All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 319:

Chapter 319:

319: She actually had…

“You’ re dead!!!” Li Qingshui crazily launched a ferocious attack, one after another!

Indomitable Bear was firmly suppressed. Not to mention counterattack, even dodging was an extravagant hope!

One ear, two eyes, and then one foot…

One after another, Li Qingshui’s attacks continued to deal tremendous damage to Indomitable Bear!

Amidst this life and death crisis, Indomitable Bear felt an unprecedented feeling instead!



There was still a limit!

In the first five breaths of time, Li Qingshui had heavily injured Indomitable Bear over ten time! However, in the next ten breaths, he never hit Indomitable Bear again!

“His intent power is rapidly evolving?” Li Qingshui sensed the reason and was even more shocked.

The more desperate he was, the more he fell into a disadvantageous situation!

On the contrary, the intent of this human before him was getting stronger and stronger!

Li Qingshui even had a feeling!

Indomitable Bear was clearly indomitable. His injuries were extremely severe, his limbs were severed, and his eyes were blinded!

However, the sense of danger that Li Qingshui felt grew stronger and stronger!


Before the final attack, Li Qingshui’s arm was suddenly grabbed by Indomitable Bear!

“I lost this round!

“I’ll beat you in the next round!”

Li Qingshui brandished his halberd and slashed out!

He resolutely killed Indomitable Bear!

“Next round?” Li Qingshui was still in shock and didn’t understand.

If he was dead, where would the next round come from?

Li Qingshui lowered his head to look. The wound on his abdomen had already healed, not leaving a single trace.

He forced himself to speak.

He could be said to have defeated Indomitable Bear.

But Li Qingshui couldn’t be happy at all!

“Eh?” Li Qingshui’s expression suddenly changed.

“Ye Wuyou? Wait, you’re bringing a human woman with you?” Li Qingshui’s gaze suddenly locked onto a direction.

“No matter how monstrous this human is, he’s still dead! Don’ t bother anymore!” Li Qingshui took another look at the corpse of Indomitable Bear, then tore through the air!

“Ye Wuyou, you’ve disobeyed Lord Morisa’s orders. The power of the curse should have spread throughout your body! This time, I will definitely win!” Li Qingshui chased after him in less than the time it takes an incense stick to burn.

“!” Ye Wuyou had originally led Nangong Li forward at high speed, but he suddenly stopped and turned around to see Li Qingshui rushing over.

At this moment, Ye Wuyou was clearly a demon, yet he was panting heavily. His face was pale as well.

“!” Nangong Li also saw Li Qingshui, who had suddenly caught up. She was a bit afraid and hastily hid behind a tree.

“Ye Wuyou is the number one demon general… Li Qingshui is the second demon general, so I shouldn’t have to worry too much. Just like the enemies who blocked the way, he should be dealt with in a few moments!” Nangong Li thought to herself.

But in less than ten breaths…


Ye Wuyou knelt on the ground and coughed up blood. One of his arms, holding the Ice Demon Blade Essien, was actually chopped off and lying on the ground.

“Tsk tsk tsk, what a pity!

“The number one Demon General with twenty-three demon marks is so weak!” Li Qingshui spoke with contempt.

In just a short exchange, Li Qingshui had completely suppressed Ye Wuyou. He had even cut off one of Ye Wuyou’s arms!

At the level of the two of them, once they seriously injured each other, the powerful demon energy would penetrate their wounds, making it impossible for them to regenerate!

“Ye Wuyou, what’s so good about that woman? You actually betrayed Lord Morisa for the sake of a woman you met for the first time? In the end, the demon core’s incantation spell exploded, causing you to lose half of your strength!” Li Qingshui spoke indifferently.

“You won’t understand!” Ye Wuyou slowly spoke.

“Is that so? But it doesn’t matter, I just want you to die!

“You’re dead, the position of the number one Demon General belongs to me, Li Qingshui!”

Li Qingshui laughed heartily. Three heads and six arms suddenly appeared, and three black halberds suddenly appeared in his hands!

“North!!!” Ye Wuyou stood up and pulled out another strange blade from his remaining arm!

It was exactly the same as Ice Demon Blade Essien, but it emitted a terrifying black thunder aura!

Ice and Lightning!

It was Ye Wuyou’s strongest weapon! Ice Thunder Blade, Essenos Blade!

Although Li Qingshui spoke arrogantly, he was extremely serious!

After all, Li Qingshui only had twenty-two demon marks!

Even if Ye Wuyou couldn’t even use half of her strength, Ye Wuyou’s own strength was twice that of Li Qingshui!

Coupled with Ye Wuyou’s ability to control both ice and lightning, it was comparable to a great achievement!

If it wasn’t for Li Qingshui knowing that Ye Wuyou had fallen under the curse, his strength would have fallen infinitely, and he wouldn’t have the courage to challenge him!

In the next moment, both sides launched their final attack in unison!

As they crossed each other, the two of them flashed past!

Pui Pui Pui!

Of Li Qingshui’s three heads, two were beheaded. His four arms were also severed!


Li Qingshui coughed up blood, his face filled with astonishment!

Ye Wuyou had been corroded by the curse until he was so weak, yet he was still able to inflict such a heavy blow on him?


Li Qingshui couldn’t help but laugh evilly.


This was because Ye Wuyou’s other arm had all been shattered into pieces. On his body, a huge cross-shaped wound had appeared, directly shattering his demonic body. On Ye Wuyou’s monster core, a huge cross-shaped wound had been cut!


Ye Wuyou immediately knelt on the ground, and the demon blood continuously flowed down.

“Hahaha, in the end, I won!” Li Qingshui had returned to his original state. Even though he was heavily injured, he was the one who had won in the end!

Ye Wuyou was completely crippled!

“I didn’t expect… Back then, I was unable to protect her…

“Now, I can’t even protect you!”

Ye Wuyou spat out blood and spoke hoarsely.

“Eh?” Li Qingshui was a little confused, so he focused his demon qi on Nangong Li.

Li Qingshui’s face instantly changed!

“Grand Emperor’s Imprint! Why does this woman have a great emperor’s imprint?” Li Qingshui sucked in a breath of cold air and looked at Nangong Li with a terrified cry.

Li Qingshui suddenly looked at Ye Wuyou.

“No wonder, no wonder you protected her! Hehehe, Ye Wuyou, your life is truly miserable!”

“When you were the Ye Clan’s number one genius, you watched helplessly as your beloved woman died because of th Great Emperor’s imprint! They destroyed your entire Ye Family!”

“I didn’t expect that you would meet the second woman whose great emperor’s imprint fell on you today!” Li Qingshui sneered.

“……” Ye Wuyou didn’t say a word, and only looked at Nangong Li.

“Sorry… I… I can’t help you anymore!” Ye Wuyou slowly said.

“Hahaha, of course you can’t help her! Being left with the emperor’s imprint meant that she was already the emperor’s possession! What will you use to resist the power of an emperor? Tsk tsk tsk, this woman’s fate is truly miserable!” Li Qingshui couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“I originally intended to kill you! But now, it seemed like if I kill you, I’ll actually be helping you a great deal? Tsk tsk tsk!” Li Qingshui looked at Nangong Li, momentarily hesitating.

Kill? Or should I just let her go?

“What are you waiting for? Run! Go to his side!!!” Ye Wuyou suddenly roared and immediately pounced towards Li Qingshui!

“Scram!” Li Qingshui waved his halberd and did not kill Ye Wuyou. He easily knocked Ye Wuyou back.

“Eh?” However, Li Qingshui’s gaze changed, and she saw Nangong Li turn around to flee.

“The Demon Halberd destroys in all directions!!!” Li Qingshui waved his halberd!

Boom boom boom!

Nangong Li stopped in an instant, because a huge slash fell one meter in front of her, creating a huge trench that was a hundred meters wide!

“Woman, I’ll give you a chance to live!

“Become my great master, Demon Lord Morisa’s subordinate! Devote everything to Lord Molissa!” Li Qingshui said loudly.

“In this life, I only belong to one person! That person is He Yiming!!!” Nangong Li refused without hesitation.

“Is that so? Then go die!” Li Qingshui’s face sank. It was rare for him to show mercy and give this stupid woman hope!

Who would have thought that the other party would refuse?

Then use death to repay the price of rejecting him!

“Demon Halberd, Sky Severing River!” Li Qingshui waved his demon halberd, and an incomparably huge slash transformed into a thousand meters in size, tearing apart the earth and tearing through the sky as he pounced towards Nangong Li.

Nangong Li closed her eyes silently, waiting for the final moment to arrive.

If she could live…

Nangong Li wanted to be with He Yiming again, even if it was only for one day!

However, Nangong Li was no longer afraid of death.

Instead, she chose to accept it silently!

This way, his clan would not be implicated by her!

More importantly, He Yiming… would be safe!

Just when the slash was about to hit Nangong Li!

“Bright Sword Incantation! Explosive Flame Breaking Army!!!” A figure suddenly appeared, and with a single strike, it shattered the huge attack!

At the same time, a powerful hand grabbed Nangong Li’s waist and pulled her into his embrace.

“Don’t worry, I’m here!”

He Yiming whispered softly.

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