All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 322:

Chapter 322:

322: Emperor’s Imprint (Part 2)

“Many great human emperors want to become immortals! But becoming an Immortal isn’t that easy!

“The first prerequisite for becoming an Immortal is to possess extremely terrifying karmic luck! If it wasn’t for the fact that you were able to suppress the fate of an era, you wouldn’t even have the chance to try and become an immortal!

“That’s why the great emperors would choose the medium-sized planes, and even the high-level planes. Those young men and women who possess great karmic luck!

“To be able to contain great fortune, many of these young men and women are from powerful clans or sects. For example, your woman is an extremely powerful clan in the middle plane, the daughter of the Nangong clan!

“The great emperor chose your woman, and left behind the prince’s imprint! It meant that your woman was already the emperor’s possession! If that’s the case, He’ll be able to kill four birds with one arrow!” Ye Wuyou continued.

“First of all, the Nangong Family’s Nangong Li was chosen by the prince. The Nangong Family will either resist and be annihilated or accept it!

“Once they accept it, the Nangong Family will have to bear the consequences of all the slaughter that Nangong Li will carry out as a pawn of the emperor!

“It’s the same as making the Nangong Family become the emperor’s subordinates! The only thing the Nangong Family can do is to follow the great emperor and serve him to the death. Otherwise, if the great emperor dies, the Nangong Family will be annihilated by the great emperor!”

Ye Wuyou spoke indifferently, saying the first benefit.

“What a vicious method!” He Yiming nodded. This was far more powerful than coercion!

The Nangong Family resisted? That was to defy the Emperor and be annihilated! Not resisting? The Nangong Family’s Nangong Li had become the emperor’s chess piece, being used to kill people everywhere. Who would be the one being killed look for revenge?

If they couldn’t defeat the emperor, then they would seek the Nangong Clan.


“The second point is even more sinister!

“Every prince will be personally empowered by the Emperor when the time comes! That was a terrifying power that we could not imagine! Even if your woman is only at the Foundation Establishment Realm, once she obtains the power bestowed by the great emperor, she will instantly possess the invincible power to kill!

“Also, after being given strength, the prince won’t lose their personality. Every prince is almost the same as before, so once you become a prince, you’ll actually bring great benefits to your clan! This way…

“Many of the smaller clans and sects in the various planes would do whatever it takes to produce a candidate for the position of prince! Once they are chosen, these clans and sects will be able to rely on the prince to become a henchman!

“Formless, countless forces will choose to join the Emperor’s subordinates, and they will be loyal! They don’t even need an emperor to recruit them!”

Ye Wuyou spoke again.

“You used the keyword ‘almost’! In other words, after obtaining the power of an emperor, they would still change. What was it? Tell me!!!” He Yiming’s expression darkened as he asked.

Hearing this, “……” Ye Wuyou seemed to have recalled some sad past, so he opened his mouth.

“This is the fourth point! You and your woman will definitely fall into a miserable state!” Ye Wuyou said hoarsely.

“Before we talk about the fourth point, we must first explain the third point!

“The reason why the great emperor chose a youth with great fortune as his son was because he wanted to use a secret technique!

“Karmic technique!

“Karmic luck and the power of a great emperor will be applied to your woman!

“In this way, your woman will have the ability to plunder the fortunes of other geniuses! In the future, your woman will kill other experts that possess great karmic luck, or obtain heaven-defying opportunities, or obtain great karmic luck!

“They’ll all be sucked away by the emperor!

“That’s right,” he said. “The great emperor’s karmic technique is like a blood-sucking leech. It’s going to attach itself to your woman. The countless karmic powers she garnered will be absorbed by the great emperor!”

Ye Wuyou slowly said.


He Yiming’s expression changed!

This was because the third point was simply a copy of his own Heaven’s Mandate, the Lord of Fate!

Could it be that this great emperor also possessed the power of Heaven’s Mandate, the Lord of Fate?

“The last point is…

“When your woman is cast with the power of the Great Emperor and karmic luck technique, her feelings will be banned!

“The first thing she needs to do is to kill the opposite sex she is closest to, and that is you!

“If you already possess great fortune, then you will undoubtedly become your woman’s first prey!

“Once she truly become a prince’s possession, she wouldn’t have any more feelings. She wouldn’t fall in love with anyone, nor will she fall in love with anyone! Every prince is a ruthless assassin. One blade after another, she becomes a chess piece for the great emperor to reap his fortune. He will never betray the great emperor!

“After all, not only is there a huge limit to the number of great emperors who can use a karmic technique, the number of people who can use it is also limited!

“According to what I know, most emperors can only give nine people the title of prince! These nine are the chess pieces that the great emperors use to reap their luck!”

“Your woman will be one of these nine in the near future!” Ye Wuyou slowly said.

“Nine?” He Yiming was dumbfounded again.

Why were there only nine people?

There was no limit to the number of people he could control!

Currently, there were directly 888 players, and all the karmic luck values obtained by 888 players were all his!

Not to mention that he could increase the strength of the players at any time. He could even pass on the pseudo-divine ability of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body to the players!

Could it be that the great emperor’s karmic technique wasn’t Lord of Fate?

“What is the name of the great emperor’s karmic technique?” He Yiming directly asked.

“Mm, I remember Lord Morisa once said that it was a heaven-defying technique called… The Servant of Fate!” Ye Wuyou answered seriously.

“Servant of Fate?” He Yiming was stunned.

The Emperor had the Servant of Fate?

He had the Lord of Fate?

This was something that even a monkey could tell from!

Suddenly, He Yiming thought of an unimaginable strategy!

“If… I planted my Lord of Fate in Nangong Li’s body first? Can the great emperor’s Servant of Fate still work?” He Yiming couldn’t help but think of a plan that was even more sinister than the emperor’s…

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