All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 21: Are you serious?

Chapter 21: Are you serious?

Looking at He Yiming, the growth rate of this Spirit Grass seed instantly accelerated tenfold, and it continued to diffuse into the surrounding soil at a speed visible to the naked eye.

A burst of vitality spread even more! He Yiming estimated that without his help, it would take a month for this Spirit Grass to germinate, but now, it seemed that three days at most is enough!

It increased ten times!

Only the Azure Emperor Immortal Body could do it! But …

“One hundred acres of land, that is a full 100 low-level spirit plants … I can’t take care of it alone.” He Yiming estimated that he could ripen a dozen low-level spirit plants at most.

If he only relied on himself, it would take ten days at the earliest to ripen and germinate.

“I’ll try it!” After watching He Yiming’s demonstration, Beef Noodle couldn’t wait to try it.

Beef Noodle exhausted all his strength, and finally squeezed a trace of cyan light from between his fingers, and it fell into the mud.

“Brother Ming, how long will it take for me to ripen so much?”

“Twenty-nine days and twenty-three hours!” He Yiming took a look and answered casually.

“What the- It only shortened one hour?” Beef Noodle vomited, he really did.

“In addition, if anybody can find something strange, or something that contains the essence of heaven and earth, it can also greatly speed up the germination!

“Then disciples, please work hard!” He Yiming smiled slightly, turned around, and left.

“Kill monsters, maybe these players can find loopholes and kill monsters at higher levels!

“Farming probably won’t work!

“It seems that I have to do it myself!” He Yiming thought secretly, so he immediately returned to the hall and found a safe place to sit cross-legged.

With the players’ efforts, He Yiming’s luck value has exceeded 800 points.

So, he rushed to the later stage of the Spirit Vein Realm in one breath!

If he stepped into the late stage of the spiritual vein realm, the power to run the Azure Emperor Immortal Body was stronger. Maybe there is a chance to ripen all the low-level Spirit Grass of 100 acres in three days!

With He Yiming’s payment of 500 Karmic Luck value, the huge power of heaven and earth circulated again and merged into He Yiming’s body like a torrent!

He Yiming was running the Azure Emperor Immortal Body frantically and began to absorb this huge power of heaven and earth.

“What should I do now?” Beef Noodles looked at other players and asked casually.

“What to do? Think of a way yourself! Will we really wait for a month? Impossible, absolutely impossible, impossible in this life!” A crowd of players shook their heads.

How would it be possible for them to wait a month?

“According to Brother Ming, there are many ways to ripen it. Everyone we’ll try!” Farm Master said loudly, so players started to take action.

“I try the blood tricks!!!” A player cut his wrist directly and used blood to moisturize the Spirit Grass seeds. “To ripen, it must use chemical fertilizer! Hehehe, look at me looking for some branches and leaves. I’ll burn them to make natural fertilizer!”

Some players seemed to know a little about agriculture, and immediately tried it eagerly.

“We must also dance for blessings!” Some entertaining players started dancing around the Spirit Grass seeds.

But an hour passed, and the seeds did not budge. The players took a look at the dirt, and the messy methods hadn’t worked.

“According to my experience, perhaps, the dung of the beast could be used as effective fertilizer!” Farm Master suddenly said.

“Use … the dung of the beast?” Many players changed their expressions.

This was indeed reasonable. There was nothing wrong with it.

Even in 2032 on Earth, there were still people who used animal manure as fertilizer. It was known as all-natural and the price was still expensive.

“I see!” Beef Noodle blinked, and he was the first one to rush down the mountain.

Many players were taken aback, and then they reacted fast and rushed down the mountain one after another.

“Get out of the way, I discovered this first!”

“Go away, I have wrapped these two lumps!”

Beef Noodle took the lead, and dozens of players rushed to the foot of the mountain and began to grab feces.

Most of the players did not move, because up to now, these players did not react.

“Isn’t this game about cultivating immortality and becoming demons? Why do I feel that the plot is wrong?”

“Boss brother, if you don’t say anything, just grab some sh*t. You deserve to be my eldest brother!”

“Wait, are you serious? We’re really using sh*t?”

Players who had not moved were somewhat hesitant.

Lao Tzu came for a 100% virtual immortality game. Now, he was told to grab sh*t to use for farming?

Are you kidding me?

“I decided, I will continue to fight monsters!” First Ice Man realized that this kind of field was too troublesome, even needing to grab sh*t … He also really accepted it at the psychological level, so he gave up on this task decisively.

Like First Ice Man, most other players such as Wang Lufei also gave up, but they did not give up the task of the system.

They just decided to wait and see. Instead of robbing sh*t and wasting time, it was better to continue fighting beasts. So the players were divided into two. Most of them left the field.

The few players headed by Farm Masters squatted in the spirit field to continue their research.

“I got it!” Beef Noodle quickly ran back to the fields, while carrying a big sack filled with dung.

Farm Master immediately took it and found a Spirit Grass seed on the spot. After finishing the dung, he sprinkled it in as fertilizer.

“It works!!!” After waiting for the duration of an incense stick, Farm Master was overjoyed!

Because of this low-level Spirit Grass seed, there really was a change!

The tentacles of the seeds slowly spread and began to absorb the nutrients in the feces of the beasts. Its growth rate became much faster.

According to Farm Master’s estimation, it might take another twenty-four or five days before it would germinate!

The dung of the camel beast accelerated the time by four or five days! It’s really amazing!

“Only four or five days has been reduced? Hold the grass, how can you live!” After Beef Noodle heard the Farm Master’s words, he was speechless.

“According to my guess, there must be elements and nutrients needed for Spirit Grass seeds in the dung of the War Hunchback Beast! If I have professional equipment and research equipment, I can refine it and extract the essence in the dung. It must be greatly improved! Unfortunately, there is no equipment here, and I can’t help it!” Farm Master said slowly, also a little helpless.

It’s in-game after all. There were no microscopes, flasks, and other equipment. Farm Master was also powerless.

“Let’s get more sh*t!”

Suddenly, Beef Noodle came up with a crazy idea.

“What? What are you doing?” Farm Master was taken aback, looking at Beef Noodle with a dazed expression.

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