After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 148 - Chapter 148: Are You That Brave?

Chapter 148: Are You That Brave?

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“What’s going on? Are you that brave?” Lin Gantang quickly drank some water to soothe her sore throat.

Yin Zhen was not surprised by her reaction. “I’m not like you. I don’t have time to slowly fall in love, get married, and have children.”

Her tone was full of sarcasm. “Doesn’t Grandpa mind that I’m a granddaughter? He’s afraid that the Yin family will belong to someone else after I inherit the family business and get married. Then I’ll give birth to a child with my surname Yin and not leave home. I’ll see what else he can say.”

“Then what about you?” Lin Gantang couldn’t help but ask. “Do you plan to get married and start a family in the future?”

“Let’s talk about the future later.” Yin Zhen downed half a glass of wine, her gaze firm. “I won’t let others take away what belongs to me.”

“Have you thought it through?” Lin Gantang asked as she removed her wine glass.

“I’ve very clearly thought it through. Just say it. Which one of the people on the stage do you think is handsome and will have a good-looking offspring?” Yin Zhen changed the topic.

Lin Gantang was enlightened. It turned out that they were really choosing a concubine. She had a headache. “Someone from the entertainment circle.. Aren’t you afraid that he’ll pester you in the future?”

“Which famous celebrity doesn’t care about their reputation? At that time, he would be eager to cut ties. Who would pester me then? If he’s not popular, 1 have even less to worry about.”

Lin Gantang felt that Yin Zhen’s idea was a little crazy. “It’s unfair for a child to grow up without a father.”

“I can give my child everything I’m able to.”

“Then have you considered Auntie’s feelings?”

Yin Zhen stopped talking.

“Wait for me. I’ll head to the washroom first.” Seeing that she was lost in her thoughts, Lin Gantang picked up the small bag beside her and patted her shoulder.

Lin Gantang left her seat.

She came out of the washroom afterwards and wiped her hands with a tissue.

“Hello,” someone in front called out to her.

Lin Gantang looked up and saw a fair-skinned young man standing in front of her. He had doe-like eyes, and was smiling at her innocently.

There was no one else outside the washroom. Lin Gantang kept her distance from him and asked, “Is something the matter?”

“My name is Lin Fan. Sister is President Yin’s friend, right?” Lin Fan seemed a little jittery.

Huh, Sister? Lin Gantang took a step back, unused to it. “So?”

Lin Fan mustered up his courage. “I heard what President Yin said to you. I like Miss Yin. Do… Do you think I can do it?”

Can do what? Can be the father of the child? Heavens, Lin Gantang was stunned once more. “You should ask Yin Zhen; why are you asking me?”

“She… I confessed to her, but she rejected me.” Lin Fan bit his lips, his eyes filled with grievance and determination, “1 like her very much. I hope to have a chance.”

Seeing his red lips, white teeth, and delicate features, Lin Gantang fell silent. “Little brother, how old are you?”

“I’m nineteen. Sister, can you give me President Yin’s phone number? Or someone else’s phone number is fine as long as I can contact her,” Lin Fan said anxiously.

” I’m sorry,” Lin Gantang said. “If you want it, you might have to ask her yourself.”

Lin Fan was a little discouraged.

After Lin Gantang left, Lin Fan hastily chased after her, following her closely.

“It’s useless to follow me,” Lin Gantang said helplessly. “If she likes you, she wouldn’t have rejected you.”

“Or maybe she just thinks that we’re incompatible due to our ages.” Lin Fan’s face was red as he stuffed a note into her hands. He bowed and said nervously, “I’ll have to trouble you to pass it to President Yin.”

Then, he left quickly.

Lin Gantang opened it and saw a phone number.

“What’s going on?” Lin Gantang’s head ached as she put the number into her bag and went to look for Yin Zhen..

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