Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1744 - Women should be courted like this

Chapter 1744: Women should be courted like this

Ling Han turned to see a young man dressed in black tight-fitting outfit. He smiled, and asked, “Oh, then how should women be courted?”

“In short, you definitely can’t do it like this. What beautiful woman would like a glutton?” The young man in black scoffed.

Ling Han felt mischievous, and asked, “How should I address you, my friend?”

“Splendid Distant City, Ku Ying,” the young man in black replied.

Ling Han nodded, and said, “Ku Zi, let us make a wager, shall we?”

Ku, Ku Zi[1]?

Ku Ying’s whole face was dark. ‘Your skill at inventing nicknames is really too poor! Furthermore, since it is so poor, how can you simply blurt it out like that?’

Instantly, he was displeased, and retorted, “What wager?”

“I am going to use this food to court those two women, and you will have to call me Big Brother in future,” Ling Han said, grinning.

Ku Ying humphed, and replied, “Fine, but if you can’t—”

“Then I won’t call you Ku Zi, I’ll call you Ku Tou instead[2],” Ling Han quipped.

‘F*** you!’

Ku Ying did not know what was up, either. In just a few moments, his anger was spiked with Ling Han’s words. He darkly retorted, “If you can’t, then you will have to call me Lord Ku in future!”

Some people nearby heard their wager, and involuntarily became excited as well. They all exclaimed, “Count me in too.”

Young people were fond of playing around, after all. Furthermore, this wager was clearly a sure win. These two women… especially that veiled woman had a perfect figure, and her demeanor was so noble that others did not dare approach. How could they possibly be gluttons?

Even if they were, everyone could take the food here. If you managed to court them with such a simple means, what justice would there be left in this world?

…Too bad, no one noticed that Ling Han had actually come in together with the two women. If they had witnessed this scene, then it was definite that no one would’ve dared make such a wager.

“Hey, let’s be clear first, we’re talking about those two women,” someone immediately added.

Since one of the two women was a Genesis Tier, then a Severing Mundane Tier only had to crook a finger, and the possibility that she would throw herself into his arms was too high. There was no lack of materialistic women that wanted to form connections above their station in this world.

“Right, it is either that veiled woman, or courting the two of them together,” the others egged him on.

Ling Han deliberately frowned, and said, “Can the difficulty level not be so high? I am still a rookie.”

“It has to be!” Everyone was excited now. This banquet was only about eating and drinking, and it felt very boring.

“Fine then.” Ling Han nodded reluctantly.

He pushed aside those men that were still making pointless efforts ahead of him, and asked, “Two beautiful women, do you want to have some Immortal Beast meat?”

“Sure,” the two women replied, all smiles.

F***, what was going on here? Were these two beauties both gluttons? Why did their expressions change immediately upon hearing of food? Just now, they kept up a cool, aloof attitude towards whoever wanted to strike up a conversation with them. If they weren’t gluttons, why would they switch their attitudes so drastically and so quickly?

“If you want to eat, there is a condition,” Ling Han said slowly.

“What condition?” The two women naturally cooperated.

“You have to give me a kiss.”

“All right!”

The two women approached, each planting a kiss on either side of Ling Han’s cheeks.

Those watching from the side were all dumbfounded. So as it turned out, courting women was actually so easy.

Ling Han opened the claypot. This was a Celestial soup, and it would really help too much to increase their present cultivation level.

He took out bowls, and filled one for each woman. The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden could only drink the soup. She had yet to advance into the Severing Mundane Tier, so if she directly consumed the meat and the Celestial medicine, the possibility of her exploding from being overnourished was higher.

The Empress also required nutrition indeed. Previously, when she had advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier, she had expended quite a few doppelgangers. Though she could reform them, it was very taxing for her, and this pot of soup was really timely help.

At first, Ling Han would not have gone so far, but his wife was most important to him, so he naturally could not be reserved.

Ling Han turned back around, and directed a smile at the others, declaring, “Call me big brother.”

“Big Brother!” The others were all convinced. Then, they quickly turned around and ran. They, too, wanted to get some Celestial soup, and come back to court these two women.

Ling Han laughed loudly, while the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden shook her head. This husband of hers was really like a child sometimes, rendering others completely speechless. The Empress, though, was completely unconcerned. As long as Ling Han liked it, she was in full support.

However, because Ling Han had carried off the whole pot of soup, a great many people had expressed their complaints to Fu Xiaoyun. In the end, Fu Xiaoyun had no choice but to command that another pot be cooked. After all, this banquet was for the purpose of recruiting new members. How could they expect the horse to run on an empty stomach?

When the second pot of Celestial soup was taken out, multiple people all bore twisted expressions, immediately coming to blows. Those had all been tricked by Ling Han, thinking that carrying a pot of Celestial soup over would allow them to court an exquisite beauty the likes of the Empress.

For the sake of the Empress, they naturally would give it their all.

These were all young people, and were very quick-tempered. Soon enough, their true anger was spiked. Peng, peng, peng. Immediately, it became complete chaos.

“Wives, just look.” Ling Han first pulled the two women to one side. Then, he covered his face, and charged into the battle royale. In a moment, he had come back out, his hands holding a claypot. What was it if not the Celestial soup?

He and the Empress both dined deligtedly. Meanwhile, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden could not eat it anymore. She was already at the peak stage of the Genesis Tier in the first place, and if she could not advance into the Severing Mundane Tier, she could only endlessly increase the number of her stars.

The great battle persisted for a very long time, and it was Bei Xuanming who interfered personally. Only then were the masses suppressed. A second severance king tier was naturally awesome. His expression was dark, and he shouted questions at the crowd. To actually dare begin a gang fight in the Fu Clan’s great banquet, were they tired of living?

Someone discovered that the Celestial soup had disappeared, and immediately shrieked, “Where’s the soup!?”

When everyone saw this, they all moaned in despair. They had become a complete mess, and wasn’t it just for the sake of that pot of Celestial soup? Now, it had actually disappeared without a trace. How could they not grieve like this?

Ling Han drank the soup happily, and did not feel the slightest bit of guilt.

“Husband, it seems like everywhere you go, there is no place that can remain peaceful, and people definitely would end up in a tizzy,” the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden assessed.

Ling Han thought for a moment; that was indeed the case.

None of the Mystery Realms he entered were ordinary. Just look, he had discovered the body of a Celestial King even in the Severing Mundane Pool, and also obtained the Source Water or heaven and earth and a core secret technique of a Celestial King. And when he went to Dark Moon City after he had entered the Celestial Realm, the ancestral shrine of the Ding Clan was torn apart. When he went to Black Moon City, the Xiao Clan ended up fuming with rage.

Strange, he had never thought of going to create trouble, but it just happened that everything would occur around him. With his personality, he was not one that was willing to suffer silently, either, so a small issue would slowly and eventually grow to become a big matter.

On the other side, Bei Xuanming was again rebuking with a few strict words. Fu Xiaoyun stepped out, and said, “Next, there is a small test. Those who successfully pass the test may join the Fu Clan, and our Fu Clan also has an agreement with the Return to Origin Palace to nominate promising candidates to join this four-star force.”

She paused. True enough, she saw that everyone’s eyes had lit up. Only then did she continue, “I hope that everyone can grasp this opportunity.”

The masses were excited. Putting aside Return to Origin Palace, merely being able to enter the Fu Clan was a supreme honor. For a mere first severance, a three-star force would be akin to the bright moon in the skies, something so far off that it could not be reached!

“Dare I ask, Fairy Fu, what is this test like?”

[1] This directly translates to ‘pants’ in Chinese, which explains the guy’s reaction.

[2] Translates to trunks or underpants in some Chinese dialect. Whichever it is, it is still quite insulting.

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