After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 95

Chapter 95

In <Tomorrow>’s world.

There was one thing that Zhang Zhiyan didn’t know, and it was that the Dark Guards established communication through the mind instead of verbal commands. When someone talked, a similar implication would be reflected in their brain. For example, when someone said “eat”, an image of “eating” would flash in their mind. Previously when the zombies ran in circles because of his command, that was actually caused by the reflex ideas that emerged in his mind when he gave such an order rather than as a response to his voice.

When Zhang Zhiyin’s connection to <Tomorrow>’s world was cut by a person from E Lab, the Dark Guard that was originally guarding in the forbidden area lost their link to their master and had fallen into a standstill. Each of them was like a wooden statues and clay sculptures, standing expressionlessly in the forbidden area without any movement.

The Thunder Unit stationed in the forbidden area immediately noticed this abnormal and very soon, they discovered another more troublesome and serious situation— Captain was missing.

Dadao and Chen Guang tried their best to ease the anxiety within the team, at the same time, they had arranged people to search for Zhang Zhiyin’s whereabouts. But even they were on tenterhooks because when Zhang Zhiyin left, he didn’t give any clear indication of what he was going to do, and looking at their current situation, it was truly hard not to think of the worst-case scenario.

Under this tense circumstance, the people of the Cloud Sky Alliance guarding outside the forbidden area noticed this abnormality.

They first send a small number of people to scout the internal situation, after they had ensured that the Dark Guards wouldn’t attack them, they began to cautiously advance deeper.

Making use of the internal control system, Thunder Unit was able to delay Yun Chu’s people for some time, however, the disparity between their strengths and number were too wide. They also found it hard to lay their hands on their brothers and sisters who had fought alongside them against the zombies. So, two months later, the alliance finally succeeded in seizing the forbidden area’s control tower, which was where they were situated at.

Yun Chu ordered the capture of the Thunder Unit and had them under supervision.

He ordered his people to check the forbidden area’s items one by one. There was a faint smile hanging on the curve of his lips. Instantly, his indifferent bearing changed as he squinted his eyes and swiftly reached out his hand to take a palm-sized, transparent mirror-like item with an uneven surface.

The smile on his lips became deeper. This time it was a genuine smile.

Whether it was the perpetual motion machine or something else, they still weren’t comparable to this item in front of his sight.

The silly Zhang Zhiyin and Thunder Unit probably wouldn’t be able to recognize what this item was even if they found it.

Yun Chu had no intention to save, control, and definitely didn’t hold any intention to destroy the world. He took great pains to control Cloud Sky Alliance and E Lab— to look into the essence and the truth of this world.

He had been superior since young, grew up smoothly and seemed to be everyone’s role model. However, inwardly, he was terrified, because he always had this feeling that his life, his everything, had all been arranged. He was just like a chess piece that could only ignorantly let nature take its course and accept all success or failure, like he was walking on a fixed path that he couldn’t overstep.

This feeling intensified when the apocalypse came. He watched himself, watched Yun Chu with a constant feeling of looking at a stranger with an established role. However, with the arrival of the end of the world where abilities emerged, he felt excitement igniting within himself— the original rules could be changed, and this world could change in an instant.

And he wanted to know, what exactly was all this for; and who was the one controlling them.

On the other side, the Thunder Unit that had been held under restriction didn’t get to rest.

Yun Chu wasn’t stinted with them, he sent Mist and Storm Unit to watch over them.

After eating his food, Xiao Jin began to talk big with a big brother from Storm Unit, “Brother Feng, you know our unit and our captain’s character, do we look like people who would betray the alliance…”

“Those years where we fought side by side, that mutant water monster at Xiang Nan and the assistance at Tu Ba City, didn’t both of our team worked together? How many times has our captain saved everyone during critical junctures…”

The expression of the person called Brother Feng began to change, and he heaved a sigh before saying, “We brothers all understand this, but this is not helping at the current situation, we could only listen to the alliance leader. I believe that the leader will bring justice to all of you.”

Xiao Jin’s expression changed into indescribable helplessness and bitterness, he lowered his volume. “Brother Feng, think of the first Han Emperor and the Second Emperor. Do you still not understand? To put away the bow once the birds are gone, the hound is boiled after the cunning hare is killed1.”

As expected, Brother Feng’s face showed shock.

It was time to eat now, which was also the time where the security became more lax.

Xiao Jin glanced at his sister, Ah Kong, who was on his left, turned his head again, and continued with sincere indignation, “There’s no news about our Captain so far, we have also fallen into Yun Chu’s hands and are in danger. But our Thunder Unit has always fought for the front line and worked hard for the revival of humanity. We’re not satisfied with this situation.”

Brother Feng’s expression was getting complex.

Xiao Jin: “Brother Feng, we’ve known each other for so many years. I know what kind of person you are. For today’s plan, only you can help us. We brothers will not force you, but there is one thing our captain has left behind, please help captain keep it properly. As for the rest, whether you want to help us or not, it will be Storm Unit’s Captain’s choice to decide.”

Xiao Jun understood what kind of character Brother Feng had. He was Storm Unit’s Vice-captain and the person in charge of this guarding shift. He was an honest person who valued friendship, but he was just timid in nature and dared not cross over any boundary. But he thought highly of their captain and he would be able to help Thunder Unit if he takes the item, so he wouldn’t reject this request.

As expected, Old Feng nodded and followed Xiao Jin behind.

To be more accurate, they were the one who chose where they wanted to be held captive.

In their team, Old Zhu worked in a school’s counselling room for many years, Dadao majored in law and minored in psychology, and Ah Kong was a talented woman studying psychology. When the alliance attacked, the three of them cooperated with each other and without speaking, influenced the people who were taking them in to instantly make the decision to keep them captive in this room through the hint in their expressions, actions, and unspoken words.

And this room was the only room in the forbidden area with a transmission machine, it was just that the Thunder Unit had concealed it before the alliance advanced.

The reason why they chose this place was to convenience Zhang Zhiyin’s return and allow their team to escape together.

Last night, they had finally made the decision to act today. They would be using the transmission machine to leave this place and look for captain.

The room wasn’t big, and Xiao Jin tried his best to act normal as he brought Old Feng to the transmission machine. When he was questioned by Mist Unit, Old Feng helped him get through it. Seeing that they were only two steps away, the sound of door opening could be heard.

In the next second, the door was pushed open and Yun Chu came in.

His right hand was holding onto an uneven mirror-like item, lifting up against the sunshine. With squinted eyes, he looked at the round glow emitting from the mirror; in his left hand was on a thick black leather notebook that couldn’t be even more normal. He made a gesture, then the Storm Unit and the Mist Until that were originally guarding the Thunder Unit left.

With a clatter, the door closed again. Yun Chu scanned everyone in the room and suddenly smiled. He threw the notebook on the ground.

He said, “I didn’t accuse Zhang Zhiyan of colluding with Dr. Y without proof. Take a look and you will know.”

Old Zhu who was closest to him picked up the notebook under his indication, and saw that opened page contained:

“Really liked Zhiyin more and more, I really want to hug him.”

The old man grew red in the face and felt that spying on their family’s captain wasn’t a good idea, with a ‘smack’ he quickly closed the notebook.

Dadao took it over and began to swiftly flip the pages with calmness.

Only to see this written on the last page, “I want to give him everything and engrave it on this world’s origin.”

Dado closed the notebook and frowned, “What are you trying to say? Is our Captain’s disappearance related to you?”

His emotions were running rampant, and many incoherent thoughts ran through his mind right at that moment, but there was one clear idea, for Yun Chun to come and see them, the reason must be related to their captain, or to be more specific, it was related to what Yun Chu had just discovered about Y who loved their captain deeply.

Yun Chu smiled and didn’t answer. He raised the uneven mirror in his hand and said, “Do you know what this is?”

He wasn’t angry at Thunder Unit’s lack of response, but only gently said, “This is the origin. Legend has it that it recorded the sources of our world. Y should have used him to alter the world’s rules and create the apocalypse, zombies, and abilities.

“Your guess is correct, I have sent someone to kill your captain. However, I suspect he isn’t dead, otherwise, why couldn’t I find his corpse? I even thought that his corpse has been eaten by the zombies until I remembered that he has Dr. Y who loved him so much, things wouldn’t be this simple…”

He gently looked at Thunder Unit and licked his lips. “But if he didn’t die, then he surely wouldn’t sit still and watch all of you in danger.”

A bold and crazy plan was brewing in Yun Chu’s mind.

At the start of the apocalypse, he had awakened his ability, however it wasn’t a thunder elemental ability, but an extremely unusual ability called, “Devour”. In the old times, there was a legend of a monster that would become whomever it ate and receive power. Yun Chu’s ability was similar to that— whomever he killed, he would be able to devour and ultimately use that person’s ability.

Because he knew that his ability would only bring fear and jealousy, he had always carefully hid and packaged himself as an ordinary thunder ability user, while secretly, he gathered the people of E Lab and controlled the members for his own purposes. However, with time, the pressure in his heart grew bigger and he could no longer achieve satisfaction. Ultimately, he used the information of the “Fallen City” to design a plan to kill his father who was at that time the strongest ability user in the alliance and then fabricated a “blood inheritance” story to openly absorb his father’s power.

He was the fastest person to advance his ability, he was the only one other than Dr. Y to attain all abilities.

Now that it had reached this critical juncture, he had already made thorough preparations.

Using Thunder Unit, he would draw out Zhang Zhiyin; and using Zhang Zhiyin, he would lure Y out.

The elites of the alliance were all here, no matter how powerful Y was, he was just an ordinary person who had coincidentally obtained the origin stone. If he devoured all of the alliance’s forces, would he not be able to fight with the mere Zhang Zhiyin and Dr. Y? Wait until he devoured Y, the number one in the apocalypse… Maybe he would have the capability to break— the course of fate that had been controlling him in the dark? Regulations, world’s origin? No matter what it was, nothing would be able to control his life anymore.

He would become his own god…

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