Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2525 - Knowing how to behave

Chapter 2525: Knowing how to behave

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Ling Han cracked a smile, pointed at himself, and asked, “What do you think about me then?”

“You?” The young girl sized him up, then nodded, and offered her judgment. “You have only cultivated for less than a billion years, yet are already a Third Heaven Celestial King. Not bad, quite good. However, you are not my cup of tea.”

She spread her hands, her expression saying, “You’re not my type at all.”

Ling Han naturally would not be offended. Though only over a million years had passed for him in real time, if the time passed under time acceleration effects was taken into account as well, there were still a few hundred million years at least. This young girl’s judgment was quite accurate.

He smiled slightly, and continued to eat.

The young girl was now interested in him instead, and said, “You are quite interesting yourself. I said that about you, but you are not angry at all. Just for the sake of your good temper, I have decided to do you a good deed.”

“What is it? Do you want to save me from my poor bachelorhood?” Ling Han asked laughingly.

“En, I have decided to introduce my big sister to you.”

Ling Han couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. This young girl was clearly the undependable type. Her big sister had to feel great pressure from having to deal with her antics.

“What are you frowning for? My big sister is very pretty!” the young girl declared proudly. “In the Hundred Flowers Scroll this time, my big sister is ranked fourth!”

There would always be people who were too idle, and would rank pretty women according to their respective beauty. There was an overall leaderboard. All female disciples of the martial academy would be encompassed within, but there were also secondary leaderboards aside from this overall leaderboard, and they were differentiated by 100,000,000 years each.

Clearly, the young girl was talking about a secondary leaderboard.

Where there was the Empress and Hu Niu, her big sister could still claim fourth place. She should be very beautiful.

“Since she is so pretty, what need is there for you to be anxious?” Ling Han asked, smiling.

“You don’t understand!” the young girl explained. “Those damn men would definitely show their best side just to court my big sister. Even if it was just a pretense, they would have to act the part very well. I can’t rest assured with that. Thus, I want to help Big Sister choose personally.

“You see, in front of me, you did not act at all, right?”

Ling Han couldn’t help but break into laughter. Though the young girl was using a strange logic, strange logic was still logic.

“Big Sister will be coming later too. I will make introductions, and I guarantee that you will drool when you see her!” the young girl boasted.

Ling Han deliberately said, “Really? I have always had very discriminating judgement. Unless she is as beautiful as Luan Xing, I would not be charmed easily.”

“You…” the young girl pointed at Ling Han. Why was this guy so shameless? Who was Luan Xing? Not only was she the top place holder of the Hundred Flowers Scroll this time, even in the overall leaderboard, she would be considered one of the most beautiful too. The only person that could compete with her was Lin Youlian.

But Lin Youlian had gone out on a training trip several epochs ago, and had never returned throughout all these years. Thus, Luan Xing’s position as the top beauty could not be shaken at all.

‘And you call this as having discriminating judgment? You are actually just shameless, aren’t you!’

“Humph, as I see it, you have not seen Luan Xing at all. You are merely going by exaggerated rumors, and can only imagine her supreme beauty in your mind! Let me tell you, if I don’t tell you who’s Big Sister, you will definitely think that she is more beautiful than Luan Xing!” the young girl exclaimed defiantly.

“Chen Ziyu, don’t just randomly play matchmaker!” A voice suddenly rang out, interrupting their conversation.

Ling Han looked over. This was a very tall young man, with four streaks of peculiar light wrapped around him, an indescribable arrogance clear in his expression.

“Busybody, what do you care about what I do?” The young girl humphed, crossing her arms over her chest.

The young man showed a hint of displeasure. “My name is Guan?Dongyou1!”

“Don’t be so fussy. It doesn’t matter if there is a stroke less or a stroke more.” The young girl, Chen Ziyu, spread out her hands.

Guan Dongyou humphed. “Celestial maiden Qiuyun isn’t your actual sister at all. What need is there for you to be concerned about her affairs?”

“Busybody, you are really such a busybody. I want to concern myself, so what do you care?” Chen Ziyu glared at him angrily.

“Damn girl, do you think that you can just do as you like because Celestial Maiden Qiuyun dotes on you?” Guan Dongyou suddenly moved, grabbing out at Chen Ziyu.

Ling Han shook his head. “A man, and one who has an advantage in cultivation level, how can you bring yourself to bully a girl?”

He extended a hand as a block, and grabbed Guan Dongyou’s wrist.

Chen Ziyu was only a Second Heaven Celestial King, and there was no way that she could block this blow from Guan Dongyou.

Guan Dongyou couldn’t help but feel surprised. A mere Third Heaven Celestial King actually managed to block his attack? He humphed.

“You actually dare to interfere?” he roared, his right hand suddenly exerting strength. Power of Regulation blazed. He was going to crush Ling Han’s hand.

Yet his expression immediately changed drastically because his hand was actually completely motionless, and Ling Han was still holding it steadily with his own!

A Third Heaven Celestial King had got ahold of his hand, and he actually was unable to extract himself?

This was too ridiculous.

Could it be that the other had concealed his cultivation level?


Celestial Kings could indeed conceal the peculiar light wrapped around themselves, but it would either have to be hiding it all, or leaving it completely exposed. There was no possible way that one could hide just one or two of those streaks of peculiar light and leave the others.

Since Ling Han showed that he was wrapped by three streaks of peculiar light, that meant that he was a Third Heaven Celestial King, genuine and completely truthful.

Guan Dongyou’s expression changed abruptly. There was only one possibility, then: Ling Han was a Monarch Star, or even more freakish than a Monarch Star, a monster whose Evolution Index reached 11 or even 12.

“I forfeit!” Guan Dongyou said, knowing very well how he should behave in such a situation. If they really were to fight one another, not only would it not benefit him in the slightest, he would be embarrassed in full public as well.

Ling Han nodded. Since the other knew how he should conduct himself, he thus released his grip.

Guan Dongyou immediately turned around and left, not even bothering to participate in the drinking party any longer.

“Wow, so you are actually so strong!” Chen Ziyu’s eyes lit up.

Ling Han smiled, and asked, “Have you fallen for me then?”

“I already told you, you are not my type,” Chen Ziyu said. “Still, Big Sister likes your type, so your chances are greatly increased now!”

Ling Han was just about to say something when he saw a woman walk over with swaying hips. She looked very enchanting and graceful, with two streaks of peculiar light wrapped around her.

She curtsied slightly towards Ling Han, and said, “Tan Shuangshuang greets this senior brother!”

Ling Han nodded in reply to her greeting.

“Go away, you have no share of this man!” Chen Ziyu quickly shooed her off. Clearly, this woman had only come here because she had witnessed the scene of Guan Dongyou being chased off.


The fact that a Third Heaven had succeeded in forcing a Fourth Heaven into retreat represented supreme aptitude. Wasn’t this kind of man an excellent husband material that could not be found without much difficulty?

“Senior Brother!”

“Senior Brother…”

“This senior brother!”

More women walked over, just like sharks that had scented blood. How could Chen Ziyu manage to block them off all by herself? Involuntarily, she couldn’t help but shout in anger. ‘Why had you guys ignored Ling Han completely just now then?’

Right at this moment, sounds of commotion were heard.

“Celestial Maiden Qiuyun is here!” someone cried out.

“Big Sister is here!” Chen Ziyu looked like a weight had been lifted from her. She had absolute confidence that once Ling Han saw Yan Qiuyun, he would definitely fall for her, and there was no need to worry that he would be hooked by some other witch.

The masses surged, and a considerable number approached the doors. What man would not be interested in this exquisite beauty that was ranked fourth on the Hundred Flowers Scroll?

This was a Prospective Partner Ceremony, and those that attended it were naturally here to meet a prospective partner.

Like the moon with a myriad of stars revolving around it, a beautiful woman walked out of the crowd, and there were many men tailing behind her, all trying to curry favor with her.

“Come, I’ll introduce you to Big Sister,” Chen Ziyu said.

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