After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 778 - 778 Treatment

778 Treatment

“Uncle Wang Wu! How’s Zhang Qin!” Qiao Mei looked down the dangerous slope worriedly, not even daring to breathe loudly.

Wang Wu felt the same way. He could feel that Zhang Qin’s position was not very stable. If he was not careful, she might fall down further. Wang Wu sat on the slope and took a few deep breaths.

“Throw me the rope!” Wang Wu shouted.

Everyone hurriedly fixed a rope to the big tree and threw the other end to Wang Wu. He picked up the rope and tied a firm knot before slowly putting it around Zhang Qin’s body. After making sure that it was secure, he slowly tied Zhang Qin to himself and climbed up bit by bit.

With every step Wang Wu took, everyone felt as if their hearts were being squeezed by a pair of hands. Qiao Mei could have used the vines to send Zhang Qin up, but there were too many people with her. If she exposed her abilities, everyone would probably think that she was a demon.

Then they would think that her babies were the descendants of a demon. It would be fine if everyone was willing to let her off, but if she was captured as a demon and dissected, she would lose her life.

Now, all their hopes were placed on Wang Wu. Everyone silently cheered for him but were worried for him at the same time.

It was not until Wang Wu reached the top steadily that everyone rushed forward to pull him up. Qiao Mei went forward to carry Zhang Qin and checked her body carefully. She seemed to have some broken bones in her hands but everything else seemed to be external injuries.

“Zhang Qin! Look at elder sister! Zhang Qin! Look at me! Wake up!” No matter how Qiao Mei shouted, Zhang Qin did not seem to hear her.

Qiao Mei took out a bottle of dark green liquid from her pocket and poured some into Zhang Qin’s mouth. This was the 500-year-old ginseng juice that she had just extracted not long ago. Zhang Qin coughed a few times and gradually regained consciousness.

“Elder sister…” Zhang Qin called out weakly.

“Good, good, good! Don’t talk! We’re going to the hospital now! Hang in there! I’ll bring you there now!” Qiao Mei said agitatedly.

The journey down the mountain was much more difficult than the journey up. After Wang Wu saved Zhang Qin, he had almost used up all his strength. Now, it was a young man who carried Zhang Qin down the mountain and Qiao Mei followed carefully behind.

The sky gradually darkened and it became more and more difficult to walk on the mountain path. It took them more than an hour to go up the mountain and almost three hours to go down. Everyone had to take every step steadily so that no one got hurt.

When they reached the foot of the mountain, Zhao Liang was waiting with a group of people. After it got dark, Old Mister Zhu did not allow them to go up the mountain and asked them to wait for Qiao Mei and the others to return. They have brought many blankets with them and laid them in the horse carriage so that Zhang Qin would feel more comfortable and be cushioned from the bumps on the road.

“How’s the child?” Zhao Liang asked.

“There are many injuries on her body, both big and small. Let’s quickly go back and get her checked out. We should go to the clinic first,” Qiao Mei said anxiously.

They went back quickly on separate horse carriages. Zhang Qin did not dare to close her eyes as she was afraid that she would never see Qiao Mei again. Along the way, she held Qiao Mei’s hand tightly and refused to let go.

“Don’t be scared… Elder sister is here. Elder sister won’t leave you. Don’t worry.” At some point, Qiao Mei’s eyes were filled with tears.

In the past, she was not a person who cried easily. Now that she saw Zhang Qin getting bullied, she just felt very uncomfortable.

“Elder sister… it doesn’t hurt… I’m fine…” Zhang Qin said with great effort.

“Don’t talk. We’re going home soon. Just bear with it,” Qiao Mei said as she held back her tears.

The village clinic was all ready for Zhang Qin. As soon as she entered the building, she was sent in for a checkup. Qiao Mei waited anxiously outside. Li Gui, Zhang Wei and Qiao Qiang were already waiting at the clinic.

“Mei Mei, how are you? You should go home and rest. You don’t look too good,” Li Gui said as she looked at Qiao Mei with heartache.

There was nothing wrong with her body. She had just used too much energy when she was looking for Zhang Qin and felt a little tired now. She would be fine after going home and taking a nap.

“I’m fine. I can wait until Zhang Qin is done.” Qiao Mei turned to look at Zhang Wei and asked, “Let me ask you, who else in our village is studying at your school?”

Zhang Wei blurted out, “Dong Tian, Wang Fan and Qiao Feng and his two brothers.”

“Then who’s in Zhang Qin’s class?” Qiao Mei asked.

“Qiao Tian,” Zhang Wei said.

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