All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 318:

Chapter 318: This man is too dangerous!

“This human…” Li Qingshui’s eyes narrowed!

The human in front of him was only at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm!

However, Li Qingshui could feel a faint and dangerous aura!

Demons were different from humans!

The human cultivators relied on becoming disciples, learning, and bitterly cultivating. Only by gradually controlling a powerful cultivation technique, possessing powerful spirit treasures, earth weapons, and other treasures could one gradually gain a powerful strength!

But the demons were different.

The demons were naturally the best weapons for slaughter.

After three days, they could fight each other, devour each other, and become even more powerful!

Although Li Qingshui had reincarnated as a demon, he was already familiar with and controlled the power of the demon’s body instinct!

The human race needed to train hard for many years before they could gradually unleash the might of their moves. Only then would they be able to unleash their full strength!

But demons were born knowing how to use them!

This was a talent engraved in the depths of their instincts!

Therefore, Li Qingshui instantly felt it by instinct…

The human before him was an extremely dangerous enemy.

Even if his cultivation base was only at the Foundation Establishment Realm, the sense of danger that caused Li Qingshui’s instinct to feel a bit frightened had already matured!

“If I don’t kill him now, I’ll probably die the next time we meet!” Li Qingshui clenched the halberd in his hand.

“Ye Wuyou, I’ll let you live for a while longer!” Li Qingshui laughed coldly and raised his halberd. Without a word, he slashed down in the air!

“The demon Halberd destroys all directions!!!” In the next moment, more than a thousand black demon qi slashes descended from the sky, slashing towards the entire arena.

This was one of Li Qingshui’s best moves.

It looked like these slashes were chaotic.

But when the enemy tried to dodge, each slash would suddenly change course and attack from an unimaginable angle, killing all careless enemies in one fell swoop.

Once upon a time, Li Qingshui had used this move to annihilate a low-grade fourth-grade sect with just one strike.

Tens of thousands of human cultivators were completely wiped out!

“What a pity… If you were at the Sea Wheel Realm, you might still have a chance to survive…” Li Qingshui slowly turned around and prepared to leave.

This human cultivator was indeed dangerous!

Unfortunately, his cultivation was too low. He hadn’t matured at all!

This move was enough to suppress and kill!

A genius that couldn’t grow up wasn’t a genius!

Boom boom boom!

Booms filled the sky. Li Qingshui didn’t even need to turn to look. The entire arena had been completely shattered together with this human!


“This is it?” A calm and natural voice sounded.


Li Qingshui suddenly turned around!

Amidst the dust, a figure stood silently, from head to toe, unharmed!

ID: Indomitable Bear!

“How could he withstand it? Something is wrong! He dodged this attack?” Li Qingshui gasped.

“Other than Brother Ming, you are the strongest person I’ve ever met… No, demon!” Indomitable Bear said.

“I am Second Demon General Li Qingshui!”

“I am Indomitable Bear!”

After the two sides gave their names, they didn’t waste any more words and started fighting!

“Demon Halberd, Black Lotus!!!” Li Qingshui brandished his halberd and slashed!

A black slash tore through the air and arrived in front of Indomitable Bear. Suddenly, it was like a blooming black lotus flower!

A single slash transformed into over a hundred slashes, faintly forming a black lotus flower that swallowed Indomitable Bear!

However, this time, Li Qingshui saw it clearly!

“Martial intent, insight into all things!” The eyes of Indomitable Bear emitted a strange silver light, as if it had seen through everything!

In the next moment, Indomitable Bear resolutely leaped into the air, taking a strange posture in the air. He actually passed through the only crack in the black lotus’ attack!


The black lotus howled past, cutting the distant forest and mountain into pieces!

However, Indomitable Bear was still unharmed!

“This human actually saw through my Demon Halberd?” Li Qingshui was shocked.

In the past, there had been enemies who had seen through Li Qingshui’s moves, but regardless of which one, they were all Heaven Pill Realm experts!

However, the human before him was only at the Foundation Establishment Realm!

What if the other party stepped into the Heavenly Pill?

“Perhaps this human’s threat is even greater than Ye Wuyou’s! Today, he must die!” Li Qingshui became serious.

“Demon Halberd, Nine-stage Qu!!!” Li Qingshui brandished his halberd, and nine black slashes tore through the air!

Following that, Li Qingshui’s entire body exploded with speed, charging straight at Indomitable Bear!

Boom boom boom!

The two sides began to fight!

Li Qingshui’s attacks were all dodged by Indomitable Bear!

Many of the attacks passed by him!

Although Indomitable Bear had suffered some injuries, none of them were fatal!

“Enough!” In just a few dozen breaths of time, Li Qingshui finally couldn’t help but shout!

Li Qingshui finally decided not to continue fighting like this!

“I finally understand! The power of your intent is to see and predict! No wonder you were able to dodge all my attacks!” Li Qingshui spoke indifferently.

“……” Indomitable Bear did not say anything. He was a little shocked. This boss was way too strong!

From the beginning to the end, he could not even counterattack!

“With my strength as a human, I can’t kill you! So, I won’t hold back!” Li Qingshui spoke in a hoarse voice, and then his figure changed.


Li Qingshui’s body rippled and a second head appeared!

And then, the third head!

Following that were four new arms and two huge black halberds!

Three heads and six arms!

This was the complete body of the Second Demon General Li Qingshui!

Boom boom boom!

At the same time, bursts of explosive demon qi erupted, directly crushing the entire area!


Indomitable Bear was sent flying dozens of meters before it could dodge, spitting out blood!

Li Qingshui had already injured Indomitable Bear just by exuding true demon energy!

“Seven Demon Spear!!!”

But right at this moment, Indomitable Bear had seized the only chance to counterattack, and he had a thought in his heart!

The seven long black spears spun in the air and instantly fused into one and turned into a giant magic spear!

The black spear, which was originally only seven high-grade holy weapons, was now comparable to a top-grade holy weapon!

With the buff of the weapon, In terms of penetration, it was close to a low-grade earth weapon!


This magic spear directly arrived in front of Li Qingshui and stabbed at him. Just as he finished changing his posture, the instant it stopped, it revealed a flaw!


“It’s impossible for this attack to hit this demon!” Li Qingshui disdainfully waved his halberd as he descended from the sky, about to shatter the demon spear!


“Divine speed!!!” Indomitable Bear muttered!

Three black bowstrings suddenly appeared on the spear!


In the next moment, the speed of the demon Spear increased by more than three times. It tore through the air and dodged Li Qingshui’s attack!

“Damned ant!!!” Li Qingshui was enraged, and the other two halberds simultaneously slashed down, cutting off most of the demon Spear!

However, the spearhead of the demon Spear continued forward like an arrow!


The next moment, the spearhead of the demon Spear directly pierced through Li Qingshui’s abdomen!

This was the first time Li Qingshui had been injured after coming to this lower plane!

Although the wound would soon heal, not even a single wound would be left behind!

However, he was actually injured by a Foundation Establishment human. It was simply a great humiliation!

“I’m going to kill you!!!” Li Qingshui flew into a rage as he brandished his three halberds and simultaneously slashed towards Indomitable Bear!

Three halberds were equivalent to twice the number of attacks!

One breath later!


A halberd fell, and Indomitable Bear’s arm was chopped off!

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