Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2386 - Lion in a Flock of Sheep  

Chapter 2386: Lion in a Flock of Sheep

The ancestor of the Kong Clan immediately charged over, with columns of angry white air shooting from his nose. His eyes were ablaze, and it was clear that he had reached the epitome of fury.

This was an indescribable fury; it was a fury that made him want to eat them alive.

He summoned a black sword, and viciously slashed down at Ling Han. Following this slash, the symbols on the sword also lit up one after another, causing it to be enveloped in black mist that eventually transformed into countless skulls.

The sword had yet to reach its target, yet a cacophony of piercing screams had already infiltrated Ling Han’s mind.

This wasn’t some ordinary sound, but it was instead a divine sense attack.

Ling Han humphed softly, and roared, “Begone!”


The countless skulls instantly shattered into pieces. Meanwhile, the screams in his mind also vanished into nothingness.

The ancestor of the Kong Clan became as pale as a sheet. He was already aware of Ling Han’s insane power, but before witnessing it in person, he had been completely unable to imagine it.

‘How is he so powerful?’

“Attack him together!” he commanded. He didn’t try to save face, and he instead called for reinforcements. All of the Ascending Origin Tier elites from the Kong Clan instantly charged forward. They were hundreds strong, and they immediately encircled Ling Han.

The Empress and Hu Niu didn’t interfere. They had full confidence in Ling Han. However, the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire was filled with anxiety.

This was 100 or so Ascending Origin Tier elites! Moreover, over half of them had reached or were about to reach the pinnacle of the consummate level! Regardless of how powerful Ling Han was, he was only a lone Immortal Palace Tier elite. Could he truly rival them?

“Charge!” the ancestor of the Kong Clan commanded. He took the lead as they all charged at Ling Han.

The elites of the Kong Clan all attacked in unison, instantly flooding the surroundings with blinding light and furious energy. Further drawing on the power of Regulations, and the might that they unleashed was utterly terrifying to witness.

Ling Han roared with laughter as he unleashed his Fists of Fury. Like a lion entering a flock of sheep, he actively charged into the large group of enemies.

Peng, peng, peng!

Just how freakish was his Body Art now? With each punch, a member of the Kong Clan would be sent flying. They were simply no match for him.

After a dozen or so punches, a dozen or so elites from the Kong Clan were left with bloody and severe wounds. In fact, even their bones had been snapped and left sticking out of their skin. This was a harrowing sight.

They were all rendered numb with fear. Just what kind of unfathomable battle prowess was this?

Even though the ones who had been sent flying were only at the Small Accomplishment and Great Accomplishment, those at the consummate level would also stumble back in retreat when struck by Ling Han’s powerful punches. The gulf between them and Ling Han was as clear as day.

“Don’t battle with him head-on!” the ancestor of the Kong Clan warned. Their opponent was far too destructive, so fighting with him head-on would only lead to injury and misfortune.

The elites of the Kong Clan immediately dispersed. Sure enough, they didn’t dare to face Ling Han directly anymore.

However, Ling Han unleashed the Regulations of Space, and transformed into hundreds of thousands of clones. Trying to evade his attacks wouldn’t be so easy. Moreover, unleashing the power of his physique meant that he didn’t need to draw on the power of Regulations. Even though this would only save him a small amount of effort, it was enough for him to seize an absolute advantage.

Peng, peng, peng!

Wherever Ling Han passed, members of the Kong Clan would be sent flying into the air. He was like a Celestial Maiden scattering flowers into the surroundings.

Ling Han didn’t show any mercy. He had briefly investigated the Kong Clan these past two days, and they truly couldn’t be classified as a peaceful and good clan. Instead, they were a typical example of a clan that had suddenly struck fortune. Relying on their large number of elites, they had harassed men and enslaved women, doing all evils that they could imagine.

Thus, Ling Han didn’t show any mercy at all. So be it if he killed these people.

Moreover, what did it matter that the number of sheep was great? They were but food to fill the belly of the lion. In just a short moment, only 30 or so elites remained standing from the initial 100 or so.

“All of you, stand back!” the ancestor of the Kong Clan commanded in a solemn voice.

They all exchanged glances. Perhaps their ancestor was going to lower his head to this youth? Otherwise, how could he rival Ling Han by himself?

However, the ancestor of the Kong Clan clearly had no intention to surrender. Instead, he summoned a sword.


This sword hovered out from his body, instantly unleashing a boundless green light. A paramount aura enveloped the surroundings, striking fear into everyone’s heart.

“Hmm?” Wally transformed back into his original form as he dropped down from Ling Han’s body. Green light shot from his eyes as he stared at the sword.

“Celestial Tool!” Ling Han exclaimed in surprise. The Kong Clan had definitely discovered a gigantic treasure trove, one that even contained Celestial Tools. They were already “wealthier” than many Celestial Kings.

In any case, it was clear that this was the first time that the ancestor of the Kong Clan had summoned this sword. However, it was understandable that he had kept it a secret. After all, an Ascending Origin Tier elite possessing a Celestial Tool was a clear recipe for attracting disaster.

The members of the Kong Clan all wore blank expressions, and it was as if they were completely unaware of what was happening. However, many of them had already fallen to their knees involuntarily.

This was the might of a Celestial King!

This Divine Sword naturally wouldn’t recognize the ancestor of the Kong Clan as its owner. Thus, he was unable to unleash its full might. Even so, this was still a Celestial Tool, so how could ordinary people withstand its Celestial King Tier might?

“Now that you’ve seen the Green Song Divine Sword, you can die without any regrets!” the ancestor of the Kong Clan said with a cold chuckle. He charged forward with the sword.


A burst of Sword Qi swept over, slicing space apart and even shattering the Regulations.

The Celestial King Tier was equal in status to Regulations. Thus, even though the Celestial Tool couldn’t unleash its full might, its destructive power was still far beyond anything that an Ascending Origin Tier elite could rival.

Ling Han dashed aside to dodge this attack.

The Sword Qi being powerful was one matter. However, it was only being wielded by the ancestor of the Kong Clan, someone at the consummate level of the Ascending Origin Tier.

“You can pay off your debts with this sword!” Wally said. After sweeping his green gaze over the sword, a satisfied expression spread across his face.

If he wanted to evolve, he would need to consume Source Power from the Genesis World. Thus, he was extremely drawn to things like the Divine Demon Sword.

Ling Han chuckled, and said, “Alright, then go and get it yourself!”

“I’m a support-style War Soldier. Fighting isn’t my strong suit,” Wally replied in a serious voice. He didn’t catch the teasing tone in Ling Han’s voice at all.

“You’re still dreaming of fighting against a Celestial Tool?” the ancestor of the Kong Clan said with a sneer. He slashed down with the Green Song Divine Sword again and again, unleashing torrents of petrifying sword intent. The entire space was torn into shreds.

As a result, Ling Han was no longer able to draw on the surrounding power of Regulations. They had all been obliterated by the Divine Sword.

“Glory to the ancestor!” Upon seeing Ling Han being forced to dodge and flee, the members of the Kong Clan were all filled with vigor and excitement. They shouted in delirium, and they felt as if they could finally breathe out their pent-up anger.

“You actually dared to challenge the grand might of the Kong Clan? You’ve truly grown tired of living!”

“Cripple his cultivation and hang him before the city gates! Let him die a miserable and torturous death!”

“No, no, no. His battle prowess is terrifying, so it’s best that we kill him as soon as possible. We can’t give him any chance to turn the tables.”

Upon hearing the mention of hanging someone at the city gates, the expression of the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire instantly turned dark. His mind naturally wandered back to the time when he had suffered this wretched fate. He gritted his teeth in anger.

The ancestor of the Kong Clan was filled with fighting spirit as he roared again and again. He swung the Divine Sword quicker and quicker, and it was clear that he wanted to kill Ling Han as quickly as possible. This young cultivator was far too terrifying. If he allowed him to develop any more, perhaps even a Divine Sword wouldn’t be able to suppress him.

“Brat, where has your arrogance disappeared?” the ancestor of the Kong Clan said with a sneer. Even the 100 or so Ascending Origin Tier elites of the Kong Clan hadn’t been able to suppress Ling Han, and they had instead been either killed or severely wounded by him. Now that the tables had turned, he naturally couldn’t help but taunt and ridicule Ling Han.

Ling Han grinned, and said, “Old man, be careful of extreme joy begetting sorrow.”

“You can only shoot your mouth off now,” the ancestor of the Kong Clan scoffed.

Ling Han shook his head, saying, “Initially, I still wanted to satisfy your thirst for vainglory. However, since you’re itching for a beating… Fine, I’ll satisfy you!”


Another burst of Sword Qi swept over. This was the paramount Regulation itself, and it could sever all matter in the world.

However, Ling Han was unafraid as he charged toward it. It was as if he were going to face the might of the Divine Sword head-on.

The ancestor of the Kong Clan was both astonished and delighted. He hadn’t imagined that Ling Han would actually be so foolish. However, he naturally wasn’t against this. He chuckled in his mind. ‘This brat has truly lost his mind. Just because he’s freakish, he thinks he can even rival the might of a Divine Sword?’


However, the scene that followed caused his eyes to pop from their sockets.

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