All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 27: Copying the Frost Arrow!

Chapter 27: Copying the Frost Arrow!

“Die! All of you!” He Yiming blocked this round of attacks and naturally launched a counterattack!

The armed fist struck, directly making the fish head of the Sea Race explode.

“Use the Water Control Technique!!!” the leader shouted.

Suddenly, the rest of the Sea Race backed together, opened their mouths, and sprayed out river water like a torrent.

“The heck! These Sea Race block our escape by water?” Wang Lufei exclaimed when he saw this.

Many players who had seen Naruto were also shocked. It’s no wonder that many players had been killed before. They couldn’t escape!

This huge stream of water suddenly spurted out. Under the impact, they couldn’t stand still, so how could they escape?

Facing several streams of water, He Yiming was not in a hurry.

“Azure Emperor Immortal Body!” He Yiming spoke lightly, bathed in cyan light, and his whole body turned into a towering tree.

He Yiming’s feet seemed as if they were roots, firmly rooted to the earth. Despite the torrential bombardment, He Yiming’s figure didn’t even tremble.

Maybe He Yiming’s cultivation base was low and was unable to exert the true power of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body, but if it couldn’t even stop a few Sea Race’s members’ water control, could this Azure Emperor Immortal Body be called one of the ten strongest divine bodies?

“What?” The Sea Race was shocked.

The Water Control Technique that they used with all their strength did not affect them?

This human cultivator is too strong!

“Escape!!!” The leader made a decisive decision and ordered, so several Sea Races immediately turned around to escape.

No matter how strong He Yiming was, he could only kill one by one, and the Sea Race would inevitably escape.

Once they escaped, they would immediately report everything that happened here. At that time, there would be a strong Sea Race to appear.

But at this moment … He Yiming put his hands together and suddenly pulled apart.

“Frost Arrow!” Following He Yiming’s whisper, ten arrows with the thickness of his arm floated and exuded a cold air.

“Hold the grass. This is too shameless. He even copied my Frost Arrow!” Seeing this scene, First Ice Man couldn’t help but jump out and shout.

He studied hard by himself and evolved the Cold Ice technique into the Frost Arrow, and he could only condense one arrow at a time. Each shot was only the size of a palm.

As a result, between He Yiming’s wave, there were ten Frost Arrows, each of which was thicker … and longer … and so much bigger than the original.

This is so shameless!

“Go!” He Yiming waved his hand, and the Frost Arrows flew, but their targets were the legs of these Sea Races!


Sea Race was hit by a Frost Arrow, and one of his left legs was suddenly filled with cold air. It froze into a big block of ice on the spot.

The same was true for other Sea Race Members. As for the leader, he was hit by four consecutive Frost Arrows. Both legs were frozen, and he couldn’t walk even one step.

“Want to run? None of you can go!” He Yiming sneered, how could he let them retreat and report?

One word and they were dead.

Although the Sea Race struggled and resisted, they were still killed by He Yiming one by one.

“Humans!!” The leader fell to the ground with serious injuries, watching He Yiming walking step by step. Knowing that he could not escape, but he was not afraid at all.

“What about killing me? I’m just a small captain of the Sea Race!”

“Soon, the next time it rains, my Sea Race army will make a full attack!”

“At that time, the invincible Foundation Establishment Realm of my Sea Race will arrive and kill you and your trash disciples, and then devour them one by one!” The leader shouted with a hideous and crazy expression.

He Yiming’s complexion slightly changed, but he didn’t hesitate. He stepped out and made the leader’s head explode.

“Foundation Establishment Realm?” He Yiming whispered, his expression extremely solemn.

Body Forging Realm was also called Mortal Realm. Spiritual Veins Realm was just the real beginning of cultivation. Arriving the Foundation Establishment Realm, this cultivator could be called a tyrant in a locality.

Those cultivators who had arrived at the Foundation Establishment Realm could even directly build a sect, unlike He Yiming who had to join Haotian Academy, study for four years and become the top among his peers.

Three years in the Body Forging Realm, ten years of Spiritual Vein Realm, and a hundred years of Foundation Establishment Realm.

This mantra was not for nothing. The average cultivator often took a hundred years to build a foundation successfully.

Once the foundation was built, the strength and cultivation base was simply the difference between the Spirit Vein Realm.

Because in the Foundation Establishment Realm, the power of heaven and Earth could already be mobilized, and even powerful formations could be used or terrible spells that could destroy a village or a mountain.

There was also a very significant difference in the Foundation Establishment Realm. That was, they could fly in the air. It was completely different from Body Forging Realm where one must step on a flying sword to barely fly.

As for the strong Foundation Establishment Sea Race, the strength would be terrifying.

The Water Control Technique that the Sea Race exhibited would be incomparable to that of the Foundation Establishment Sea Race. Instead of a stream, it would be a flood!

If a huge flood hit, even a village could be destroyed.

Maybe He Yiming could protect himself, but these players in the Body Forging Realm would be washed away in an instant.

They wouldn’t be able to fight at all.

“It’s raining … Damn it …” He Yiming was even more worried because the strength of the Sea Race would be bolstered on rainy days.

Originally, when the Sea Race left the sea and came to land, their strength would be weakened. But if it rained and got nourished by the rain, the strength of the Sea Race would rise instead of falling.

“What should I do? Call for help?

“But, will Haotian Academy come to our rescue? Even if it comes and helps us defend this time, what would I do next the next time they attacked?

“The Sea Race’s attack in tides; simply endless. If the first round was defended against, a second wave would soon follow.

“It will continue until we are completely wiped out!” He Yiming’s thoughts flowed. His heart was heavy, but the players were feeling the opposite.

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