All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 22: What are you doing?

Chapter 22: What are you doing?

“Don’t you mean extracting the essence? Since this game is a game of cultivating immortals and the Spirit Grass can be refined into a pill, isn’t that refining the essence of pills? In the same way, if we refine Sh*t, wouldn’t it also be the same?

“There happens to be an alchemy furnace in the sect. Let’s set fire and use the dung of the War Hunchback Beast as an elixir! Well, when it’s refined … is called …

“Sh*t Dan!” Beef Noodle said seriously.

Farm Master was dumbfounded.

What kind of logic is this? Refining sh*t? Cultivating sh*t? But Farm Master thought about it carefully.

“That seems to make sense!” Farm Master’s eyes lit up, and he felt that a new world had opened before his eyes!

As a farm master who was an expert in agriculture in reality, as long as it involved agricultural research, he had been in contact with manure or some very smelly fertilizers a long time ago, so he didn’t care. But other players couldn’t do it.

“You … Are you serious?” Several players looked at Beef Noodle and the actions of Farm Master, and they were completely dumbfounded.

Beef Noodle brought in a big pot, filled it with water, and skillfully raised the fire. There was nothing strange about this move. The issue was …

Farm Master carried a sack of dung and poured it into the pot. Suddenly, bursts of strong sh*tty fragrance permeated.

“They, are they cooking sh*t?”

“The heck! These two are crazy, aren’t they?”

“You are worthy of being my brother. Even when I get hungry, I won’t even go to that sh*t!”

On the square, the players all immediately kept a distance about one hundred meters away from them, observing them from a distance.

It’s too cruel! These two are really cruel!

“Cook the dung first. It will benefit us a lot. Wait until after it’s done …” Farm Master explained skillfully.

Beef Noodle nodded, and after the pot opened, many brown objects floated up. He took out a large spoon and scooped out all the brown floating objects.


Seeing this scene, several players with poor psychological grit just threw up. The rest of the players retreated one hundred meters again.

Too frightening! It’s really terrible! Compared to these two, a hundred beasts is nothing!

Next, Beef Noodle and Farm Master found the alchemy furnace in the ruins of the alchemy pavilion.

This was where Beef Noodle found the dregs. But at this time, the pill furnace in the alchemy furnace was already cleaned by the player.

“Raise the fire, put it in!” Under Farm Master’s command, Beef Noodle put all the boiled brown things in and closed the lid.

Soon, the alchemy furnace began to refine. Next, they just waited.

“Can we succeed?” Farm Master asked.

“I don’t know. Let’s try it anyway, and don’t spend any contribution point!” Beef Noodle replied, not caring at all.

After a duration of about an incense stick, the pill furnace gradually calmed down. As Beef Noodle turned on the alchemy furnace, there was a burst of pill … No, it was the sh*tty fragrance spreading out, and the smoke made Beef Noodle almost passed out.

Soon, a brown and slightly softball, the size of a fish ball, appeared in front of the two of them.

“This … is this … the Sh*t Dan?” Beef Noodle picked up the little ball. Although this little ball had an awkward smell, it still looked good. It was a bit soft and had a crystal clear feeling.

Looking fiercely, it seemed a bit similar compared to the so-called pill.

“Hurry up and try the effect!” Farm Master reminded.

So the two hurried back to the spirit field, crushed the pill into powder, poured it into a small water cup, and poured it around the Spirit Grass seeds after turning it into a paste.

Then, a miracle happened!

The Spirit Grass seeds began to develop at an astonishing speed. It vigorously absorbed the Sh*t Dan and grew at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Brother Noodle, try to use the power of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body again!” Farm Master hurriedly reminded him.

“Wow, yes!” Beef Noodle nodded and immediately used the power of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body to ripen it.

Something more shocking happened! It seemed that certain conditions were met because of a certain special reaction. When the Spirit Grass seeds were absorbing Sh*t Dan, as the blue light of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body was enveloped, the Spirit Grass seeds actually had a blue light!

This was the same as the player’s cultivation of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body!

It felt like this Spirit Grass seed was actually cultivating the Azure Emperor Immortal Body!

In the next moment, the growth rate of the Spirit Grass seeds directly increased tenfold!

In less than an hour, that Sh*t Dan was completely absorbed! A small green sprout appeared in front of the beef noodles and the farm master.


Congratulations to the player Beef Noodle for successfully cultivating the Spirit Grass. You completed the task. Reward: 100 contribution points!

With the prompt of task completion popped up, Beef Noodle suddenly became excited.

“Success!” Beef Noodle and Farm Master looked at each other, and they saw the excitement in each other’s eyes …


A powerful aura burst out, He Yiming opened his eyes, and the mighty power was flowing through his body!


Late Spirit Vein Realm!

In just one day, with the help of the master of fate, He Yiming successfully broke through again and stepped into the late stage of the Spiritual Vein Realm!

The speed of this cultivation base increased, and He Yiming himself wondered if he was dreaming.

He Yiming knew that although Haotian Academy mainly cultivated students’ theoretical knowledge, there was no shortage of cultivation geniuses!

For the most geniuses in history, it would only take ten months from the early stage of the Spiritual Vein Realm to the latter stage of the Spiritual Vein Realm! And they were known as the geniuses among geniuses!

But what about him?

Just three days?

It was a hundred times faster than the so-called geniuses.

Of course, this was not He Yiming’s own efforts! It depended on the hard work of 88 part-time workers!

“Thanks for your hard work … lovely disciples!” He Yiming couldn’t help but exclaim.

Breaking through in cultivation, a new day arrived!

The corner of He Yiming’s mouth curled up, and he signed in happily.

Ding, the host checked in successfully!

bonus, special equipment, masonry cutter!

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