t sensed that in many, many years. You make me sense it just a little!”

She gazed at him for a long time and said, “I’ve traveled millions of universes, but I’ve never been defeated!”

The middle aged man grinned, “Perfect!”

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