All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 28: Epic Mission, Guarding Yan Huang Zong

Chapter 28: Epic Mission, Guarding Yan Huang Zong

“Hold the grass! Brother Ming!”

“Massacre, this is bullying!”

“Sea Race, know that my Brother Ming is amazing!”

The players jumped out with excitement. Many players were still studying the corpses of the Sea Race. Several fast-handed players even picked up the bone spears of the Sea Race warriors.

“Take it back. Find some glue and fix it; it might work!” A player happily picked up the broken bone spear.

“Sea Race Army?” Star’s eyes lit up and he heard the words of a dying Sea Race.

“Could it be that this is a new plot? The Sea Race invasion?

“Does this mean that there will be a large number of Sea Race attacks soon?” Star thought secretly.

Not only Star, but a lot of other players thought about it too.

“Hold the grass. Has the Sea Race invasion plot opened?”

“When will the Sea Race come. Fuck, I want revenge!”

“I’m already tired of War Hunchback Beasts. Finally, there is a new monster!”

“But these creatures from the Sea Race are strong, how do we fight?”

“What are you panicking about? Brother Ming is here!”

“That is, my Brother Noodle is not a vegetarian. He has done 100 leaps of faith and will teach the Sea Race how to be a man!”

The players talked a lot, and they were all very excited. After all, they had been playing the game for several days, and there could only hunt the War Hunchback Beasts. Many players had been tired of it for a long time.

Although farming and construction tasks were also fun, most players still preferred to fight monsters!

Issuing sect mission! Defend from the Sea Race invasion.

Goal: Withstand the first round of Sea Race attacks and kill 100+ Sea Race.

Duration of mission completion will affect the mission evaluation. The higher the evaluation, the richer the reward.

At this time, the system suddenly issued the fourth mission, which surprised He Yiming!

Even the system has released a mission, indicating that the Sea Race would definitely attack. Their numbers were alarming!

The rough estimate was that there would be at least hundreds of creatures from the Sea Race!

What’s more, once a strong Foundation Establishment Realm Sea Race cultivator appeared, it would be difficult for He Yiming to save his life.

“Should I abandon the sect?” He Yiming thought.

He Yiming witnessed the power of someone in the Foundation Establishment Realm in Haotian Academy.

That was not something that the Spiritual Vein Realm could fight against. Even if a hundred peak Spiritual Vein Realm cultivators joined hands, it would still be a problem defending against a strong Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator!

What’s more, he was only in the late stage of the Spirit Vein Realm!

“If I abandon this sect … my position as the Sect Master will no longer exist!” He Yiming was very clear about the truth. In this world of cultivation, one step back meant one step back!

If he retreated now, then he would never be able to establish a sect again and step into the pinnacle of cultivation!

“Disciples!!!” He Yiming decided in an instant, so he turned around and looked at the players.

All the players fell silent and listened quietly.

“The coming rainy day, the Sea Race will strike!

“The Sea Race and human cultivators are mortal enemies!

“When they attack, the Sea Race’s army will be huge. I am afraid that it will exceed hundreds, and there will be cultivators in the Foundation Establishment Realm!

“They will never give up unless they kill us all!

“Do you guys dare to join me to fight for Yan Huang Sect until the end?!” He Yiming enunciated each word, his expression filled with perseverance and determination!

He Yiming had made up his mind! Fight to the end, never retreat! If he retreated, he might be able to survive but he would lose the sect, the system, and everything.

He would spend his whole life in regret. Instead of this, it was better to fight!

Anyway, he had already died once before he crossed into this world!

After He Yiming finished speaking, he released a new task at the same time.

Epic Mission: Defending Yan Huang Sect

[All Player Mission]

Goal: To defend against Sea Race attacks at all costs, to ensure the survival of Sect Master He Yiming

Task reward: 10W contribution points.

[Equally divided among each player]

Special reward??

Reminder: If He Yiming dies, the mission will fail, the game beta ends, and all players will no longer be able to log into the game

Seeing the system prompt, all players went abuzz.

“Hold the grass, epic mission? Defend Yan Huang Sect?”

“Fuck, 10W contribution points? It’s still more than one thousand even if divided?”

“There are special rewards? Is it weapons and equipment? Is the equipment option officially released?”

“Wait, if Brother Ming dies, the beta is over? We can no longer log into the game?”

Many players were in an uproar after seeing the mission released by He Yiming.

It deserved to be an epic mission. Once it failed, the beta was over. It’s so exciting!

“Disciples, follow me back to the sect! Bring the Sea Race creatures’ corpses too! Maybe we can learn something …” He Yiming waved his hand and commanded the players to quickly return to the sect.

Back in the sect, He Yiming instructed the players to prepare for battle, and he returned to the Secret Chamber of the Sect Master.

“To breakthrough to the peak of the Spiritual Vein Realm, 2500 Luck points are needed … but I only have less than 200 points …

“The Colored Arm is indeed very strong at the same level, but in the face of Foundation Establishment Realm, I don’t know how effective it would be!

“It seems that the only chance is my newly acquired Heavenly Thunder Body!” He Yiming thought secretly, and then closed his eyes.


The next moment, He Yiming’s body flashed with thunder, and golden thunder and lightning roared and rushed!

At the same time in the Sect Square, the players didn’t even bother to fight the War Hunchback Beasts. They gathered in the Sect Square, and everyone was discussing the new plot.

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