All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 435:

Chapter 435:

435: Consecutive Epic Mission: Looking for the Chaos Star Sea


“It turned out to be Going Merry?

” ~”

“What the hell, brother Ming wants us to sail?”

“That’s necessary. Shit, finally a naval battle!”

“Don’t ask, I’m going to find the One Piece today!”

All the players present were excited on the spot, especially many junior high school boys, all of them were excited!

Because the ship in front of them was exactly the shape of the Going Merry, except that it was ten times bigger, the lamb’s head, the curved deck, and even the orange tree were exactly the same!

“Dear disciples! The endless sea in the east is vast and boundless! But on the other side of the ocean, there is a world that has never been seen before, a new world that has never been seen before!

“Now, the Sect Master hopes to select a hundred outstanding disciples!

“Be brave, have wisdom! Be persistent!

“Take this Going Merry and prepare to go deep into the endless sea in the east, looking for a new world!

“You have only one mission…to find the Chaos Star Sea!”

After Yiming gave a passionate speech, he skillfully released a mission!


【Issuing continuous missions, please note that once this mission is accepted, multiple consecutive missions must be completed before it can be considered complete!】

【Sect’s continuous epic mission: Find Chaos Star Sea! 】

【Limited to 100 people, selected by the Captain】

【Realm Requirements: peak Foundation Establishment Realm of the human race! Demon level three and four demon marks and above!

Objective 1: Take the Merry, cross the endless sea, and find the Chaos Star Sea hidden in the depths of the endless sea!

Objective 2: Establish a teleportation array in a safe place in the Chaos Star Sea and connect to the sect!

Objective 3: Follow the Sect Master He Yiming, establish a stronghold in Chaos Star Sea, and make the sect famous!

Mission rewards:? ? ?】

As He Yiming released the mission, all the players were instantly overwhelmed. Many players wanted to accept the mission at the speed of light, but they were surprised to find that the option to accept the mission was grayed out and could not be selected at all.

“Hold the grass, this task can only be assigned by the Captain?”

“Brother Ming wants to be the captain? Brother Ming wants to be the Pirate King?”

“Are you stupid, a player must be a captain!”

“Hmmmm, I guess, the captain must be the strongest!”

“It makes sense!”

“It’s hard to say, maybe this is specially for us third-test players!”

Many players discussed. Immediately, they all looked at He Yiming.

One hundred spots were too few!

It was also limited by the cultivation base, plus it could only be selected by a captain, which was even more difficult than picking one out of a hundred!

But everyone wanted to experience this exclusive plot! And it’s a continuous epic mission, this was the first continuous mission since the third test of the game!

The reason why He Yiming suddenly displayed the top-grade ground equipment added after the system upgrade of Merry to version 3.0 was because the system suddenly released three new tasks.

Releasing the Sect continuous mission! Find the ​​Chaos Star Sea!

Objective 1: Across the endless sea, according to the guidance of the pointer, find the ​​Chaos Star Sea in the depths of the endless sea!

Objective 2: In a safe place in the Chaos Star Sea, establish a teleportation array that connects to the sect!

Objective 3: Once the host arrives at the Chaos Star Sea, establish a stronghold in the Chaos Star Sea, and gain 10,000 reputation! [Get the approval of the Chaos Star Sea forces, establish trade relations, eliminate hostile forces, show your strength to leave the people in awe, Etc. can increase prestige]

Limited time: one month!

Releasing the Sect continuous mission! Find the Heavenly Fire!

Objective 1: Go south through the desert of hell, find the Heavenly Fire, Devil Prison Heart Flame!

Objective 2: Get the devil prison Xin Yan’s approval! ”

Objective 3: Bring the Devil Prison Heart Flame back to the sect!”

Limited time: one month!

Releasing Sect continuous mission! Establish a plane base!

Objective 1: Establish a plane base at the edge of the Demon Realm!

Objective 2: Resist the continuous attacks of the wave of monsters and persist for seven days!

Objective 3: ???

Time limit: one month!

When He Yiming received these three missions, he was stupefied.

Damn! Of the three missions, one is more difficult than the other!

The first mission is to cross the endless sea , looking for the so-called Chaos Star Sea! Judging from the meaning of the mission, Chaos Star Sea has local forces, and they are definitely not weak! Not only do I need to arrive, but I also need to establish portal, build stronghold, and even gain 10,000 reputation! Are you kidding me?

But the second task was even more ridiculous!

Why was the Hell Desert in the south of the Extremely Desolate Region called the Hell Desert!

For thousands of years, He Yiming read from the ancient books of Haotian Academy that there had never been a single person, after going deep into the Hell Dessert, came back alive!

As its name suggests, the heat in the outermost circle was enough to evaporate the cultivators to dryness. It’s hell!

But He Yiming knew the truth! In the depths of the hell desert, there was actually a Heavenly Fire, the Devil Prison Heart Flame!

He Yiming read about the Heavenly Fire in the ancient books of Haotian Academy!

Heavenly Fire was known as The fire from the sky!

Once it came, it had the power to destroy the world! A cultivator in the Sea Wheel Realm was enough to subdue an Earth Fire and turn it into his own power!

But the Heavenly Fire was an existence that even the bosses of the Heavenly Pill Realm could die at the touch of it!

In the entire history of this realm, no cultivator had ever seen a Heavenly Fire, let alone subdued and controlled Heavenly Fire!

And there was an extremely bad problem!

“My Azure Emperor Immortal Body is a wood-type divine body, and it can completely be overcome by the Heavenly Fire!” It was this question that He Yiming vomited blood the most.

As for the third task, the first two didn’t look too difficult!

But what the hell is the last target with a question mark?

The unknown is always the most terrifying force!

Whoe knows what the last goal will become after completing the first two goals?

“The three missions are released at the same time. I definitely can’t complete them at the same time by myself. I can only let the players act separately!”

And the next step was to decide the candidate for the captain!

The captain must be mentally resolute, full of courage, possess great wisdom, and be able to gather the unity of a crew! Convince all crew members!

Not only that, but he must be strong enough, because He Yiming confirmed that although there was a resurrection room on the Merry and that the number of people resurrected at one time was more than that of the Spirit War Chariot, but the total number of resurrections in a day was limited!

This also meant that if the captain was not strong enough, he would be easily killed, which would lead to the collapse of the crew’s combat power and continuous sudden death!

Once the number of resurrections was exhausted, it will be GG!

So He Yiming’s thoughts flowed, and there was a candidate in an instant!

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