All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 35: Deep Sea King?

Chapter 35: Deep Sea King?

“Hey, what’s the matter with you?”

“I … I have no strength …”

“I feel dizzy …”

Almost at the same time, several others also vomited black blood and fell. It was like a chain reaction. All the Sea Race warriors seemed as if they were chopped up and one by one they all fell to the ground.

Within a few breaths, these Sea Race warriors had their eyes wide open. Dead.

“What’s the matter? This is … poison!!!” Zrom was stunned. He checked for a moment, then reacted.

It turned out that the humans had smeared poison on their weapons!

“These Sea Race creatures are still amphibians in nature. Their skin has no protective layer. As long as their scales are penetrated, they can get infected by toxins … and these toxins are carefully selected by Brother Noodle!” The Evolutionary Player explained.

“This tactic, I didn’t expect it to go so smoothly!” Indomitable Bear also nodded secretly.

This tactic was proposed by Evolutionary Player. Led by Indomitable Bear, they would attract the leader of the Sea Race. By pouring oil and lighting fire, they would attract the other party’s attention. But the real killer move was the poison smeared on the players’ weapon. When it came to handling poison, all the players were adept at it. After all, almost all players had killed War Hunchback Beasts through poison!

“You treacherous humans!!!” Zrom was angry, really angry.

“I’m going to kill you!” Zrom roared, and he threatened to kill Indomitable Bear.

“You are doing very well! I am very pleased!” At this moment, He Yiming’s voice came. He Yiming stepped on the stone steps.

“Brother Ming, be careful. This guy is strong!” Evolutionary Player shouted in a hurry.

After all, Indomitable Bear personally fought for a long time and was unable to cause even a trace of a scratch on Zrom. Instead, Indomitable Bear still got severely injured!

“Sect Master? Are you the Sect Master of these humans? Then, I will kill you first, and then I’ll kill them all!” Zrom was taken aback and then discovered that He Yiming was only in the late stage of the Spiritual Vein Realm. He was overjoyed.

He leapt and attacked He Yiming!

“Sky Thunder Technique!!!” He Yiming calmly raised his left hand and pointed!

Boom boom boom!

Golden lightning roared, emitting a terrifying pressure and directly penetrated Zrom!

“How… could…” Zrom’s eyes widened, and then a dozen golden cracks appeared on his body!


With a crisp sound, Zrom’s body burst!

Absolute kill!

“Hold the grass. Brother Ming!” Evolutionary Player was shocked!

“So strong!” Indomitable Bear was also stunned.

He had fought hard for so long yet didn’t manage to get a solid hit once. However, He Yiming just shot lightning and killed it. This was too strong!

“You … really killed them?” He Yiming looked at the corpses of the Seas Race creatures and wondered if he was imagining things because there were corpses all over the stairs.

The Sea Race army that broke through the dam were completely wiped out!

In the mission list, the Sea Race kills had exceeded 500!

He Yiming was even more shocked to discover that he had received more than 1,200 Luck!

A Sea Race creature in the early stage of Spiritual Vein Realm gave a full 2 ??points of Luck, which was twice that of the War Hunchback Beast! A Sea Race creature with a high cultivation base would give even more luck.

The Sea Race army was wiped out by these players?

He Yiming never thought of it ending this way. But He Yiming can’t care about it.

“The system’s task completion prompt has yet to come … Sure enough, they still had moves left. The battle hasn’t ended yet!”

So he took out a healing pill and gave it to Indomitable Bear. He Yiming then hurried to the dam!

“Hahahaha, all the Sea Race creatures were killed! Cool!”

“This plot is so cool!”

“That is, I squatted in the dam and stabbed several Sea Race to death. This is too cool!”

The players ran to the dam, and they were raising War Hunchback Beast skewers to celebrate.

“Hold the grass. Some fish and shrimps are rushing upon this dam. Hurry up, bring my cauldron, and I will make spicy crayfish!” The cook was excited and started to raise the fire. He was ready to make brand new cuisine.

Just at the time of celebration …

“Huh?” A player suddenly noticed that the surrounding area grew darker, and a huge shadow appeared on the ground.

“What the hell?” As soon as the player looked up, he found a huge monster nearly seven meters tall staring at him.

As soon as the player opened his mouth to exclaim, he was trampled to death by a big green foot.

“You humans dare kill all my subordinates!!!” this huge seven-meter-tall monster roared angrily.

This huge monster was the strongest Sea Race creature … Ronal. He had a little famous nickname.

The dark green Sea Race warrior of the Iron Scales Clan. He felt that he had been dealing with a small group of human trash, so he had chosen not to go up initially.

However, it turned out that all his subordinates were killed. How could Ronal not be angry?

At this time, many players also suddenly discovered this huge existence. He had green skin, fish scales, and fins in his entire body, as well as a golden crown on top of his head, which looked like …

“Hold the grass, the Deep Sea King! It is the Deep Sea King!”

[Tl/N: Deep Sea King is a strong monster from the series One-Punch Man]

“No way, isn’t this the Deep Sea King?”

“Fuck, the Deep Sea King is out. Where is Saitama?”

“Shameless, shameless, as soon as I came out of Novice Village, the game released the Deep Sea King, a dragon-level monster BOSS?”

“This game is poisonous! It’s the Deep Sea King?”

“Hurry up, who will call that Caped Baldy … Bah, let’s ask Brother Ming for support!!!”

Many players exclaimed!

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