Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3166 - 3166 Hiring an assassin

Chapter 3166 - 3166 Hiring an assassin

3166 Hiring an assassin

Yan Jun glanced at him, and said calmly, “Then you go and send news, and have Hell send assassins.”

Yang Ziqing was instantly shocked.

Hell was an organization of assassins, and it was claimed that there was no one that they could not kill. To say nothing of ordinary people, even the higher-ups of the army, and important ministers of the imperial court, as long as the price was right, they would also be willing to make a move.

However, they had only had some verbal conflicts with Ling Han. Moreover, to be honest, it was indeed them who had started the conflict. Why had they escalated it to hiring an assassin organization?

Could it be that there was some kind of grudge that he didn’t know about?

He had better not be the one to stand out in a moment of carelessness.

However… he looked at Yan Jun. He was a Formation Master with the brightest future prospects in Huju City, while Gu Tianhe would eventually die of old age.

If he could develop a good relationship with the future Chairperson of the Formations Association, his status in the clan would also increase greatly. In fact, he could even consider aiming for the position of clan leader.

Ordinarily, it was impossible for him to take this position.

“Alright, I’ll go immediately!” he said through gritted teeth. He decided to go all the way on this path.

Unlike the Ancient Dao Sect, which ruled alone, the Dark North Nation was a real country. Furthermore, it was a large country, occupying a very large area. Not only was ancient martial arts flourishing, the technology that existed before the upheaval of heaven and earth was actually beginning to revitalize again.

Thus, not only were there optical computer here, but they were also connected to each other. Assassin organizations like Hell had an online platform that would allow people to place their orders.

Of course, assassin organizations were the targets of attacks by the government. Thus, this kind of platform would often be disbanded, but it would always reappear with a new face.

Yang Ziqing wrote down Ling Han’s information on this platform, and very soon, Hell gave him a reply.

200,000 Dark North Coins.

For Yang Ziqing, this was a huge sum of money. The monthly allowance he received from his clan was only 10,000 Dark North Coins. Usually, he would indulge himself in debauchery, and coupled with some expenses for cultivating, there was actually not much left. For some months, he didn’t even have enough.

Now, he had to take out 200,000 all of a sudden. This was really difficult for him.

“Don’t you have enough money?” Yan Jun asked.

“I have enough.” Yang Ziqing gritted his teeth. He used the reserve funds that his parents had given him to complete the payment.

It wasn’t long before he received a reply from Hell. There would be a result within three days.

“Young Master Jun, it’s done,” Yang Zi said. Though the expenditure was huge, and he had also taken a very great risk, he had finally made a connection with Yan Jun.

After this incident, he should have gained Yan Jun’s absolute trust.

Yan Jun nodded, a sliver of coldness in his eyes.

From the beginning to the end, he had only moved his lips. If Yang Ziqing was found out, he would also shift the blame to him completely. For this crime, he would just let Yang Ziqing bear it alone.

After Ling Han returned home, he set up the psychedelic formation in the courtyard. Because his current residence was very small, this formation was enough to enshroud the entire courtyard.

Ling Han taught Huan Xue how to enter and exit the formations, to prevent this little attendant from being trapped inside as well.

If no one stepped in, this formation wouldn’t be activated, and the formation foundations buried underground wouldn’t be seen through either. It was extremely covert, and once someone stepped in, unless they were also proficient in this formation, they would be trapped, the kind where they couldn’t even see their own fingers.

Of course, this could only imprison Meridian Opening Tier, because Blood Transformation Tiers only needed to attack with their full power, and given their power was too great, they would forcefully destroy the connection between the formation foundations. Then, the formation foundations would fall apart, and the formation would naturally cease to exist.

This was an insurance that Ling Han had given himself. After all, he was different from before. He also needed to rest at night, and when he was resting, he couldn’t possibly maintain a state of high vigilance.

Though he had just arrived, he had already activated the halo of trouble. Just look at how that Yan Jun had targeted him for no reason, and bore a deep killing intent towards him. He naturally had to be careful.

It was time to study alchemy.

The new formations required middle level Spiritual Power. This wasn’t something that could be accomplished overnight, so Ling Han placed his attention on alchemy.

To be honest, his original intention for learning formations was actually to concoct alchemical pills.

“I’ll check the optical computer first. There’s a complete internet platform here, so I can find more information.”

He used the optical computer to search, and discovered that whether it was Alchemy or Formation Techniques, there was very little information about the basics of their cultivation.

On the internet, there were a great many platforms that sold items. Even if it was just normal food, clothing, and other needs, one could place orders on these platforms. As long as one had paid, the items would be delivered very quickly.

It didn’t matter even if he was in another city. The large platforms had their own setups in every city.

“Alchemy, alchemy, alchemy.”

Ling Han found a dedicated platform. This was set up by the Alchemy Association, which only sold alchemical pills.

“There’s really have a lot of items.”

“Mystical Power Pill can rapidly increase one’s cultivation level.”

“The Meridian Exploration Pill can increase the chances of sensing meridians, by about 10%.”

“No wonder there are so many people above Nine Meridians here. With such alchemical pills, it would be enough for half of them to cross over to the next level.”

“However, it’s really expensive.”

Ling Han took a look. The selling price of each Mystical Power Pill was as high as 2,000 Dark North Coins. Even for the likes of captains of Xuanqing Banner, they could only afford to buy a few every month.

Most importantly, the Mystical Power Pill could be taken every day.

“No wonder. There are a great many Twelve Meridians in their twenties among the noble families in the city, but in the case of Xuanqing Banner, they would need to be around thirty years old. Furthermore, they would have to be in the category of captain.”

“They’ve already lost at the starting line.”

Ling Han searched his pockets. He had just been promoted to the position of Dao Child in the Ancient Dao Sect, so he didn’t have much accumulation. Thus, the Dark North Coins he had now were only around 100,000. It looked like a lot, but he really couldn’t buy many Mystical Power Pills.

“Therefore, I have to grasp the refinement technique. In future, when Luan Xing and the others come out, they will also need it.”

However, pill recipes weren’t sold on this platform.

Ling Han could only trade. Very soon, he found a platform that was similar to the black market. Anything was really sold here, but to avoid potential issues, the seller would disguise the name of the merchandise.

For example, the pill recipe for the Mystical Power Pill was named “secret recipe for increasing your power” here. Those who knew it would naturally be able to understand it with a single glance.

Ling Han bargained with the seller, and the deal was finally settled with 5,000 Dark North Coins.

This actually wasn’t expensive, because after Ling Han learned it, he could also sell pill recipes on the platform. However, all the sellers seemed to have agreed that 5,000 would be the lowest price, and no one was willing to lower the price.

It was easiest to complete this kind of business transaction. After paying, the platform sent over the recipe for the pill.

Ling Han carefully examined it.

“There aren’t many ingredients needed, and after checking the price… En, the cost is about 500 Dark North Coins. If the furnace doesn’t explode, then the number of completed pills would be between three to five.”

“Sigh, alchemy is indeed profitable. The Alchemy Association actually sells them for 2,000 per pill. Tsk, tsk, tsk!”

“But that’s good too. I can then concoct alchemical pills to earn money.”

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