After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 33

Treat You to a Dinner

The moment he saw it clearly, Wen Yanqing’s heart tightened. It was as if a hand was pinching him fiercely, and it felt like thousands of needles were piercing through him, making it painful to breathe.

The smile and tenderness he had quietly put on because of meeting Lin Gantang faded away.

His thin lips were tightly pursed.

Lin Gantang didn’t notice his change and asked, “Are you done with your work?”

Wen Yanqing struggled to suppress the tumultuous emotions in his heart and hoarsely replied, “Yes, I’m done.”

“Just perfect. My dad mentioned wanting to treat you to a meal. Why don’t we go now? I haven’t properly thanked you for yesterday.” Lin Gantang reached out and pulled him, leaving him dumbfounded.

He felt the warmth of her hand on his wrist, and his entire awareness focused on that spot. His heart seemed to surge with newfound energy, beating rapidly.

He looked down, unable to tear his gaze away from her.

“Walk faster. It’s too hot.” Lin Gantang pulled him a few meters before wiping the sweat from her forehead.

Wen Yanqing lowered his gaze and covered his left wrist, which had been touched by her.

Mr. Lin saw Lin Gantang go out and bring Wen Yanqing back. He quickly put on his reading glasses to see if he was hallucinating.

That was strange. Was Lin Gangan and Wen Yanqing so close that they brought someone over?

Only a month ago, they were still telling each other to stay away!

Mr. Lin’s gaze sized up the two of them.

“Uncle Lin.” Wen Yanqing politely greeted.

“Yanqing, come and sit.” Mr. Lin politely invited him. What could he do if her daughter suddenly brought a man to his house? He could only welcome him.

Coincidentally, Jiang Tongtong was still there. Lin Gantang directly went over and put things into her arms before getting herself a glass of iced orange juice.

Mr. Lin scolded her for being impolite and then asked Wen Yanqing what he wanted to drink with a smile.

Jiang Tongtong opened the plastic bag in confusion. When she saw what was inside, she blushed and asked softly, “Tangtang, why are you giving me this?”

“What else can you do with a pregnancy test? Testing for your pregnancy.” Lin Gantang glanced at her father and whispered the same thing to her.

In front of so many people, Jiang Tongtong’s face turned even redder. She took the items upstairs and, while standing on the stairs, glared at Lin Gantang with embarrassment and indignation.

Lin Gantang, who was drinking iced orange juice, was confused.

Wen Yanqing smiled when he saw the items finally end up in Jiang Tongtong’s hands. He felt as if the warm water in his glass was sweetened.

“Yesterday, you saved Gantang, and I wanted to thank you at the Wen family’s place.” Mr. Lin, unaware of the scheming between his future daughter-in-law and daughter, spoke amiably to Wen Yanqing.

“Uncle, you’re too kind.” Wen Yanqing smiled warmly.

“Gantang, why didn’t you tell me in advance that you were inviting him over?” Mr. Lin said and instructed the kitchen to prepare more dishes. “Stay for a simple meal, just home-cooked dishes. I hope you won’t be picky.”

Hearing her father’s words, Lin Gantang found them reasonable. “Why choose a day?”

Wen Yanqing looked at her, smiling with focused and gentle eyes.

Mr. Lin didn’t want to argue with her. He was afraid that she would act up again, so he said, “Where’s Zhaonan? Tell him to come down, so you young people can chat.”

Then, Mr. Lin checked his phone.

He had added someone on WeChat, and it was strange.

“You fell into the water yesterday. Do you feel uncomfortable now?” That person had sent another message.

Mr. Lin finally realized that someone was looking for her daughter. But why did he add him?

As he cared about Gantang, Mr. Lin replied honestly, “It’s okay. I can run and jump now.”

“I wanted to help you yesterday, but you ran so fast that you didn’t even hear what I said.” Then he sent an emoji of someone biting a handkerchief with a look of grievance.

Mr. Lin furrowed his brow. Why was this man using such a girly emoji and acting pitiful?

He asked, “What’s your name?”

“Le Yu, have you forgotten so quickly?” He sent an emoji of someone crying sadly.

Oh, so it was the kid from the Le family.

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