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Chapter 433:

Chapter 433:

433: Next time, I will definitely win (Part 1)

“Ah! Is this the invincible power?” Satan felt the powerful aura of the six demon marks on his chest and couldn’t help letting out a low growl.


With Satan’s low roar, terrible demonic energy erupted and swept all directions!

The huge aura of the fourth-level demon warriors suddenly spread!

Boom boom boom!

At the same time, the power of the Purgatory True Demon Body was revealed for the first time!

Under Satan’s feet, black and red purgatory-like demon patterns flashed and spread slowly, like a breathing lamp formation!

This was the blessing power of the purgatory true demon body after stepping into the fourth level!

It let Satan be faster, stronger, and more tyrannical in flesh!

“Hold the grass! Level 4 Demon Warrior?”

“Hey, isn’t this level comparable to our Sea Wheel Realm?”

“Satan, this bastard is cheating!”

“Many first-test bosses is still stuck at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm! Damn, the third-test players have broken through to the fourth level, which is comparable to the Sea Wheel Realm?”

“This, this is simply invincible!”

“The fourth level is equal to Sea Wheel. Level three is the early stages of the Sea Realm or the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm! This wave of third-test players will definitely win! Tell me, how can you lose if your cultivation base and the number of people are superior?”

The audience burst into an uproar!

At this time, many sharp-eyed players had seen the low-demon pendants worn by Satan and other players on their ears, so they immediately thought of watching the live broadcast on the forum before, and the fusion of Vegeta and Strongest Fire Spell.

Apparently, there was a black technology boss who successfully copied the super demon pendant!

And the six demon players were the first batch of test subjects!

“Fusion? A super demon pendant?” Crazy Pugilist was also taken aback.

Could it be done like this?

“Hahahaha! That’s right, it’s all because of the second-test boss Alloy Equipment! The eldest sister is really invincible! She even made a high imitation of the super demon pendant, the low demon pendant!

“Although there are defects. The biggest problem is that the combination is permanent and cannot be separated again, and one of the players will die! In addition, after a stick of incense at most, our body will collapse and explode on the spot!

“However, this is just a small problem!”

Satan laughed and said lightly.

“Uh… this…” Crazy Pugilist was speechless.

Is this a small problem?

This was tantamount to merging once, sacrificing a player, and the lifespan had changed to only one stick of incense!


Players could be resurrected… This was really nothing!

“Since you are ready, then you should make the first move!” Crazy Pugilist waved his hand, signaling the three merged demons to make a move.

“Hehe! Boss Crazy Pugilist, are you sure? If we make the first move, you won’t have a chance!” Satan said wildly at this time.

“Then just try!” Crazy Pugilist waved his hands.


Satan stopped talking nonsense, with a heavy stomp, he volleyed in front of Crazy Pugilist, and blasted him with a punch!

“I’ll send you to heaven with one punch! I, Satan, won the first kill of the second-test boss!” Satan laughed loudly, and roared incomparably proudly!


“Eight Gate Dunjia!!!” Crazy Pugilist said lightly.

Wuyi, Baji!


After Crazy Pugilist started, a big arm appeared in front of Satan.


Satan’s entire demon body was directly smashed into pieces by the Crazy Pugilist!

Instant kill!

Full instant kill!

“???” Standing in the resurrection hall, Satan hadn’t reacted yet.

But within a few breaths, the two demon companions appeared in the resurrection hall with a flash of light.

Satan and his five friends stared wide-eyed before realizing it immediately.

“This… How did this old man be on the second test?”

“Aren’t we a fourth-level demon race? Aren’t we comparable to Sea Wheel Realm? Why can’t high-level ones beat low-level ones?”

“This damn game is poisonous!”

Satan and the others vomited blood.

But Satan was still unconvinced!

“When I step into the Six Demon Marks, I will find someone to fuse together. Next time, I will definitely win!” Satan set his goal word by word!

“It’s done. Brothers of the third test, wash up and sleep!”

“Second test bosses are really terrifying!”

“When facing the army of millions of monsters, Crazy Pugilist almost had no contribution. Where’s Emperor Zoro? Where’s Handsome Sanji? Where’s Brother Lufei?”

“If you don’t spend money, can you become stronger?”

“Excuse me, I want to delete the demon account now. Is it too late to practice human race?”

“Excuse me, is it too late to find Brother Ming and recognize him as my godfather?”

The players in the audience were in an uproar, and then shook their heads and left.

Satan was already a well-known demon fighter in the third test. He was so ferocious, and he got a low-demon pendant, and directly fused into the realm of a fourth-level demon warrior!

This was equivalent to spending money and cheating!

In the end, he was directly killed by some boss in the second test!

Obviously, it was almost impossible for the players of the third test to catch up with the bosses of the second test!

But at this time…

Boom boom boom!

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