After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

Chapter 147 - Chapter 147:1 Want A Child

Chapter 147:1 Want A Child

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If he didn’t look, he wouldn’t have known..

“Ximi? How is a Calico as good-looking as a Ragdoll!” Mr. Lin was determined to protect what he felt was the most beautiful cat. “Tsk, it’s too ugly. What kind of tastes do young people these days have?”

Lin Gantang looked at her father’s disbelieving face and was proud of the Calico. “My Ximi is still the visual of the bookstore.”

Mr. Lin’s eyes hurt. He quickly closed the video of the Calico and adjusted his reading glasses. “What’s the use of this black one? It’s on the cat tree day and night. You might as well buy a cat ornament instead of wasting cat food!”

Lin Gantang raised her chin. “That’s the guardian of my shop.”

“What’s so cute about the white cat? Is it as obedient as my Ragdoll? Is he as likable as my Scottish Fold?” Mr. Lin argued. How could his cat lose?

“No, but it’s still popular. Don’t you find it infuriating?”

Infuriating! Extremely infuriating!

Mr. Lin liked the videos of Sweet Wine and Joy.

Lin Gantang went up to the third floor to check on the gray cat’s recovery. The gray cat was in much better spirits, but it limped when it walked. It had not fully recovered.

The phone suddenly rang. The grey cat was shocked and jumped back into the cage.

It was Yin Zhen.

“Zhen Cutie, you finally missed me!” Lin Gantang answered.

“Get lost. Get rid of your ending tone and act normally.”

“Tsk.” Lin Gantang put away the cat food and returned to her room. “What is it?”

“Do you want to come to the company’s year-end banquet? I’ll show you my new empire,” Yin Zhen said heroically.

“Be your female companion?” Lin Gantang raised her eyebrows slightly. “Heavens, you don’t even have a male friend?”

“Who says 1 don’t? I’m asking you along to broaden your horizons.”

The call was hung up, and Lin Gantang laughed.

On the day of the banquet, Yin Zhen came to pick Lin Gantang up after she was done dressing up.

Looking at the familiar supercar, Lin Gantang thought of the day she was reborn and the day Yin Zhen drove her away.

The mood these two times were completely different.

All the newbies signed by the company were present at the banquet. To them, this was a rare opportunity. There weren’t many artistes who debuted. After all, the company had just started, and Yin Zhen had poached some of them at a high price.

It was different from the business dinners she had attended before. Of course, there were people discussing business here, but there was much eating, drinking, and merry-making. There was no need to sit upright. Many people were chatting, and the atmosphere was light and joyful.

There was a performance on stage – a passionate dance, full of energy, and they happened to be members of the newly-signed boy band.

Lin Gantang ate her food and watched with great interest.

“My eyes have been opened, my eyes have been opened. There are so many handsome little brothers. You’re giving me year-end benefits, aren’t you?” Lin Gantang sighed. “As expected of my good friend.”

“I’ve done a comprehensive evaluation of the few people you previously mentioned and have already pushed them out.” Yin Zhen gestured for her to look at the other artistes in the banquet hall. “Look at us now, don’t we look like we’re choosing concubines? Whoever is pleasing to the eye and fated with me, I’ll give him resources and promote him to a higher position.”

“Don’t drag me down with you, I’m not choosing a concubine. You’re the queen here!” Lin Gantang laughed.

Yin Zhen took a sip of red wine. “Don’t laugh. I called you here today for a serious matter. I need your help.”

“How can 1 help you here? If 1 were as capable as you, I would have joined my dad’s company a long time ago.” Lin Gantang knew her limits.

Yin Zhen shook her head. “I want a child. Who do you think is suitable here?”

“Cough, cough, cough.” Lin Gantang almost choked on her wine..

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