After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

Chapter 557 - Chapter 557: I’ll Cry Too

Chapter 557: I’ll Cry Too

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Everyone felt that Jiang An had gone out alone to grieve. Fortunately, Zou Bai had chased after her to comfort her, hoping that Jiang An could compose herself.

Sophie snorted. “Some people only know how to act pitiful. The truly pitiful people don’t stay to cry here.”

Although Meng Nuan didn’t want to offend Zhao Yan, her expression wasn’t too good either. She silently moved back to distance herself from Tan Si.

Tan Si did not expect her tried-and-tested method to fail today.

Zhao Yan despised Tan Si’s stupidity in his heart. She was able to turn a good situation against them. However, his current identity was Tan Si’s boyfriend, so he could only endure it and comfort her.


The children did not know what was going on and craned their necks to see what was going on. Sophie hurried over and said, “Children, whose puzzle is this? It’s almost done. Let’s finish it together, okay?”

The children were already focused on playing, so they forgot everything after being interrupted. They happily began to play with the puzzle and did not pay attention to the adults.

Jiang Yu and Jiang Yi looked at each other and understood what to do. They also put on a heartless expression and went to play.

Jiang An was not as sad as everyone had guessed. After leaving the room, she immediately turned off the microphone and blinked to regain her composure.

When she was acting, she never used eye drops. When she cried, she cried herself. When she cried, she could accurately control her tears.

She was crying in the most aggrieved way just now. This way, she could undercut Tan Si’s methods.

Jiang An had been treated like this by Tan Si too many times. No matter how this matter happened or whose fault it was, as long as Tan Si cried in front of everyone, she would be criticized and forced to apologize to Tan Si.

In the past, she would only explain in vain, hoping that someone would believe her. Later on, she realized how stupid it was to do that. They did not care about the truth at all. They only wanted to protect the seemingly weaker party.

Zou Bai chased after her and smiled. “I knew you weren’t really crying.”

He knew Jiang An’s personality very well. He knew that she was not someone who would show weakness. She must have her own plans for suddenly crying in front of others.

When he came out and saw Jiang An’s expression, he was even more certain that this little fox was scheming against someone.

Jiang An smiled and said, “Was my performance very exciting just now?”

Zou Bai nodded and smiled. “Very exciting. As expected of the most outstanding actor of the new generation.”

Jiang An looked a little smug after being praised. “I can’t say that I’m the best, but I know that in your eyes, I’m the best.”

Zou Bai was surprised by Jiang An’s confidence. In the past, she would always subconsciously suspect that she hadn’t done a good job, which was why she ended up in such a terrible situation.

She would always think this way and take all the blame, so the Jiang family and Zou Bai were trying their best to change her mindset.

Reality proved that they had succeeded. Jiang An had gained confidence. She would definitely not reflect on herself immediately after what happened.

Zou Bai hugged her and said, “You did well. I’m proud of you.”

These words sounded like he was coaxing a child. Jiang An felt that it sounded familiar. He must have said something similar to the children.

“That sounds so strange.” Jiang An was puzzled. “Are you treating me like I’m Little Feather?”

Zou Bai patted her head. “In my eyes, you’re also a child who needs to be pampered, but you’re different from Little Feather. I love you more.”

Zou Bai had never believed that parents loved their children more than their partners. Other than oneself, one’s partners would be with them the longest, and their children would eventually grow up and leave. At that time, only their partners would be with them.

Jiang An didn’t expect to hear a confession under such circumstances. She turned around and asked, “I understand all of this. I want to know what’s going on inside.”

“Everyone saw through Tan Si’s scheme. They are all sympathizing with you,” Zou Bai concluded.

Jiang An smiled and said, “I achieved a staged victory.”

Zou Bai took out his phone and said, “I just saw the comments online. Most of them support you. Do you want to take a look?”

Jiang An leaned over happily. “Let me see.”

The two of them happily read the comments and had no intention of going back. This made the people in the room even more nervous. They didn’t know when Jiang An would be successfully coaxed by Zou Bai..

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