Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3167 - 3167 Pill Refinement Gamble

Chapter 3167 - 3167 Pill Refinement Gamble

3167 Pill Refinement Gamble

Ling Han was glad. He was finally going to get back to his old business.

In truth, he very much enjoyed concocting alchemical pills. However, this world placed too much importance on power. Thus, he also had to focus more of his energy on cultivating martial arts. Otherwise, if he did not have enough abilities, he wouldn’t even be sure if he could continue to survive. Where would he find the leisure to concoct alchemical pills?

“I also need a set of formations called the Seven Stars Formation.”

“Forget it, I’ll go buy it in the shop.”

Ling Han immediately took action. He first went to the medicinal ingredients store to gather all the ingredients for the alchemical pill. He had at least 100,000 coins, so he was very wealthy. In a single go, he bought 100 portions of ingredients, and he even required the store to send a carriage to deliver them back for him.

The task of following the carriage was delegated to Huan Xue. Ling Han then went to the “There’s a Formations Shop”.

“Senior Niu!” Ling Han called out. Since he knew Niu Huaqing’s identity, he had to show some respect.

“That brat actually revealed this old man’s identity?” Niu Huaqing asked in displeasure. This brat was naturally referring to Gu Tianhe.

It was pitiful. Gu Tianhe was the Chairperson, after all, and his authority was not inferior to that of the City Lord.

Ling Han shook his head internally. ‘You sent me over like this and deliberately didn’t give them prior notice. Gu Tianhe would definitely have accidentally leaked the secret. Otherwise, was he supposed to ask why that old geezer sent him over then?’

Wasn’t he afraid of being sliced?

He merely chuckled, and asked, “Senior, is there a Seven Stars Formation for sale here?”

“Yi, why do you want the Seven Stars Formation?” Niu Huaqing was very curious. “This is something that alchemists use to concoct alchemical pills. If you wanted the Seven Stars Formation’s formation scroll, I wouldn’t think it strange, but now you actually want the completed Seven Stars Formation?”

“I plan to concoct alchemical pills,” Ling Han said.


Niu Qinghua instantly spluttered, looked at Ling Han, and then laughed loudly.

He naturally found this funny.

Even though alchemists also needed to learn formations, most alchemists didn’t need to refine formation foundations themselves. They only needed to stimulate formations, and this only required spiritual power.

You think that just because you know formations, you can concoct alchemical pills?

What a joke.

Ling Han also smiled, “Senior, you don’t believe that I can concoct alchemical pills?”

“I don’t believe it, I definitely don’t believe it.” Niu Huaqing shook his head. One out of 10,000 formations masters could have the extraordinary talent to be able to practice alchemy on top of formations. But how many Formations Masters were there in the Dark North Nation to begin with?

Hence, this was completely impossible.

“Do you want to make a bet?” Ling Han asked with a crooked smile.

If the large black dog was present, they would immediately be able to determine that Ling Han was trying to screw someone over.

Niu Huaqing rolled his eyes, and said, “Sure!”

“If I can concoct alchemical pills, then senior’s formation techniques will be open to me. I can learn whatever I want,” Ling Han said.

To Niu Huaqing, this wasn’t a real loss, but to Ling Han, it was a great profit.

“Sure.” Niu Huaqing smiled calmly, “If you lose, then I want you to focus all your attention on formations. After you go to the Imperial Capital, you will become the number one formation master in ten years’ time.”

Yi, this seemed to be completely for Ling Han’s own good.

Ling Han nodded, and said, “All right, deal.”

It was impossible for him to focus all his energy on formations. However, he would not lose at all.

Niu Huaqing searched for a while, then handed Ling Han a Seven Stars Formation.

These were foundation formations, but they were slightly higher class than the Three Elements Formation. They needed to be stimulated with Spiritual Power, and in the process of pill concoction, they needed to involve a lot of control over the strength of the energy.

Thus, it was impossible for two people to divide the work among themselves. One would be concocting alchemical pills, while the other would be controlling formations — unless the two of them were mentally connected.

It wasn’t that they didn’t exist. There were two sisters in the Imperial Capital. One was a Formation Master, and the other was Alchemist Formation Master. They were mentally connected and could work together to concoct alchemical pills. A few years ago, their names took the world by storm.

Ling Han familiarized himself with the formations first. This didn’t need much time, and he quickly grasped them. What was important was to control the energy fluctuations when concocting alchemical pills.

There couldn’t be any errors at each node. Otherwise, it would affect the number and quality of completed pills. In fact, the cauldron might even explode, and all efforts would be in vain.

After preparing for half a day, Ling Han began to concoct alchemical pills.

He stimulated the formations, then proficiently tossed in various ingredients.

The formations stimulated the power of heaven and earth, turning into some kind of mystical power. The medicinal ingredients that were thrown in seemed to be supported by an invisible hand. They did not fall to the ground, but rather floated in midair.

F***, this brat couldn’t really be a dual prodigy of formation and alchemy, right?

Looking at Ling Han’s proficient movements, Niu Huaqing was a little uncertain.

This kind of proficiency and confidence was definitely not something that could be formed all of a sudden.

But this brat was clearly not even twenty years old yet, so where would he get so much time to practice alchemy? Moreover, this guy was quite accomplished in formations.

Hold on, it seemed like this guy had only been practicing formations for a few months, right?

Thinking of this, the corner of Niu Huaqing’s mouth involuntarily twitched. Could it be that he really encountered a monstrous talent?

For Ling Han, alchemical pills like the Mystical Power Pill were really too simple. Whether it was the technique or the change of control over the energy, they could not be considered complicated at all. It would only take two hours to complete the concoction.

This was really no big deal.

He was the Alchemy Emperor, after all!

Even if this was the first time he was refining, Ling Han was still very relaxed. His posture and composure would make even experienced alchemists grab his head in shock and exclaim in disbelief.

That was natural. He had concocted alchemical pills in the Genesis World for who knew how many years, so who could compare?

Two hours later, Ling Han was done. Four green alchemical pills were spinning around in the formations, emitting a slightly sweet and bitter smell.

He reached over and grabbed the alchemical pills. He then stopped the formation.

The longer and more times the formations channeled, the more worn out the formation foundations would naturally be.

“You really succeeded?” Niu Huaqing asked in surprise. Even though he had already guessed that Ling Han would succeed when he saw his attitude just then.

Ling Han smiled and handed over the alchemical pills. He said, “Please take a look, senior!”

“No need, this old man is really impressed. There is actually such a prodigy in this world, who is proficient in formations and alchemy at the same time.” Niu Huaqing sighed, and threw a key at Ling Han, “In future, you can come here as you like.”

“Thank you, Senior.” Ling Han put away the key.

Since he had already begun concocting, he would concoct a few more batches.

Ling Han activated the formations and continued to refine pills.

Two, three, four batches… he refined seven batches in a single breath before finally stopping, and he was also very tired.

Alchemy required controlling the formations, and controlling the formations required using Spiritual Power. Right now, most of his spiritual power had already been expended, and he felt a headache coming on. This was the result of overuse.

No, he had to go back to sleep.

Ling Han bade Niu Huaqing farewell and returned home.

“F***, could it be that this brat is really a monster?” Niu Huaqing murmured. Even though he was a Formation Master, he did not lack knowledge about alchemy.

“I remember. Ordinary alchemists would only be able to concoct two or three batches in a row.”

“This brat actually concocted seven batches in a single go!”

“In terms of spiritual power, he’s only at the Elementary Level. Thus, his spiritual power can’t possibly be too powerful.”

“There’s only one possibility. His use of spiritual power has reached an incomparably exquisite level, and he didn’t waste a single bit.”

“Hiss, this old man has really picked up a treasure!”

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