Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1743 - Carrying off the whole pot

Chapter 1743: Carrying off the whole pot

The Empress and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden both nodded. Ling Han, meanwhile, strode forwards, and arrived at the side of that “long line” of tables.

He drew out a plate, and began filling it with food without reservations.

Others would be eating a little and taking a little, but with a glutton like him, this clearly was not possible. He filled the plate completely with food, and then arranged it into a tall pile. With his strength, he naturally could ensure that the food would be piled up like a small hill without the slightest bit falling off.

At the side, some people were watching him with disdain. ‘Just how long have you gone without food? Do you have to take so much food like this?’

Ling Han naturally would not be concerned with them. In the circle of cultivators, prestige was not given to you by others, but was rather gained through fighting with your own fists. Whoever was not convinced, he only had to beat them into submission.

“Brother Liu, look. What corner has this country bumpkin popped out of? He’s acting as if others will be snatching food from him!” A woman was watching him coldly, her expression filled with mockery. She wore a red dress, and was quite beautiful, definitely being qualified to be considered a beautiful woman.

Her companion was a man with a wide build. He was also presently watching Ling Han with disdain, and he said, “It should be his first time attending such an event. He must have never seen such high-grade food before, and so revealed his true nature.”

“What poor manners,” the woman said with disdain.

She was only a Genesis Tier, but because she had partnered with a newly advanced Severing Mundane Tier, she actually dared to treat a genuine Severing Mundane Tier like Ling Han in such a disdainful manner.

Ling Han ignored her. The dishes offered at this banquet were really quite high-grade foods. There was a considerable amount of Genesis Tier-level Demonic Beast meat, as well as some Level 19 and 20 Saint Fruits. Every single item would be worth a few Star Stones outside, which was still relatively expensive.

HIs eyes were sharp, and he chose all the good stuff, causing this couple that was behind him to almost die of fury because as long as they took food after Ling Han had had his pick, all the good stuff in the dish would be completely gone.

At first, they were still very reserved and followed behind Ling Han, but after a small semicircle, their faces were completely dark.

That was because the contents of Ling Han’s plate were already 21-24 meters tall. He had taken all the high-grade food and fruits, and those left behind were all lower-grade stuff.

The couple could do nothing, and could only cut in front of Ling Han. Otherwise, they really wouldn’t be able to get anything good.

Ling Han couldn’t help but laugh secretly. He had done it on purpose.

He was just planning to return to the two women, but saw an attendant walking over, carrying a small dish. And when he passed by, he could see that a great many people were staring at him. They all stood up, and followed him.

Could it be that some high-grade stuff had been served again?

Ling Han saw that he was heading right in his direction, and thus chose to stop and wait for him. He saw that the attendant had placed down a clay pot, which had not been opened yet, but strains of steam could clearly be seen rising from the slit between the pot and its lid, turning into multiple patterns of great dao.

Tsk, good stuff!

The attendant announced, “Celestial Clouds Mother Ginseng stewed with Phoenix Blood Chicken. Please enjoy, esteemed guests.”

This was a Celestial medicine matched with an Immortal Beast!

Of course, the Celestial Clouds Mother Ginseng was only a one-star Celestial medicine that was at the lowest tier, but for the first severance and second severance, it was indescribably nutritious. And the Phoenix Blood Chicken should also only be in the Severing Mundane Tier, but cooked together with the Celestial medicine, the effects of both could be strengthened to a certain extent.

No wonder this dish had gathered everyone’s attention the moment it was taken out. Most likely, it had been announced that this dish would be there, and they had all been waiting.

In this mere instant, a long line had formed behind Ling Han. Just how much chicken meat and ginseng could there be in this small claypot? If they did not line up earlier, they wouldn’t be able to drink even a little soup.

That couple that had previously mocked Ling Han were also very close, and so lined up behind Ling Han, just waiting for him to leave so they could feast to their hearts’ content.

Ling Han naturally would not be reserved. He stretched out his hands, and directly picked up this claypot. Then, he walked off just like that.

Walked off… walked off… walked off…

“Stop right there!” That couple bared their fangs at him. ‘You f****** are really not the slightest bit reserved. That is a whole pot of soup that contained a Celestial medicine and Immortal Beast meat, and you actually carried off the whole pot?’

“What is it?” Ling Han turned back around, his face bearing an amiable smile.

If the large black dog was here, its eyes would definitely turn around, and it would say, “Little Han, you are up to mischief again.”

“Put down the pot!” they exclaimed harshly. Though they did not want to create trouble in such a high-grade banquet, either, Ling Han was really too tasteless.

Was there anyone that would do the same thing you did, leaving others cold and hungry?

In this great banquet, all the other foods added together would not match one-tenth of the value of this single soup. They had waited for who knew how long—did you think that they had been circling around the tables all this while because they could refill their plates easily after they had finished eating?

Wrong, they had all been waiting for this dish to be served. They were only too embarrassed to be too obvious, and feared that others would laugh at them.

But now, Ling Han was actually carrying off the whole pot of Celestial soup, so they naturally did not want their pride anymore.

“Why?” Ling Han’s expression was completely innocent.

“You can’t carry off the whole pot of soup on your own!” that couple called out, and those lining up behind them nodded quickly as well. You couldn’t do that.

“Isn’t it just a pot of soup? Could it be that you all haven’t drunk soup before? Why are you all so frantic like this?” Ling Han asked, putting on a pretence of surprise.

Just a pot of soup?

Was this any ordinary soup? It was made from a Celestial medicine cooked with the meat of an Immortal Beast, and was incredibly valuable. Those from one-star forces would not have a chance of tasting such high-grade food at all, and even such prodigies from two-star forces like Changsun Liang, Xiao Sheng, and the others would only have the chance to drink a mouthful when they attended such major events like the birthday celebrations of their grand elders.

They naturally were frantic.

“Put down the pot!” the red-attired woman shrieked, her expression completely twisted. She longed to drink a few more mouthfuls of soup made from a Celestial medicine and meat of an Immortal Beast. It would allow her to gain the chance of breaking through into the Severing Mundane Tier. For cultivators, this was a temptation that could not be refused, and was also their greatest life goal.

Ling Han grinned, and said, “Sure, if you guys can take it, then just go ahead.”

He indeed put the pot down, but did not walk away.

The couple immediately walked over, and stretched out a hand to lift the pot’s lid. But their hands had just touched the lid, and they shouted in pain. They hurriedly let go, and took a few steps back. When they looked at their raised hands, the hands that they had stretched out were already as swollen as a pig’s trotter, the surface of the skin having turned red.

‘What’s going on?’

The people who were at the back were uncertain of the situation, and all felt curious. Some had already become guarded, not daring to act rashly. Others, seeing that couple had stepped out of the way, all rushed forwards. It would be great if they made it there sooner, and gained a few extra mouthfuls of soup.

However, whoever touched the lid of the pot would come off worse. Some had learned their lesson, and used something else to grip onto the pot’s lid, but they were still scalded badly. There was not a single person that managed to take off the pot’s lid, what more drink some soup.

After a dozen or so people, everyone looked at Ling Han with amazed, uncertain eyes. They could all guess that this was Ling Han’s doing, but no one could say clearly what exactly he had done.

They had all gained a healthy respect, and some had already guessed that Ling Han’s strength might be extremely frightening, so they did not dare make any more attempts, and turned around and left.

Ling Han chuckled, and picked up the pot again. He withdrew the Nine Heavens Flame, and began to search for the Empress and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden.

As he swept his gaze over the surroundings, he spotted the Empress and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden. However, they were presently surrounded by over a dozen men, and looking at the expressions of those men, they should all be wooing the two women at present.

This was not unusual. The Empress did not even need to show her true face; merely that perfect figure and captivating bearing was enough to make any man fall for her, and now that she had advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier, who did not want to possess such a partner?

“Brother, how are you going to court women like this!” When Ling Han came closer, a man immediately pulled him over, pointing at the food that was piled up like a small hill in his hands.

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