Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2526 - My name is Li Si

Chapter 2526: My name is Li Si

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Yan Qiuyun was like the moon surrounded by a myriad of stars. She was indeed extraordinarily beautiful, slightly more beautiful than even Bewitching Maiden Rou. She was shapely like a green lotus and beautiful beyond words.

If she only had beauty as her strength, she would be nothing more than an adornment. However, she was also a prodigy of cultivation, having a strong presence. There were five streaks of peculiar light wrapped around her, and this was enough proof of how powerful she was.

Chen Ziyu tugged on one of Ling Han’s arms, dragging him with her as she forged onwards.

The difficulty of trying to squeeze into the crowds was very high. All of them were Celestial Kings, and were exuding an intense presence. Once the gap in cultivation level was big, there was absolutely no possible way that they could barge in.

Fortunately, Chen Ziyu was shouting as she walked, attracting Yan Qiuyun’s attention. The latter deliberately stopped, and only then did realization dawn on everyone as they separated to allow Chen Ziyu to pass through.

“Big Sister, I found a good husband for you!” Chen Ziyu was panting slightly. Barging past this crowd of people was like she had fought a battle with a great many Celestial Kings, which tired her tremendously.

When her words fell, a considerable number of people instantly glared furiously at her and Ling Han.

Yan Qiuyun glanced at Ling Han, and asked, “Oh, that’s him?” Her expression was completely nonchalant, and she was all smiles.

Chen Ziyu turned to take a look, and almost went mad in fury.

That was because while she was grabbing one of Ling Han’s hands, his other hand was still holding a plate, which he held close to his mouth, and he was still chowing down without a care.

‘Just how long has it been since your last meal? Or is it that you are the reincarnation of someone who died from starvation in his last life?’

Chen Ziyu almost wanted to cry. She was working so hard here, but why did Ling Han not take the matter to heart at all when it was him that this concerned?

“How should you be addressed, friend?” Yan Qiuyun asked with a slight smile. There was naturally no chance that she would fall for a Third Heaven Celestial King, but she thought that Ling Han could make a good pair with Chen Ziyu, so she naturally had to show some concern.

Ling Han cracked a smile, and said, “My name is Li Si.”

Yan Qiuyun was very skilled in keeping her composure, but even she felt the urge to hit someone when she heard this answer.

‘Even if you are not willing to tell me your name, you don’t have to hoax me like this,?right1?’

“Oh, so it is Friend Li Si!” She nodded, and then said to Chen Ziyu, “Ziyu, come here. I want to talk to you about something.”

It was a lie that she wanted to speak with Chen Ziyu. Actually, she just did not want Chen Ziyu to have further contact with Ling Han, and wanted to separate the two of them.

Chen Ziyu gave an “oh,” let go of Ling Han’s hand, and walked over.

Yan Qiuyun smiled slightly, and walked onwards. Then, she turned around and cast a look at Ling Han, her gaze slightly fierce, filled with warning. Naturally, she was indicating to Ling Han that he should not have any further inappropriate ideas about Chen Ziyu, or she would not be reserved to move against him.

Ling Han naturally would not take it to heart. He merely smiled, and was just about to walk off when several malicious-looking men stood in his path and blocked him off.

“Don’t have any ideas about Celestial King Qiuyun!”

“You are not worthy at all!”

“Otherwise, we would not mind teaching you how to behave!”

These people all voiced their opinions, their words harsh.

Ling Han glanced at them; they were all Third Heaven Celestial Kings. He shook his head. “With so many people courting her, why are you targeting just me? This proves that you guys are too weak, and you only dare to shout at me.”

Those Celestial Kings all sneered. That was nonsense. They were all just Third Heaven Celestial Kings. How could it be that they would dare to become hostile with Fourth Heaven Celestial Kings?

“You are right!”

These people all nodded.

Ling Han mumbled, “Am I such a magnet for bullies?”

He suddenly moved.?Peng, peng, peng,?with just three punches and two kicks, those Celestial Kings were all thrown onto the ground.

This was clearly a Celestial King Tier battle, yet still became a brawl among hooligans. There was no flash of power of Regulation at all. All of his strikes were physical and incredibly coarse.

But the battle had still been resolved so quickly.

Yan Qiuyun and her entourage had not walked too far off, and when they heard the commotion, they all turned their heads. Then, they saw the few Celestial Kings laid out on the ground as they moaned, while Ling Han clapped his hands as he walked back to the side of the plaza, and started eating again.

“This brat!” a young man in blue robes murmured lowly, raising a brow. There were five streaks of peculiar light wrapped around him, and his aura was extremely frightening.

“Very extraordinary. In a few breaths’ time, he has defeated Celestial Kings that are his equal in cultivation level, and it is not just one at that. Is he a newly advanced Monarch Star?” another Celestial King asked, smiling. He was dressed in a tight green suit, and though his words expressed how high his assessment of Ling Han was, his expression was completely serene.

This was natural. Even if Ling Han was a Third Heaven Monarch Star, so what? The other man himself was a Fifth Heaven Celestial King, and with the superior suppression of an advantage of two cultivation levels, the gap in strength was extremely wide.

There were Nine Heavens in the Celestial King Tier, and every single step forwards was as difficult as ascending the heavens. How could that just be empty words?

Moreover, he was also a monarch tier, at least, and was just inferior by an evolution stage as compared to Monarch Stars.

Yan Qiuyun appeared slightly surprised. She had not expected that Ling Han would actually be this strong.

Before this, the first impression that Ling Han made on her was really too poor. He looked absolutely laidback and completely undependable, yet now it was proven that he was in fact a Monarch Star, which naturally exceeded her expectations.

“Celestial Maiden Qiuyun, there is no need to be concerned about this kind of minor character. This way, please!” the young Celestial Kings gathered by her said.

Yan Qiuyun nodded. This was the World’s Paramount Martial Academy. To say nothing of Monarch Stars, there were even freaks whose Evolution Index reached 11 or 12. What need was there for her to pay special attention?

Only Chen Ziyu realized that she had been tricked, and wanted to seek out Ling Han. Yet Yan Qiuyun had a firm grip on her, so she could only leave helplessly.

“Brother, you’ve been rebuffed, haven’t you?” When Ling Han returned back to his initial place, there were a number of young people who walked over. They comprised both men and women, and all of them were wearing expressions of mockery.

“Hehe, that is Celestial Maiden Qiuyun. How could she be someone that you can ever hope to ascend to be her equal?”

“That’s right. Don’t think that you can be so arrogant just because you are a Monarch Star! Merely now, Monarch Stars number in the thousands. You really aren’t worth much,” a beautiful woman said in a sour tone.

She had previously tried to go up to Ling Han and strike up a conversation with him, but Ling Han had calmly rejected her. Thus, she was naturally displeased. Now that she had found an opportunity, how could she not take the chance to mock him?

“Hahahaha!” These people all laughed.

They were no match for Ling Han, and there was no way that they could chase off a Fourth Heaven elite with their cultivation level of Third Heaven. Seeing Ling Han rebuffed now, this actually became the source of their amusement.

Ling Han shook his head. What kind of people were these? Even if they were monarch tiers, they shouldn’t still be so superficial, right?

Yet he did not know that these people were all locals of Flaming Frost Realm. In the first place, they held a low opinion of outsiders. Men would feel jealousy, and women would feel resentment, and added together, their behavior was incredibly hideous.

Ling Han waved a hand. “Go further away. Don’t exude a stench that would affect my meal.”

This guy!

Those young men and women were all angered, but they were either Third Heaven or Second Heaven Celestial Kings. How could they be a match for Ling Han in a fight? Naturally, they did not dare to flip out on him.

“Haha, this drinking party is actually a Prospective Partner Ceremony. We will just wait and see as you leave all by yourself in the end,” someone mocked.

“That’s right. If anyone actually falls for him, I will eat these tables.”

“I’ll eat the chairs!”

They deliberately spoke this way to increase the strength of their mockery.

Right at this moment, a commotion arose once more at the doors.

“Luan Xing, Goddess Luan Xing is here!”

When these words fell, it was like everyone in the plaza had gone mad suddenly. They surged towards the doors, scrambling all over one another.

“Goddess Luan Xing!” The eyes of those young men and women also lit up. Both men and women were susceptible to the Empress’s charisma.

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