Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 2220 – Your Will is Mine!

Chapter 2220 – Your Will is Mine!


This time, Yang Ye suddenly felt that he was quite sad, or it could be described as feeling quite disappointed.

He’d naturally allowed them into Void Spirit City out of good intentions, and he’d never thought of asking them to fight the undying race. However, they treated all of it like it was a matter of course!

A matter of course!

They felt that Yang Ye should protect them!

But if Yang Ye refused to, he was cruel and selfish!

However, they had never thought about him, Yang Lianshuang, and the others.

It could be said that if they died in battle, there probably wouldn’t even be anyone to bury them!

Yang Lianshuang fell silent too.

She was quite disappointed now.

There were always people who felt that everything others do for them was a matter of course, but when others stop doing it for them, they felt that it was selfish and disloyal!

Everyone was selfish!

Yang Ye shook his head, turned around, and left.

The middle aged man wanted to say more when he witnessed this, but Yang Ye suddenly said, “Shut up. Remember that I don’t owe you anything, and I have no obligation to fight for you or die for you. If people still remain outside the city in ten minutes, then I’ll kill every one of you. Try me if you think that I won’t do it.”

“Yang Ye…” Meanwhile, the middle aged man was anxious, “Y-You can’t do this! You…”


His head suddenly flew up into the air, and blood sprayed like a fountain!

Everyone here was stunned.

At this moment, everyone was filled with fear.

Yang Ye!

At this moment, they recalled who stood before them. It was Yang Ye, the Yang Ye who killed without batting an eyelid. They’d noticed something at this moment. Before this, while they were still in the city, Yang Ye wasn’t that terrifying, or it should be said that Yang Ye was very amiable at the time. So, their fear of Yang Ye had diminished. However, they suddenly realized now that the Yang Ye of the past was back!

Yang Ye, the one ever more terrifying than the undying race, was back!

Yang Ye ignored them and entered the city with Yang Lianshuang.

Time passed swiftly, but many still hadn’t left.

Suddenly, a sword howl resounded from the city, and then a blood red sword shot up into the air. Everyone’s expressions changed drastically from the sight of this and started fleeing toward the surroundings.

It didn’t take long for the area outside the city to be completely empty!

Meanwhile, in Void Spirit Hall.

Elder Yuan suddenly said, “They’re all pitiable people!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I can help them, but if they treat my help as something I should do for them, then I’m sorry but I can’t accept that, and I’ll have to slap some sense into them.”

Elder Yuan nodded, “What should we do now?”

Yang Ye was about to speak when he looked up, and then he vanished with everyone else and arrived in the sky above the continent.

There was a woman with three spears on her back standing there.

Dugu Juetian!

She glanced at the continent and gazed at Yang Ye, “I didn’t expect 100 undying cavalry and a commander wouldn’t be able to conquer this place and even suffered losses. Yang Ye, you really surprised me.”

Yang Ye replied, “I’m quite curious. Why did your undying race recruit those progenitors?”

She replied, “Wouldn’t you find out once you surrender?”

“Surrender?” Yang Ye shook his head, “The people of my Yang Clan don’t have any cells that surrender.”

She walked closer to Yang Ye and said, “Yang Ye, the universe is huge, and you’ll only be able to go further with my undying race. Resistance? It’ll only lead to death. You’re outstanding, and that’s why I’ve said so much. Don’t destroy your future and the future of everyone by your side.”

Yang Ye grinned, “I think that life should be lived happily and freely. Surrender to the undying race? Get ordered around and live while having to please someone else? I disdain a life like that!”

“Is that so?” Dugu Juetian grinned and waved her right hand. In an instant, a few hundred undying cavalry appeared behind her!

Their army was here!

Dugu Juetian looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “We’ve wasted too much time. Yang Ye, there are 570 undying cavalry behind me, and they are the elites of our elites. Perhaps they are inferior to you in single combat, but they are an army, not a group of brave warriors, so they won’t fight you in single combat. I’ll give you one last chance, surrender now. If you refuse, I guarantee that the entire continent will be annihilated within 15 minutes!”

Surrender now!

The surroundings fell silent.

Meanwhile, Dugu Juetian added, “Yang Ye, you’re not the void spirit race, and you don’t have the ability to stop my undying race. As for why we’re treating you like this, it’s because you’re outstanding and have obtained the Sprite of Slaughter’s acknowledgement. So, we want you to join us and rise to greatness with us.”


Yang Ye gazed at the surroundings. An Nanjing and the others were there.

He smiled, “Are you willing to surrender?”


An Nanjing glanced at Yang Ye and remained silent.

Nether Maiden and the others didn’t say anything, but it was obvious that they would take Yang Ye’s side.

As for Elder Yuan, he smiled and said, “I’m really unable to surrender. It’s too humiliating!”

Yang Ye gazed at Dugu Juetian, “See?”

She nodded in response, “Since that’s the case, you can all die!”

She waved her right hand, and the army behind her charged at the continent.

Suddenly, a black robed figure appeared before Yang Ye, and then she formed a strange seal before her chest. An instant later, a voice resounded, “The sky, the earth, and all things here. Heed my command! Converge!”


As soon as those words were spoken, the space throughout the entire large universe trembled violently, and then everyone watched with astonishment as countless strands of energy surged over like torrents.

At this moment, the entire large universe was filled with shock!

Suddenly, the black robed figure gazed at Yang Ye, “Tell her to help me!”


Yang Ye hadn’t even said anything when Snowy had appeared.

She glanced at the black robed figure and opened her mouth.


A strand of extremely terrifying spirit energy appeared here!

More and more energy converged here. At this moment, all the living beings throughout the large universe were offering up their weak energy. While it may be weak individually, how terrifying was it when they converged together?

Just the aura of it blasted the undying cavalry over 30km away, and it was so powerful their Nefarious were starting to bend before it.

At the same time, the space here shrunk in layers. In just a short while, it had formed a cage that trapped the army of undying cavalry.

Meanwhile, the energy of countless living beings remained above. However, the undying cavalry were formidable and actually broke open the cage. However, the black robed figure suddenly gazed at Snowy.

Snowy blinked. She was asking what the black robed figure wanted her to do…

The black robed figure’s head shook. At this moment, the black robed figure was cursing inwardly. After all, Snowy was the Sprite Lord, a Sprite Lord whose status wasn’t any inferior to hers!

Yet now, Snowy was just a pet who knew nothing!

She shook her head again and said, “Spirit energy! Condense it and trap them!”

Snowy finally knew what to do.

She waved her claw slightly. In an instant, countless strands of spirit energy converged above the cage, and then the broken cage was instantly fortified.

Meanwhile, countless strands of energy and spirit energy were still converging incessantly from throughout the large universe!

The undying cavalries were being completely suppressed!

The energy of all things!

At this moment, Yang Ye gained a slight understanding of the energy which Tian Xiu had told him about.

It was the true energy of all things. His slaughter intent had attained the Progenitor Realm with help of the energy from all things, but it was much weaker when compared to what was before him right now!

Yang Ye glanced at the black clothes figure. He’d recognized her identity, it was the Universe Sprite!

The Sprite of the large universe!

The Universe Sprite!

As for why she was helping him, he didn’t really get it. However, her strength far surpassed his imagination.

Meanwhile, the undying cavalries were being completely suppressed. No matter how they resisted, the spatial cage remained completely solid! At the same time, the powerful energy it contained was ceaselessly corroding them!

However, a hand suddenly stretched out from the door of light in the endless black holes, and it slapped against the cage.


The cage instantly cracked open!

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically at the sight of it!

Meanwhile, the hand slapped against the cage once more.


A loud explosion resounded, and the cage exploded apart. The Universe Sprite was blasted away, and the energy of all things dispersed.

Dugu Juetian took a deep breath and spoke ferociously, “Kill! I want this continent to be annihilated!”

The other undying cavalry immediately charged at Yang Ye’s group!

Yang Ye frowned slightly. He flipped his palm slightly, and a sword appeared in his grasp.


A sword howl resounded from far away, and then a ray of golden light shot down from afar. An instant later, a golden ray of light descended before Yang Ye, and it dispersed to reveal a woman in a violet dress!

The Sword Supreme!

She looked him in the eyes, “Your will is mine!”

As soon as she said that, she transformed into a sword that floated before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment, and then he grabbed it.


In an instant, a terrifying wave of sword intent swept out from Yang Ye, and it suppressed the slaughter intent around him!

Yang Ye started walking slowly toward the undying cavalries with the Sword Supreme in his grasp, “Swords! Come to me!”

At this moment, countless sword howls resounded from every corner of the large universe, and then countless swords shot up and converged toward Void Spirit Continent!

It was an absolutely magnificent scene to behold!

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