After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 94

Chapter 94

There were more than one person who thought that Zhang Zhiyin was ill.

When Dajia went over to Zhang Zhiyin’s home for dinner and saw a doll next to him at the dinner table, he felt that Zhang Zhiyin, this unfortunate child’s condition was getting worse.

Dajia had been informed about those matters regarding Yin Nian, Dayi, and artificial intelligence. However, as an ordinary person, he really didn’t know what he should say.

The only thing he could do was to keep telling himself that “this is normal, this is normal”.

As the saying went, “Those who handle cinnabar are stained red; those who work with ink are stained black,” if you want to forge a friendship with a suspected madman, you’d better prepare yourself for insanity to be forced on you too.

Dajia grew up in happiness. He might not have any strong points, but he was open-minded and could adapt to situations quickly. After eating two mouthfuls of food, he had completely accepted the current situation laid in front of his eyes. Furthermore, he couldn’t restrain himself from stretching out his hand in eagerness to touch the real-like doll sitting quietly beside him.

He was even mumbling to himself, “What kind of material is it made of? It looks exactly like a real human.”

Zhang Zhiyin slapped off his paws in time. “Knock it off.”

Dajia took back his hand and bowed his head, he continued eating his meal sullenly. He glared at Zhang Zhiyin. “You are so stingy, you won’t even allow me to touch it!”

Within half a minute, he stretched his head impishly and asked, “I say, Zhiyin do you let this doll sleep with you at night?”

Zhang Zhiyin pushed Dajia’s favorite braised pork toward him and rolled his eyes. “Eat your food.”

As Zhang Zhiyin’s mind had been constantly roaming between Yin Nian and the world of <Tomorrow>, he couldn’t concentrate on his work recently. The leader that was in charge of him was discontented, he wondered why this young man was getting so muddle-headed these few days.

Could it be that he had just broken up from a relationship? However, in their company where high standards and strict requirements were in demand, even if their employees had been jilted by their partner, it would not be tolerated!

The following morning after Zhang Zhiyin had dinner with Dajia, he left the copy of an important document at home.

Looking at his leader’s scrunching eyebrows, Zhang Zhiyin could only lower his head and said awkwardly, “I’m sorry, I’ll get them right away.”

The leader didn’t speak and waved him out.

Zhang Zhiyin went back to his desk to pick up the car key. As soon as he looked down, he saw the documents that he couldn’t find just now were actually on his desk.

This was weird. Zhang Zhiyin shook his head and attributed it to being dizzy.

He finally managed to get through the day. When he was about to went off from work, Zhang Zhiyin looked at the overcast day outside and muttered, “It would be nice to eat Yu Ji’s hot red bean paste in this weather.”

But Yu Ji was close to his former school, which was the opposite direction of his home, and they didn’t do delivery service. Zhang Zhiyin was absolutely unwilling to go to Yu Ji to buy food, considering how he had spent the whole day running around.

However, when he was entering the residential area, Zhang Zhiyin was stopped by the security guard and received a thermal lunch box from him.

The security guard told him, “The delivery brother said that their store is celebrating its fifth anniversary, you have been selected and won the third prize which is a set meal.”

When Zhang Zhiyin went back and opened the lunch box, it was still warm. There was a large portion of red bean paste and some snacks which were all his favorite.

And then incidents such as this happened many more times—

The project that couldn’t come to an agreement abruptly became a successful deal; the colleague who had been deliberately finding trouble suddenly asked for a leave and went back to his hometown; the fax machine had broken down, and the information department suddenly called him three times to urge him for the information, but then it automatically recovered without him even doing anything; when it rained outside, Zhang Zhiyin remembered that he hadn’t closed the window, so he hurried home only to find that all the windows were tightly closed; the dirty clothes accumulated for nearly a month were suddenly washed and hung on the balcony neatly; there was no salt at home, Zhang Zhiyin also forgot to buy them. When he opened the door, he thought that he could only eat instant noodles, but instead found that the salt pot was full…

When it was just once or twice, Zhang Zhiyin could still regard  t as a coincidence, or maybe it’s because recently there were just too many things and he was busy and absent minded, so he remembered wrongly. However, after so many times, except for the possibility of schizophrenia, Zhang Zhiyin simply thought that he has raised a Ms. River snail.

Of course, in his home, it was more likely to be Mr. River snail.

So today when Zhang Zhiyin got back home and found that the water dispenser, which he had spent tremendous effort to tamper last night, was working again, he couldn’t help but rush to the bedroom and tried his best to carry the doll out. “Yin Nian, what the hell are you doing?”

The doll remained motionless just like before with an extremely innocent expression.

After Zhang Zhiyin vented his anger, he put the doll on the sofa opposite him and smiled bitterly at it.

Suddenly, he froze.

The expression of the doll… was it always this innocent?

He took the doll to the door and opened it. “Yin Nian, if you don’t talk now, I’ll throw you out and you’d better not come back either.”


As an ultimate villain boss who should have been evil, unrestrained, domineering and ruthless, Yin Nian was really incompetent. Specifically in front of Zhang Zhiyin, he was used to being timid and cowardly, or in another more commonly used word, terrified.

Especially after he consciously did a particularly bad thing.

In the face of the situation that he didn’t know how to deal with, Yin Nian’s first response was to turn to the network he’s most familiar with.

He asked online straightaway, “After doing something bad, my lover is very angry. If I want to redeem myself, what should I do? I am online, waiting for a response.”

There was a brother on the Internet who would answer such questions. Last time, he even helped a man with a child to chase his future wife.

This friend was concise and comprehensive. He used his most usual method. “Do you two have children?”

Yin Nian looked at Yin Xiaoxiang who was lying at the door of the bedroom. It wanted to come over but it was also dwindling there and hesitating. “Considered it yes, it’s an adoption.”

“Oh, does your child look like your lover?”

Yin Nian looked at Yin Xiaoxiang, then at Zhang Zhiyin, and replied, “Quite alike.”

At the same time, the other party replied, “I’m sorry, I replied to the wrong person. There’s another person asking similar questions. Now, it’s easy if you have children. Listen to me, do it like this…”

Zhang Zhiyin was in a stalemate with the doll. The doll still had that innocent expression on its face as it let him do what he wanted.

Just when Zhang Zhiyin was suspecting that he had made a wrong guess again, the TV and computer in the living room suddenly turned on automatically, and the screen showed Yin Xiaoxiang’s pitiful appearance, accompanied by a wonderfully photoshopped words, “I want to have a complete home.”

Zhang Zhiyin glared at Yan Xiaoxiang, turned back and howled at Yin Nian, “It doesn’t have that much ideas alright! Xiaoxiang is only a cat, do you know that?!”

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