After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

Chapter 777 - 777 Going Down the Slope to Save Someone

777 Going Down the Slope to Save Someone

“Old Mister Zhu! Are you home?” Qiao Mei shouted at the door.

Old Mister Zhu was the best coachman in the village. He and his son were both in this line of work. Anyone in the village who wanted to transport things would ask Old Mister Zhu for help. If Qiao Mei was the most popular person in the village, then Old Mister Zhu was probably the next most popular.

“Qiao Mei? Didn’t you go and look for Zhang Qin? My son also went to help. Did something happen to you?” Old Mister Zhu asked.

“Old Mister Zhu, can you bring me to the area around Zhang Qin’s school now? It doesn’t matter how much it costs!” Qiao Mei said.

Without another word, Old Mister Zhu went straight to get his horse carriage ready and even padded it with soft cushions and put small stools inside. Ever since his son joined him in the business, he had rarely worked.

“No need to talk about money! Get in quickly!” Old Mister Zhu shouted.

“Thank you, Old Mister Zhu! Let’s go there first. My grandfather has gone to look for Uncle Zhao and the others! They’ll come along to look for us soon!” Qiao Mei said.

“Alright! Sit tight! We’ll leave now!” Old Mister Zhu whipped the horse and they set off.

The horse carriage went very fast. This was the first time Qiao Mei felt like she was riding a tractor while sitting in a horse carriage. She had only sat in the carriage driven by Old Mister Zhu’s son, and it was very stable and the speed was much slower. It seemed that Old Mister Zhu’s son had not learnt the essence of driving a horse carriage from Old Mister Zhu.

On the way, Qiao Mei ran into Uncle Wang Wu and a few other young men from the village. They also got on the horse carriage and accompanied her to the mountain together. By the time they reached the foot of the mountain, the sky was already a little dark.

“Mei Mei, you think that Zhang Qin has gone up the mountain?” Wang Wu asked suspiciously.

“Uncle, let’s give it a try. We should give it a shot. I just have a feeling that Zhang Qin is here.” After saying that, Qiao Mei took the route that she remembered from her memories and walked up the mountain. Old Mister Zhu was old, so he waited for them at the foot of the mountain.

After walking for more than an hour, they finally reached the area where Zhang Qin had fallen. Everyone shouted for Zhang Qin at the top of their lungs and dispersed to look for her.

Qiao Mei crouched down at the top of the slope to observe the surrounding terrain. She saw Zhang Qin immediately. The girl was still in the same position as before and was still unconscious. However, seeing it with her own eyes and seeing it from a plant’s perspective felt completely different. All she wanted to do now was to rush down and hug Zhang Qin tightly.

“Found her! Found her!” Qiao Mei shouted loudly.

She was about to go down when Wang Wu pulled her back.

“You’re crazy! It’s such a steep slope! If you slip, you won’t be able to survive!” Wang Wu shouted angrily.

“But Zhang Qin is down there! Uncle! Let me go down! She’s down there!” Qiao Mei said.

Everyone looked at Qiao Mei’s anxious expression and felt a little touched. She was so close to her half-sister who had only lived with her for a few months. They were even closer than biological sisters.

Qiao Mei was beautiful and kind-hearted. There were too few of such people around..

“Stay up here and don’t move. We’ll go down and save Zhang Qin. Don’t worry, nothing will happen,” Wang Wu said firmly.

“Uncle, let me go. What if something happens to you,” Qiao Mei said worriedly.

Wang Wu was so amused that he laughed out loud. Could it be that the few of them could not compare with a pregnant woman?

“I’ve lived for so long and I’ve walked on this mountain path countless times. I’ve seen all kinds of mountains. Just wait for us here. There’s no need to argue about it anymore. The most important thing now is to save the child.” Wang Wu could not be bothered to speak further with Qiao Mei. He tied the rope he had brought around his waist and slowly slid down the side.

He had only been to this mountain once. When he was young, he would go hunting with his father and uncles. Later on, his family handed over all their firearms to the authorities and stopped being hunters. Instead, he became a pig farmer and butcher and ran his own business.

It took a long time to go down the slope. Wang Wu finally reached the foot of the slope and slowly squatted down, carefully approaching Zhang Qin step by step.

Zhang Qin was located on a sloped area. If he was not careful, he could cause her to be injured a second time. He had to ensure that he had a foolproof plan and could get her out in one go.

“Zhang Qin… I’m your Uncle Wang Wu… Wake up!” Wang Wu gently patted Zhang Qin’s shoulder to see if she would show signs of consciousness.

No matter how Wang Wu shouted, Zhang Qin still lay there motionlessly. Her face was already pale from the cold and her lips were turning purple. If they had not found her tonight, she probably would not be able to survive.

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