After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 32

Early Pregnant Test Paper

Back home, Lin Zhaonan told Mr. Lin about what happened today.

Lin Mingzhuo lit a cigarette.

“I want to go back to my room to rest,” Lin Gantang said, then called Auntie Zhang to prepare a bowl of ginger soup and bring it to her.

Mr. Lin furrowed his brow as he flicked the cigarette ash. “You should go to the hospital for a check-up. What if you inhaled water into your lungs?”

“I’m a little scared, but everything else is fine.” Lin Gandang refused and looked at Jiang Tongtong. “If you have the time, why don’t you bring Jiang Tongtong to go to the hospital? Look at her face, it’s paler than a freshly painted wall. By the way, register for the gynecology department.”

Jiang Tongtong shook her head.

Lin Zhaonan rubbed his temples. “Both of you should go. If you don’t go now, then go to the hospital tomorrow and get a proper check-up.”

The next day, Lin Gantang locked the door tightly. The people outside kept calling her, annoying her. She cursed from inside, “Are you the one with the problem? Why should I waste medical resources when I’m perfectly fine!”

Lin Zhaonan was infuriated.

Judging from her energetic voice and her grumpy temper when she woke up, she was very good.

When Lin Gantang woke up, it was already close to eleven o’clock. She put on a loose T-shirt set casually and went downstairs to drink some milk without any makeup.

Mr. Lin was watching the news and said, “Yanqing saved you yesterday. When are you going to thank him? Or invite him over for dinner. Otherwise, it would be impolite.”

“Sure, and I should also thank someone named Le Yu. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have found Jiang Tongtong so quickly.”

While she was speaking, Jiang Tongtong had already returned from her examination.

Lin Gantang walked over, holding a glass of milk and she took Jiang Tongtong’s test results in her hand.

She flipped through the report to the end and even looked through it twice.

“What are you looking for?” Lin Zhaonan had a headache when he was seeing her doing this.

“Nothing more? Is this everything?” Lin Gantang asked with confusion.

“Otherwise?” Lin Zhaonan retorted sarcastically, “Are you hoping that Tongtong would have some issues with her results to feel happy?”

Ignoring his remark, Lin Gantang asked, “What about the gynecology report?”

“Going to the gynecology department due to being scared? Lin Gantang, did you lose your mind yesterday?” Lin Zhaonan retorted again.

“I think you have the Pacific Ocean in your brain!” Lin Gantang snapped back. She finished her milk in one gulp, put on her shoes, and ran out of the house.

She left like a gust of wind, and Lin Zhaonan didn’t even have a chance to scold her.

This villa area had been built in the early years and was situated in the city, not as desolate as the new single-family buildings in the suburbs. It had been built long ago, and the surrounding business district had already developed, where one could find anything they wanted.

Lin Gantang ran to the pharmacy and bought two pregnancy test kits.

She was afraid that her father would hear her and misunderstand her, or Lin Zhaonan would not catch her drift if she said it indirectly.

She had had enough of her brother’s stupidity.

Though she didn’t feel the heat when she left the house, she felt it on the way back. Lin Gantang walked back under the shade of the trees, avoiding the sun.

On her way back home, she saw a car parked in the distance, looking somewhat familiar, but she had been in such a hurry before that she didn’t pay much attention.

As she passed, Lin Gantang turned her head to look. The car windows were tinted, and she couldn’t see inside.

Wen Yanqing had spent the entire night without sleep, his mind filled with the image of Lin Gantang in his arms. He missed her terribly.

Before daybreak, he drove over and parked the car a little far away, hoping to catch a glimpse of her.

Earlier, when Lin Gantang ran out, he almost went after her. But with great difficulty, he managed to suppress his impulse and didn’t go out to annoy her.

Now that she was back, the person he had been thinking about day and night turned to look at him. The desire in Wen Yanqing’s heart burst out.

He opened the car door and saw Lin Gantang’s surprised face under the sunlight. “Wen Yanqing?”

Wen Yanqing felt that all the waiting had been worth it.

“When did you arrive?” Lin Gantang asked.

“I’ve been here for a while. I came here to handle something.” Wen Yanqing closed the car door and walked over. Then, his sharp eyes caught sight of the transparent plastic bag in her hand. It had the words ‘Early Pregnant Test Strips’ on the packaging.

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