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Chapter 556 - Chapter 556: The Power of Tears

Chapter 556: The Power of Tears

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Tan Si did not know how to respond. She could only bite the bullet and stay behind. She shut her mouth tightly and did not say another word.

However, she was in an awkward situation. Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that she was at a loss.

Zhao Yan naturally saw it too. Zou Bai said, “Do you want to go over and take a look?”

According to Zhao Yan’s personality, he didn’t want to care about Tan Si. Anyway, she was the one who went up to get scolded. Hence, he wanted to pretend that he didn’t know anything. As long as he dodged the camera, the matter would be over.

However, Zou Bai’s words placed him at the center of the storm. For the sake of his image, Zhao Yan could only go over and comfort Tan Si.


Zhao Yan forced himself to smile and tried his best not to let everyone notice his stiffness. He walked to Tan Si’s side and said gently, “What’s wrong? Why do you look so unhappy?”

Tan Si desperately needed someone to save her from such an awkward situation. Zhao Yan’s appearance at this time was undoubtedly the best choice.

She threw herself into his arms and refused to let go.

Zhao Yan really wanted to push her out, but this was a live broadcast. He couldn’t do that.

“Alright, alright. Tell me if you have any grievances. Don’t waste time alone. Everyone is happy. You have to be happy too.”

These words sounded like they were comforting her, but in fact, they were telling Tan Si not to ruin the current filming atmosphere.

Just now, Zhao Yan had wanted to say a few words to Zou Bai and use the atmosphere of the show as a cover. Perhaps he could win against him verbally.

However, when Tan Si’s matter came out, he did not even have the chance to speak. He could only quickly comfort his apparent girlfriend. What a waste of time.

Tan Si did not know what Zhao Yan was thinking. She vented all her grievances and cried in his arms.

This was her usual trick. No matter who was right or wrong in this matter, as long as she cried loudly, the other party would definitely be in the wrong.

When Jiang An heard the cries, she immediately realized what had happened. After all, she knew Tan Si too well and had been bullied by her too many times. She had experienced all these methods.

Sophie could tell what Tan Si was trying to do. She hurriedly said to Jiang An, “You have to be careful. She’s pushing all the blame on you.”

“I know,” Jiang An replied.

After saying this, Jiang An also put on her acting skills. Tears rolled down her face.

Although she was crying, she tried her best to suppress her expression. She looked stubborn and aggrieved, much more pitiful than Tan Si’s crying.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t control my emotions.” After Jiang An finished crying, she immediately wiped her tears and apologized to the staff before leaving the filming room.

She did not defend herself, nor did she express her opinion on this matter. She left cleanly.

However, it was precisely because of this action that the entire situation was reversed.

Compared to Tan Si, who was crying bitterly, Jiang An, who was so restrained, obviously had more feelings. It made people pity her.

[I keep feeling that things are not as simple as we think.]

[Si Si has been bullied. Are you blind?]

[We’re not blind. To be honest, Jiang An didn’t say anything particularly overboard. She just refused to talk to Tan Si. This is her freedom.]

[We only saw the situation in front of the camera. No one knows what happened after the filming ended. Perhaps there’s something we don’t know that caused Jiang An to say this.]

[Tan Si is crying because she wants everyone to blame Jiang An.]

[I remember that this isn’t the first time Tan Si cried on the show. As long as there’s a conflict with someone, she’ll be like this. Then, the netizens will scold those who have a conflict with her.]

[It’s really scary to think about it.]

[This is leading to online violence.]

[There’s nothing wrong with Jiang An expressing her dissatisfaction in front of everyone. It’s much more open than using tricks behind others backs.]

[Everyone knows that Jiang An and Tan Si don’t have a good relationship. It would be abnormal if they were to act like they love each other on the show.]

The scales in the netizens’ hearts began to lean towards Jiang An. Sometimes, it was not a competition of who cried louder to make people feel pity. Jiang An’s expression was much more pitiful than Tan Si’s.

Zou Bai immediately got up to chase after Jiang An, leaving the room full of people at a loss. The warm atmosphere that Han Yu wanted was once again destroyed.

“I knew that nothing good would happen if Tan Si came over.” Han Yu took out a cigarette and lit it. “I really regret inviting her to the show.”

The assistant stubbed out his cigarette. “You can’t smoke, your lungs aren’t good..”

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