All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 432:

Chapter 432:

432: The third-test player challenges the second test boss!

“Whahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” accompanied by a wicked laugh, the five demon players each fell to the ground in pain, with expressions of unwillingness.

At this time, Times Have Change changed into a brand new demon blood armor, which has stronger performance, and uses twin turbos to burn demon blood at the same time, which could provide greater energy output!

Not only that, Times Have Change dual-wielded two improved versions of the brand new demon blood psionic gun AK!

Although the power of the single shot was weakened a lot, it had successfully solved many problems such as too much recoil and overheating of the barrel.

He started firing double AK and blew up five demon players of the same level!

In two breathes, Times Have Change had beat all the demon players and other human players. He was hailed as an invincible existence in the arena, and he suddenly became extremely egoistic!

He ecided to fight the War Hunchback Beast again!

“Hold the grass, Times Have Change want to challenge Brother Hunchback again?”

“I think I can win, the demon blood psionic gun is too powerful! Even the four-mark demon players can’t stop it! No matter how fierce the demon beast is, it is only at the Spirit Vein Realm, how could it win?”

“Yes, maybe Times Have Change will become the first man to defeat the three demon beasts!”


When they heard Times Have Change wanted to challenge the War Hunchback Beast, many players came here one after another. More than 90% of them were third-test players, including demon and human players.

On the left side of the field, Times Have Change appeared with two AK models of demon blood psionic guns, arrogant!

As the gate slowly rose, the familiar one-eyed War Hunchback came out slowly.

“Hold the grass, it’s the one-eyed Hunchback!”

“Is it possible?”

“I think there is a chance! Although the one-eyed Hunchback is very knowledgeable, but the two guns fired at such a fast speed, can it really hide here?”

Many players became excited, and many players opened the betting market on the spot!

With the start of the game, Times Have Change raised two AK models and locked on the one-eyed War Hunchback Beast. He started shooting crazily.

Da da da da da da!

A full 50×2, 100 rounds of bullets were fired. With a hundred bullets, the one-eyed War Hunchback Beast on the opposite side dodged!

“Impossible!!!” Times Have Change hurriedly started to change magazines. But when he looked up, the one-eyed War Hunchback was already close to his face!


The one-eyed War Hunchback stomped on all fours, and stomped on Times Have Change!

Instant kill!

“?” In the arena, the air became quiet.

“Hahaha, Times Have Change. I told you earlier that the bullets can’t hit the War Hunchback Beasts with knowledge!!”

Master of Arms took out the demon blood psionic tank from the storage bag!

“No matter how strong a War Hunchback Beast is, can it still penetrate a tank? Hehehe, I’m going to kill this scumbag today and make it into a hot pot!” Driving the Demon Blood Psionic Tank, he was full of absolute confidence!

“Hold the grass, the tank is coming up!”

“Damn, the tank is used, can you still lose? If you lose, I will live broadcast it!”

Many players became excited again.

The demon blood psionic gun couldn’t beat the War Hunchback Beast, but what about the tank?

Driving a tank, and riding a horse can you lose?

Soon, the opposite gate slowly rose.

The Hunchback beast with a knife in its hand came out slowly.

“Hahahaha, Hunchback, today I will teach you what it means to be weak! This is the power of technology!!!” He immediately pulled the trigger!

Da da da da da da!

The demon blood psion cannon fired wildly, more than a hundred thumb-sized bullets for the cannon, all of them crazily strafed at the sword-wielding Hunchback beast.

However… a scene that shocked all players happened!

Shua, Shua, Shua!

The Knife Fighting Hunchback Beast bit the black broken Zanpaktu knife, danced in the air, and split all the bullets…

All in two!

Bang bang bang!

Countless fragmented bullets hit the wall behind the sword-wielding Hunchback beast, making a burst of roar.

The arena fell silent.

“I haven’t lost yet!!! I can’t kill you with machine guns, so I’ll crush you to death with a tank!!!”

He was furious, the last dignity of the black technology boss made the Master of Arms drive the demon blood spiritual energy tank directly towards the mouth of the sword fighting Hunchback beast rushed over!

A 100-ton demon blood energy psionic tank was enough to crush a mere War Hunchback to death!

However, at this moment, the Hunchback beast with a knife in its mouth took a stance!

Sword intent, camel breath!

The next moment, the Hunchback beast with the sword in its hand slashed in the air, and the terrifying sword intent erupted!

One-shot style, camel student door!

“Boom!!!” The next moment, the huge demon blood psionic tank was split in half from the middle!

The one who was split in half was also the Master of Arms!


All the players were dumbfounded seeing the Demon Blood Psionic Tank being split into two and collapsing on the field.



“This War Hunchback Beast, isn’t it too perverted?”

“Why is this War Hunchback Beast so fierce? Damn, our technology bosses even built a tank, and it’s still not strong enough?”

“Emperor Zoro, how dare you say this isn’t your child?”

All the players were in an uproar, and all of them were spitting blood.

Emperor Zoro:? ? ?

“Huh? Isn’t that the Demon Blood Psionic Tank?” At this time, several Demon Race players rushed over with excited expressions on their faces and finally saw the Demon Blood Psionic Tank that was split in half on the field.

“Times Have Change, I want to challenge you to rectify the names of our demon players!” These demon players were stunned for a moment, then hurriedly found Times Have Change, and issued a challenge.

“Uh, I’m sorry, my Demon Blood Armor and Demon Blood Psionic Gun AK were blown up by the War Hunchback just now… The new ones haven’t been made yet…” Times Have Change was embarassed.

“???” These demon players vomited blood.

After working so hard, I finally got the trump card, but you’re telling me your equipment is out of stock?

“Why don’t we try to challenge the Hunchback beast?” At this moment, a demon player asked…

“No…” The leading demon player smiled evilly, and then spoke slowly.

“We will challenge the boss of the second test!” The leader of the demon players suddenly said.

ID: Satan!

Under the propaganda of these demon players, a news spread to all players immediately.

Soon, countless players rushed to the No. 4 arena excitedly.

“Have you heard? The third-test players are going to challenge the second-test boss!”

“Hold the grass, is it true? Where do they have the confidence?”

“Don’t ask, go over and have a look, otherwise there will be no seats left!”

In a short period of time, the No. 4 Arena was filled with seats for 3,000 people, and many players who arrived later had no place to sit and could only stand and watch. One could imagine the attraction of PK this time!

Soon, under the expectant eyes of many spectators, the six players on the left lined up and walked in slowly.

All were third-test demon players!

The leader was obviously Satan! And the five demon players behind him, each of them had four demon marks on their bodies!

“Is this going to be six against one?”

“Well, logically, even if it’s six against one, it’s probably very mysterious!”

“However, what if they win? Doesn’t this mean that the players in the third test have already surpassed the boss of the second test? Then in a few days, it is possible to overtake the boss of the first test!”

Many viewers were excited.

Unexpectedly, only a few days after the server was opened, the third test players already challenged the second test players!

If they won, wouldn’t the face of the second test bigwigs be lost?

“To be honest, the four demon marks are nothing more than the strength of the third-level demons. With this strength, when the second and first test bosses faced the Million Demon Beast Army, they had killed too many monsters of this level. How can they have confidence in the third test players?”

“Shh, there must be a secret weapon! Just watch patiently!”

“Come on, Brother Satan. If you can win against the second-test boss, you will have to fight the first-test players!”

Although many players feel very mysterious, they still looked forward to it.

Soon, on the right side, a second-test boss also slowly walked into the field.

Former Star Palace player, Crazy Pugilist!

Now, together with Boxer, Buster, and many third -test martial arts enthusiasts, her have formed the National Martial Arts Guild!

“Are there only six of you?” Crazy Pugilist said lightly, his tone extremely calm.

“The six of us are enough!” Satan smiled proudly.

“It seems that you have a secret weapon. Well, I’ll wait until you are ready. If you are ready, let me know!” Crazy Pugilist said calmly with his hands behind his back.

“Boss, you are so arrogant!” Satan was overjoyed at the crazy fighting words!

“Start!” A player in charge of hosting the PK shouted!

Crazy Pugilist didn’t move at all.

An astonishing move happened on Satan’s side!

“The low-demon pendant… fusion!!!” Satan and other six demon players all took out a black pendant, quickly hung it on their ears, and directly activated the fusion!


While breathing, the six demon players merged into three figures!

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