All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 436:

Chapter 436:

436: Establishing the War Demon City and Finding Heavenly Fire

“Wang Lufei! You are the captain of the Merry! Personally select 99 crew members and set off to the depths of the endless sea to find the sea of ​​chaotic stars!” He Yiming said lightly.

This official appointment caused an uproar among all the players in an instant!

“Brother Lufei, choose me, choose me! I live a good life and have high skills!”

“Go away, Brother Lufei, choose me. I am so strong, you must choose me!”

“Brother Lufei I, I, I want to be a pirate with you!”

“O sea, man’s romance, Brother Lufei, please take me along!”

“Brother Lufei, let me be your deputy captain!”

“Brother Lufei, our Four Emperors are willing to follow in your footsteps, take us aboard!”

The players were all overwhelmed in an instant and flocked to Wang Lufei.

Just when Wang Lufei was a little confused and didn’t know who to choose, He Yiming spoke again!

“All disciples, don’t worry!” He Yiming smiled slightly and spoke again.

“Although we have opened up the passage to the Myriad Demons Realm, the Myriad Demons Realm is huge and vast!

“Although all the disciples have explored a lot, this is not enough!

“Next, I need disciples to go through the plane channel, go to the Ten Thousand Demon Realm, and establish the first stronghold, our city!

“War Demon City!”

“This will be our plane base for our expedition to the deeper part of the Myriad Demons Realm. This city must be strong! Because once the city is established, it will inevitably be attacked by endless waves of monsters! Disciples must fight bravely to resist the attacks of monster waves again and again! Hold our stronghold!

“An imaginary crisis! But this sect master firmly believes that you will surely succeed!

“Next, I will choose a city lord, and he will lead you to the world of demons and build a battle demon city!

“Star, you are the first city lord of War Demon City! You can choose disciples at will, and go to the Myriad Demons Realm with you to establish a stronghold, Myriad Demon City!” He Yiming said lightly, and said directly, and released the second Task.

【[Sect continuous epic mission: build a war demon city!]

Objective 1: Build a War Demon City on the edge of the Myriad Demons Realm!

Objective 2: Resist the continuous attacks of the tide of monsters and persist for seven days!

Objective 3: ???

Mission reward: ???】


He Yiming’s words, coupled with the release of the second mission, caused an uproar among all the players who had surrounded Wang Lufei just now!

“Hold the grass, build a city? ”

“This game also has construction elements? Damn, is it directly a plane city?”

“After the city is established, there will be a wave of monsters attacking? Well, this is reasonable! ”

“Hold the grass, what, what should I do? I want to play both missions! Ahhh! ”

“I understand. The search for the Chaotic Star Sea is a task for the strong ones, and the establishment of the Battle Demon City is for most of our players!” ”

“Brother Star has been upgraded and becomes the city lord, I will wipe his ass!”

A lot of players were excited.

They could build a city, be the lord of the city, build a house and collect rent? Cough cough cough, no, this is to build a base in the world of demons!

Quite witty, the eyes of the players even lit up! Could it be that the sect master of this game is going to lead the players to counterattack the Myriad Demons Realm? After all, so far, all the players have encountered are monsters with no brains!

There was obviously an extremely developed and highly developed civilization of the powerful demon civilization!

That was to say, the world of demons that players are currently in contact with is really the edge of the edge!

At least, not even a demon warrior was seen.

“Brother Ming, don’t worry, I will definitely complete the task!” At first, Star wanted to ask Wang Lufei to sign up for the boat, but when he heard about this task, he waved his hand and answered directly and confidently.

“This task has set me on fire!” MC Myth heard about the mission, he was on fire!

“Resist the tide of monsters? Hold the grass, I just joined the third test and caught up!” A player was also excited.

ID: Brother Pig Crouching Dragon!

“If the city is built, then the psionic demon blood cannon that we are still in the design stage will be useful!” The black tech boss group Illusion, Master of Arms, Master of Theory and others were all excited.

Of course, the most excited ones were the players!

After all, the task of finding the Chaotic Star Sea could only be limited to 100 people, so there was a high chance that they would have no chance, but it didn’t matter!

Following Brother Star and establishing a stronghold in the plane was just as exciting!

The third-test demon players were even more ecstatic!

The Myriad Demons Realm was the home of the demon race. At that time, it’s finally time for them to show off!

Just when many players were gearing up, He Yiming spoke for the third time!

“Dear disciples! Although the first two tasks are very difficult! However, I still want to let the disciples do more difficult things again!

“In the south, there is a place known as the Desert of Hell!”

“It is known as the land of ten deaths and no life, it is a place where the strong in the Heavenly Pill Rrealm step into it, and they will never return!

“In the countless years of history in the Heavenly Pill Realm, there have been a number of strong people who defy the sky. But in the end, none of them can come back alive!

“But now!

“I need brave disciples to go deep into the Desert of Hell in the south, reach the deepest part of the desert, and find the legendary Heavenly Fire, Devil Prison Heart Flame!”

Congratulations After Yiming finished speaking lightly, he released the third mission!

【[Sect continuous epic mission: Find Heavenly Fire!][Warning: This task is extremely difficul]

Objective 1: Go south through the Desert of Hell, and find the Heavenly Fire, Devil Prison Heart Flame!

Objective 2: Get the approval of Devil Prison Heart Flame!

Objective 3: Bring the Devil Prison Heart Flame back to the sect!

Mission reward: ???】

Seeing the release of this mission, all players were stunned, and then there was an uproar!

“The third mission? Hold the grass, what happened to Brother Ming today? ”

[Before I wanted to say why this game has no mission storyline, but all of a sudden there are three epic missions in a row? This is very reasonable, this is really reasonable! ”

“Pay attention to the task description, warning, this task is extremely difficult! Hold the grass! What the hell? I started to play the first test, and saw this prompt for the first time! ”

“I see! This dog planned to see that our first beta player hasn’t been beaten by the game for a long time, so he deliberately designed this task, wow! I knew it!”

“I understand, I understand, I do understand!”

“You know what a fart!” ”

“Hahaha, I already have a plan! Take the three tasks together, and then go to find the Heavenly Fire first to experience it! If it doesn’t work, try to see if you can be favored by Brother Lufei, if not, then follow Brother Star to build the War Demon City! Wonderful! I’m such a clever little ghost! ”

Many players became excited, and everyone was excited.

He Yiming didn’t care what the players thought, but spoke for the fourth time!

“After a day, I will personally send the Merry into the Eastern Sea. When the time comes, Wang Lufei, you and the 99 crew members you selected will start this long journey together!”

“As for Star, you can start preparing for the establishment of the city of Myriad Demons Realm!

“The sect master will go to the Desert of Hell first!”

After He Yiming finished speaking lightly, he rose into the air and headed directly to the southern Desert of Hell!

At this time, the players quickly became excited, some began to ask Wang Lufei to take them, and some started to prepare to go to the Myriad Demons Realm to build a city. But there were also a very small number of players whose eyes were bright!

“Warning: This task is extremely difficult… Hehe! I’m on fire!” Indomitable Bear looked at the task and clicked accept without saying a word.

“Interesting, this game is so interesting!”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect that since Dark Souls, there would be such a heaven-defying masterpiece!”

“I just killed a half-step Sea Wheel monster yesterday! Unexpectedly, such an exciting mission was released so soon! My Dark Soul heart is on fire!”

Behind Indomitable Bear, all the Dark Soul bosses of the Soul Feeding Guild got excited.

While the players were excited…

a huge turmoil happened in another distant place at the same time!

Northern Spirit Realm, away from the Fire Realm!

The center of Fire Realm is the most powerful force that occupies the entire Fire Realm! It is also the center of great turmoil!

The fifth-rank sect, the Flame Sect!

—Author’s Notes—

[The plot takes off again! The last two regions of the extremely desolate region will begin to reveal their mysteries one by one! At the same time, the battle of the sects will start, and the foreshadowing of the previous chapter will be revealed! In addition, the witty boss must have understood the importance of the plane base War Demon City! ]

[Friendly reminder: The ultimate heavenly fire is equal to the power of the emperor! At present, Heavenly Fire is far beyond the level of Heavenly Pill, and the Azure Emperor Immortal Body is a wood-based skill! Big guys can guess, how do players pass through the Desert of Hell? How can a player with insufficient strength get the approval of Heavenly Fire?]

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