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Chapter 321:

Chapter 321:

321: Emperor’s Imprint (Part 1)

Ye Wuyou spoke slowly, as if a heavy burden had been lifted off his shoulders.

“Morisa?” He Yiming took a deep breath and instantly understood.

“I’ll entrust my Ice Lightning Devil Blade to you! If they were to merge together, they would be equivalent to top-grade earth weapon of your human plane!” Ye Wuyou had a thought.


Both Essien and Essemon took to the air and landed in front of He Yiming.

“If you inject your holy sense into my demon blade, you can find the other demon generals! Your only chance is to kill all the other Demon Generals, break through the Demon Cage Technique, and escape! If possible… Kill everyone who witnessed your relationship with Nangong Li!

“Also, never attempt to fight against Lord Morisa!” After Ye Wuyou finished speaking, he took a deep breath.

Ye Wuyou really wanted to reveal the cruel fate that had happened to Nangong Li, but in the end, he chose to give up.

This was because if he said it out loud, all He Yiming could wait for was despair!

No matter how talented He Yiming was…

He was absolutely unable to change Nangong Li’s fate!


“He Yiming”

“I’m here!”

“Protect her. You, don’t become the second me…”

In the end, Ye Wuyou still said those words, then slowly closed his eyes.

“My life is finally coming to an end… Hmm?” Ye Wuyou was about to close his eyes and wait for death.


A green streak of light landed on Ye Wuyou’s head, turning into a green crown!

“???” Ye Wuyou opened his eyes blankly.

In the next moment, an incomparably vast amount of healing power slowly nourished Ye Wuyou’s demon core!

“My power…” Ye Wuyou lowered his head and discovered that the demon core that had been cursed was slowly recovering.

This azure power was extremely powerful, and even existed for a long time, slowly shattering the power of the curse!

“Lord Morisa’s curse power is actually being gradually destroyed?” Ye Wuyou was shocked!

What kind of power was this?

Not only was it able to heal his demon core, but it was also able to gradually destroy Lord Morisa’s curse power!

There was no need to ask…

Of course, it was He Yiming who had activated his pseudo-divine ability – Life is Endless!

He Yiming’s strength wasn’t enough, but a pseudo-divine ability was a pseudo-divine ability. He forcefully saved Ye Wuyou, who was bound to die, with a mouthful of green energy.

Zi Zi Zi Zi!

As He Yiming raised his hand, the curse power in his body finally dissipated!

This also meant that Ye Wuyou had completely broken free from the control of Demon Lord Morisa!

Although the damage to his demon cores was not small, He Yiming’s fake divine ability was gradually nourishing. Spending a bit more time was enough to heal.

“Why did you save me?” Ye Wuyou raised his head and looked at He Yiming in disbelief.

“You’re the number one demon general, why are you protecting Nangong Li? Also, the meaning of what you said earlier seemed to be that you knew Nangong Li’s secrets? I want you to tell me everything!” He Yiming spoke calmly.

“He Yiming!” Nangong Li was a little anxious and hastily wanted to speak.

“I must know! I want to know just how powerful my enemies are! Only then can I make preparations!” He Yiming looked at Nangong Li and tightened his grip on her hand.


Nangong Li closed her eyes and no longer tried to hide anything.

“Return!” Ye Wuyou’s demon core was restored, and a powerful demon qi burst forth. His arms suddenly regenerated, and a pair of new arms grew out. They were even stronger and more terrifying!

Furthermore, after Ye Wuyou had survived this desperate situation with He Yiming’s help, Ye Wuyou had returned to life and become even stronger!


The twenty-fourth demon mark slowly appeared on Ye Wuyou’s chest!

This meant that Ye Wuyou had officially stepped into the ranks of the four commanders!

In the demons, a single demon mark was equivalent to a rank 3 demon warrior, which was also equivalent to a high-level human Foundation Establishment expert.

The six demon marks would be equivalent to a rank 4 demon warrior, which was consequently equivalent to the Sea Wheel Realm!

Twenty-four demon marks were enough to reach the fifth rank. That was equivalent to a human Heavenly Pill Realm!

The current Ye Wuyou was more than twice as strong as before!

“I’ll tell you in detail!” Ye Wuyou stood up and slowly said.

“The one that is on your woman is the Grand Emperor’s Imprint. Furthermore, it is the most special Imprint of the Prince!”

Ye Wuyou spoke indifferently.

“Prince’s imprint?” He Yiming was stunned.

“That’s right. In your human world, there are extremely powerful existences that can cross planes, easily travel between planes, and even travel through the boundless starry sky!

“An existence like this is called a great emperor! As long as you know, even if a million Heaven Pill experts join forces, they won’t be able to match up to the emperor’s finger!” Ye Wuyou said indifferently.

“In other words, Nangong Li was chosen by an emperor? Why?” What He Yiming couldn’t understand was this.

From He Yiming’s point of view, Nangong Li didn’t have any heaven-defying talent. Was she really that talented that the great emperor had discovered?

It was simple, crude, and efficient!

As for being a cauldron, it was even more ridiculous.

The primary purpose of a cauldron was for absorbing. The emperor’s cultivation base was many times stronger than the Heavenly Pill. Nangong Li was only at the Foundation Establishment Realm. What was the use of absorbing her?

“It’s fate!!!” Ye Wuyou spoke indifferently.


He Yiming’s expression changed drastically.

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