All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 34: I Hack, I Hack, I Hack And Hack!

Chapter 34: I Hack, I Hack, I Hack And Hack!

“Pour the oil!” Indomitable Bear waved his hand. Immediately, several players appeared and poured barrels of oil down the stairs.

The grease was refined from the body of the War Hunchback Beasts. The grease splashed down the stairs and covered the Sea Race like a dog eating shit.

Waves of grease rolled down, and the Sea Race soon got splashed.

“Oil?” Zrom was taken aback, and then his nose almost became flat and crooked.

Damn human beings, what a trick!

“Water Control!!!” Under Zrom’s order, the soldiers opened their mouths together, and a powerful current rushed out!

However … After the impact of the water was over, it slowly flowed down.

The grease is still there?

“This Sea Race is really silly. If water can wash away oil, what use is a detergent? Aren’t you silly?” Several players laughed when they saw this scene.

“Where are the rockets!” As soon as Indomitable Bear asked, more than a dozen players appeared with wooden bows and arrows.

The arrow was burning with flames!

“Not good!” Zrom suddenly reacted.

Do these bastards want to attack with fire?

“Let’s release an arrow!” With a wave from Indomitable Bear, the rocket fell from the sky and landed at the feet of the Sea Race.

The grease met the fire and burned at an alarming rate. Many of the creatures were lit and painful screams began echoing.

“Do not panic!!!” Zrom was furious.

Although these flames further restrained the Sea Race, these were just ordinary flames in the end!

The creatures in the Spirit Vein Realm had a powerful body. Even if burned, they couldn’t be burned to death!

“Kill them!” Indomitable Bear gave a strong roar and took more than 20 players to kill the creatures. Each player wielded a small machete made of bone.

Unlike the Sea Race, each of these players wore self-made nail shoes, so they weren’t affected by the grease.

The Sea Race was different. They were originally inflexible on land. Their feet were oily, and they were almost untenable.

Now, they were even entangled in flames. Although they would not be burnt to death, it was a painful process. They had fallen into huge chaos, and there was no way to organize an effective counterattack for a while!

“Die!!!” Zrom ignored the other Sea Race creatures and wielded a bone spear and hurled it towards Indomitable Bear!

Zrom was at the pinnacle of the Spirit Vein Realm. His bone spear was as fast as lightning!

It was unavoidable!

“Colored Arm!” Indomitable Bear folded his hands. After the Colored Arm wrapped his hands, he parried Zrom’s bone spear.

Thuck!After the bone spear missed, it killed a player who had no time to evade.

“Damn humans!!!” Zrom roared and confronted Indomitable Bear!

Almost at the same time, other players also rushed towards the Sea Race, and the two sides directly fought fiercely.

“I’ll hack and hack and hack and hack!” Players were wielding a small machete to hack frantically, and after they finished hacking one creature they changed their target and cut another one.

As for Indomitable Bear, he rolled around in circles, fought with Zrom, and constantly wielded a machete to attack other Sea Race creatures.

With all the grease, fire, and player’s attack, the Sea Race were caught off guard.

Almost all the Sea Races creatures were hacked in a mess, and some unlucky ones were even heavily injured.

“Damn human beings. Do you really think you can defeat our great Sea Race?” Zrom roared in a rage!

After the initial chaos, the Sea Races quickly became familiar with the slipperiness of the grease. At the same time, they figured out a way to extinguish the flames.

Next, it was natural to fight back.

“Ahhhh!” After all, in addition to the perseverance and strength of these players, their highest cultivation level was only at the third stage of Body Forging Realm. Faced with the Sea Races in the Spirit Vein Realm, the difference in strength was too great!

What’s more, their strength in numbers was still ten times that of players!

There were a few unlucky players that were pierced by seven or eight bone spears, and they died miserably.

In a flash, there were only two players left. Indomitable Bear was forced to a dead end.

His legs were pierced by bone spears, and he died and lost the power to resist.

“Humans, no matter how many tricks you play, the absolute difference in strength still cannot be made up!” Zrom was condescending as he watched Indomitable Bear half kneel.

“This human trash hurt me!”

“Damn it, I want to eat them all!”

“Don’t kill these humans. Torture them slowly!”

Other Sea Race creatures also stepped forward and surrounded Indomitable Bear.

There were more than two hundred Sea Races, and none of them died!

After all, the Sea Races who could fight on land were all at Spirit Vein Realm! The combat power of a single one far surpassed the players at the Body Forging Realm!

“Do you think you’ve won?” Indomitable Bear suddenly smiled.

“Hahaha, haven’t we? Almost all of your people have died! None of my great Sea Race has fallen!” Zrom sneered, thinking that this human race was just trying to tease him.

“It’s almost time, right?”

“Well, it’s almost there!” Suddenly, Indomitable Bear and Evolutionary Player whispered to each other.

“???” Zrom was taken aback.

Almost time for what?

Puff … What’s going on … why did my body suddenly lose strength …” Suddenly, a creature had black blood dripping from the corner of his mouth and slowly fell to the ground.

The Sea Race warrior’s eyes widened, and he stretched out his hand to grab something. Soon, his breathing stopped.

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