Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2387 - : Trap  

Chapter 2387: Trap

A burst of razor-sharp sword light also exploded from Ling Han’s body, blocking the attack of the Green Song Divine Sword.

He… was completely unscathed!

How could the ancestor of the Kong Clan not be astounded? That was a Divine Sword! It was a sword that could slice through anything! Now, however, it had actually failed to kill Ling Han? How was this possible?

Was this brat so freakish that he could even rival Celestial Kings?

Ling Han charged over with Divine Demon Sword in hand. It was none other than the Divine Demon Sword that had blocked the Sword Qi of the Green Song Divine Sword. Otherwise, even with a physique as freakish as his, there was no way that Ling Han would dare to face the attack of a Celestial Tool head-on. That would be no different from suicide.

The ancestor of the Kong Clan refused to accept this, and he continued to swing the Green Song Divine Sword again and again. He attacked Ling Han in wild fury.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Ling Han brandished his Divine Demon Sword to parry these attacks, blocking the bursts of deadly Sword Qi.

Even though the Divine Demon Sword wasn’t a Celestial Tool yet, its material had already reached the level of Divine Metal. In any case, the Green Song Divine Sword couldn’t unleash the true might of Celestial Kings, so there was actually little difference in might between the two swords.

“Y-you also own a Celestial Tool?!” the ancestor of the Kong Clan stammered in disbelief. He was truly flustered at this moment. The Green Song Divine Sword was his ultimate trump card, yet Ling Han was actually able to rival it? How could he not be flustered?

This was a Celestial Tool! Something that even Celestial Kings didn’t necessarily possess! How could such a measly Immortal Palace Tier elite obtain one?

If he knew that Ling Han not only possessed a Celestial Tool, but that the Divine Demon Sword even had the potential to become a Heavenly Venerate Tool, perhaps he would pass out in fright. In fact, Ling Han already possessed a Heavenly Venerate Tool. It was just that this Heavenly Venerate Tool was severely wounded at this moment, meaning that he couldn’t use it for a very long time.

Ling Han charged over, brimming with might as he slashed down with his Divine Demon Sword.

Clang, clang, clang!

His sword violently clashed with the Green Song Divine Sword.

If outsiders saw this, they would definitely be transfixed with shock. This was because two non-Celestial King Tier cultivators were actually wielding a Celestial Tool each. Many Celestial Kings would be utterly embarrassed and humiliated by this sight.


After blocking seven strikes, the ancestor of the Kong Clan was finally unable to endure anymore. He started to vomit blood.

He hurriedly retrieved some alchemical pills to ingest, and his aura started to recover in no time. In fact, it became even stronger than before.

It was clear that these alchemical pills did more than just heal him. Beyond that, they could even elevate his battle prowess. However, could a person’s battle prowess increase for no reason at all, especially at the Ascending Origin Tier, where even advancing a slight amount was unfathomably difficult?

Ling Han was now certain that the Kong Clan had definitely uncovered the treasure storage of some grand alchemist. Otherwise, how could they possess so many alchemical pills? Moreover, these were all extremely high-level alchemical pills.

In any case, under Ling Han’s relentless attacks, it wasn’t long before the ancestor of the Kong Clan started to show signs of struggle again.

This time, he couldn’t ingest any more alchemical pills.

It wasn’t that he had run out of them, but rather that the effects of these alchemical pills were far too potent. They could not only heal someone, but they could even unleash someone’s potential. However, it was also because of this that one couldn’t ingest too many of these pills. Otherwise, they would die from an overdose.

However, Ling Han was far too powerful, so the ancestor of the Kong Clan could only block a few strikes before suffering severe wounds again. He felt like he was about to die.

“Stop! Stop!” he shouted as he hurriedly shot back in retreat. He tried to distance himself from Ling Han, shouting, “Young man, there’s no unresolvable animosity between us, so why don’t we stop here? I’m willing to compensate your friend.”

After uttering these words, he couldn’t help but feel humiliated and vexed. Their ancestral grounds had been flattened, and their elites had been wounded and killed. Yet, he actually had to apologize to the culprit behind all of this? How could he not feel vexed and angry?

However, what else could he do? If he continued to fight, it was certain that he would end up dead.

“Alright,” Ling Han said with a nod. “At that time, you snatched a treasure map from my underling. You can return that map now. Of course, you need to return it with all the treasures that you obtained as well.”

The ancestor of the Kong Clan wore a livid expression. This treasure map was far too important. Even after several billion years, and even though he had already obtained so many treasures, he had only managed to clear out half of the treasure storage. Moreover, the most valuable treasures still remained inside.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to retrieve these treasures, but rather that he couldn’t. He needed a profound amount of time to undo the seals in the treasure storage.

Thus, how could he hand this treasure map over? It was the foundation for the Kong Clan’s rise.

The ancestor of the Kong Clan smiled, and said, “To be honest with you, I’ve already cleared out the entire treasure storage. As for the treasure map, I naturally burned it a long time ago.”

Ling Han shook his head, and said, “Old man, are you trying to trick a three-year-old with these words? If you don’t hand the treasure map over, you won’t live to see another day.”

“Old geezer!” The Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire also stepped forward. Since Ling Han had gained an upper hand, he was naturally unafraid to speak as well.

“There’s genuinely no treasure map to hand over,” the ancestor of the Kong Clan said in a sincere voice.

“Then I’ll retrieve it by myself,” Ling Han said. He charged forward with vigor, slashing down with his Divine Demon Sword.

The ancestor of the Kong Clan blocked a few strikes, yet he became increasingly unable to resist. After a while, Ling Han sent him sprawling with a punch before taking him captive.

“Search his mind,” the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire said. He bitterly hated the Kong Clan, especially the ancestor of the Kong Clan. If it weren’t for this person, he would have definitely advanced to the Ascending Origin Tier already.

“No!” the ancestor of the Kong Clan hurriedly shouted. He was filled with fear, and he continued, “I’ve already formed a seal in my mind. If someone tries to search it, it will immediately explode. You won’t be able to find any secret!”

He was clearly afraid of death. After all, searching his mind was equivalent to killing him.

Ling Han naturally wouldn’t trust him so easily. He placed a hand on his head, and sent a wisp of his divine sense inside. It wasn’t long before he discovered that the ancestor of the Kong Clan was indeed telling the truth. His mind was protected by seals that would self-destruct upon contact.

“Don’t even dream about trying to interrogate me, either. Under the effects of these seals, it’s impossible for me to reveal any information regarding the treasure map. Once I speak, my mind will crumble into pieces,” the ancestor of the Kong Clan said.

Ling Han frowned upon hearing this. He hadn’t expected the ancestor of the Kong Clan to be so ruthless to himself.

“However, I can take you to that treasure chamber,” the ancestor of the Kong Clan said. With a quick turn, the ancestor of the Kong Clan surprisingly made a concession.

That treasure chamber was extremely dangerous. After several billion years, he had only managed to undo half of the restrictions there. Meanwhile, the remaining restrictions were even more terrifying. Trying to undo them would take a profound amount of time.

At the very least, he was extremely familiar with this treasure chamber. As long as they entered together, he was confident that he could trick Ling Han and the others to their death.

This was a trap. This was his key to transforming defeat into victory.

Ling Clan gazed at the ancestor of the Kong Clan. He was naturally aware of what this person was planning. However, he was unsure of just how dangerous this treasure chamber really was.

However, would he falter in the face of danger?

Ling Han smiled, and said, “Fine. Then I’ll be troubling you.”

“Ling Han!” the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire hurriedly exclaimed in warning. The attitude of this person had changed far too quickly. He was definitely scheming something sinister.

“If you’re too scared to go, then there’ll be no treasures for you,” Ling Han said with a chuckle.

“Me? Too scared?” The Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire had a quick temper, so he immediately straightened his body, and announced that he was going to go. However, he was no fool, either. Since even the ancestor of the Kong Clan could retrieve treasures from there, someone as powerful as Ling Han would naturally be fine as long as he was careful.

Even so, they naturally couldn’t be careless when entering such a dangerous place. Ling Han and the others made some preparations first before following the lead of the ancestor of the Kong Clan to the treasure chamber.

Only after setting off did the ancestor of the Kong Clan reveal that the treasure chamber was located far away in the Seven Majestic Heaven.

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