After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 50

Chapter 50

Zhang Zhiyin and Shang Si got in the car and went with the brothers of Station 3 to the Industrial Building on Street 14. Station 3 still had a team of eight people guarding it while the rest should have evacuated like Station 7.

Hearing that Shang Si and Zhang Zhiyin would be coming to help them, they all showed expressions of gratitude.

The black metal door to the underground laboratory was wide open. It was quiet, just as if there wasn’t anyone in there, but the detectors that were still functioning responsibly and diligently at the door clearly told the visitors that all this was not that simple— not to mention that more than an hour ago, they had sent a death squad in but they had not come out ever since they transmitted the information.

Shang Si and Zhang Zhiyin were arranged to be the rear.

Shang Si walked a little slower behind Zhang Zhiyin and took his hand.

“Follow me, don’t get lost.” He said softly.

Under any special circumstances, Zhang Zhiyin knew that Shang Si might not be normal. Although he felt a bit awkward, he did not break free from the hand that was holding onto his hand.

When the brothers from Station 3 who asked for help looked back, they immediately understood why Station 7 all looked towards Captain Zhang when Deputy Manager Shang proposed to go with them— so, it turned out that they were a couple.

The tall man walked behind with his body slightly askewed. He held the person infront very gently and carefully, with a very distinct attitude to protect the person wholeheartedly.

Seeing how affectionate they were, the brothers of Station 3 were even more apologetic about pulling them into this mess. They thought inwardly that if they were able to walk out of here alive, they would let themselves be ordered around by them.

Along the way, they found that there were many partitions that were filled with unused medicines and equipment. However, they did not encounter anyone, nor did they run across any barriers.

It seemed that the other side had opened up their vacant city just to invite them to get a taste of their own medicine.

Everyone grew nervous, and the only guy who could not be called a human was obviously feeling the opposite.

Yin Nian who was disguised as Shang Si was holding his family’s Zhiyin’s hand. It was rare that Zhiyin didn’t reject him in this aspect. He couldn’t help being capricious and indulged in his fantasy. He hoped that the road would be longer and no one would come out to disturb them. He didn’t care where he was or what he was doing. For him, the life and death of these people had nothing to do with him.

The last time he walked hand in hand with Zhiyin was during his simulated illusion.

He didn’t know how long he had to wait for the next opportunity.

It’s a pity that somebody would always jump out and disturb Boss’s dating mood.

The leader of Station 3 suddenly shouted, “Not good, something amiss is here…”

In fact, the whole underground had never felt right. Since they came down, they had been in the other party’s control, it was just a matter of waiting for the other party to lay their hands down.

The open roads on both sides were quickly blocked by the sudden drop of iron doors. They were shut up in a square room and pale pink gas gradually filled the whole space— The room was closed, and there was no other way to avoid inhalation of the gas except by not breathing.

Zhang Zhiyin quickly dug out two Jade Sea Shengjin Pills from his storage space. He swallowed one by himself, and stuffed one to Shang Si who was sticking close to him— This medicine was made by himself when he was bored in order to improve his level of medicine refinery. It was unexpected that this would come into use at this critical moment. As he did not have enough relevant materials, so he only made two. In the game, being submerged in water for a long time would reduce the player’s HP, so when doing underwater tasks, player would have to consume the Jade Sea Shengjin Pill in advance, so they would not have to rely on external air and could allow the players to hold their air for a long time.

Zhang Zhiyin opened the Item Store and tried to buy eight more pills from the Trading House for the people of Station 3 to consume. However, he was once again greeted by the familiar “found”.

123 Love Stories, can we still be good friends? What about the true love you talked about?

When he saw the familiar combination of numbers and letters, Zhang Zhiyin felt that his personality was getting messed up.


At the moment of sudden change, Zhang Zhiyin quickly broke away from Shang Si’s hands.

This made Boss Yin feel extremely unhappy for a moment. The next second, however, that hand pushed something into his mouth.

Yin Nian: “…”

He seemed to have kissed Zhiyin’s hand! Not only did he kiss it, he even licked it…

Yin Nian felt himself getting chaotic.

The people of Station 3 over there was gradually unable to hold on, they leaned against the wall and fell into a semi-conscious state.

He didn’t know what could the pink gas do. Zhang Zhiyin took out his own Mind Clearing Pill and Antidote, and stuffed the two pills into everyone’s mouth— This kind of pills were more commonly used, and the materials were also commonly seen. Zhang Zhiyin saved a lot of them when he was at the Valley of the Extinct Dragon. He didn’t know if the pills would be able to help them, but in any case, it was better than nothing.

Yin Nian just got rid of the beautiful pink bubbles in his head and sobered up a little. When he saw the scene before him, his dark eyes darkened for no reason. Zhiyin fed everyone medicine; he fed two pills, one more than what he had gotten.

He really wanted them to spit those pills out.

Zhang Zhiyin was ignorant of the few remaining great thoughts of his companion next to him as he began to search for the hidden switch with him. However, it was clear that the mechanism of the door was not in this room.

Yin Nian thought about it and gathered his thunder power on his palm before placing his hand on the iron door on one side. After all, he still remembered that his identity was Shang Si now; he must stand on his last guard and let Shang Si die. He could not let Zhiyin be suspicious of anything, so he couldn’t use any method that exceeded the scope of Shang Si’s ability.

The iron door gradually melted, and a hole that was suitable for one person to enter and exit appeared silently.

Shang Si took the lead in going out first. He looked vigilantly around before helping Zhang Zhiyin out.

However, only half of Zhang Zhiyin’s body was stretched out when a concentrated amount of bullets immediately shot towards their direction.

Shang Si set up a thunder shield to block the attack, and then he pulled Zhang Zhiyin to run in another direction.

Three ability users were chasing behind them— They were very frivolous in their chasing and did not use all their strength in this pursuit. Instead, they acted like a cat chasing after the mice, with a bearing like they were in control of the situation.

Zhang Zhiyin and Shang Si held each other and speedily went into the complex underground’s corridor.

Yin Nian liked this feeling. He knew that human beings had a word to describe the scene at this time, which was called “suffering together”.

He could hear Zhiyin’s heart beating from running rapidly and from being under extreme pressure. He could feel the sweat slightly trickling from his hand that he was holding onto, and he could feel a connection of wholehearted trust and reliance between the other party and himself… This feeling was wonderful and very soothing. For a moment, it made him feel like a person, like an ordinary human.

The wind blade swept past their backs and flew over. Shang Si took Zhang Zhiyin and hid in a room.

Instead of continuing to pursue them, the other party quickly lowered the door outside the room.

This door was four times thicker than the one Shang Si had melted down previously, so it was unlikely that this trap would be the same as the first.

They soon understood why the other party no longer chased them further and why the door was so thick.

This room was full of advanced level mutants.

Those guys were bound up in cream coloured sealed glass container and were in a state of slumber. They were all above Level 5 and it was not hard to imagine how difficult of an opponent they would be if they woke up. Looking at the whole room, there were no less than 30 of them, and at least 6 to 7 of them had reached Level 7.

The most frightening thing was that there was a mutant faintly emitted a pressure that indicated that they were above Level 7— It might have reached Level 8, a level that had not been broken through by the whole of Cloud Sky Alliance.

This situation was much harder to deal with the previous predicament he and Shang Si had encountered.

He didn’t know if the method used to Shang Si dealt with them last time would work this time.

The room seemed to have been given some sort of instructions and came to life in an instant. The glass covers were all raised, and the comatose monsters who had been trapped in them stood up, wriggling their limbs as they made contact with the air.

Zhang Zhiyin was discussing with Shang Si about the countermeasures of this situation, but he found that he could not make a sound nor could he move— his body was covered with a bright silver bell-shaped cloak, with faint electric currents swimming around it.

This was the thunder bell of the thunder elemental ability, a kind of protection skill possessed by thunder ability users. The person covered by the thunder bell would not able to talk or move. In contrast, as long as the person that cast the spell remained alive, any external attack would not be able to hurt the person protected by the bell. There were only three ways to break the thunder bell. The first method was the removal of the skill from the caster themselves. The second method was that it could be broken by force, provided that the ability of the protected person was stronger than that of the caster. However, this would cause the castor to receive serious damage. The third option would be the death of the caster, which would trigger the automatic release of the protection bell.

Zhang Zhiyin looked at the tall figure of the man outside in a daze, and a bad feeling was brewing in his heart— and what was this supposed to be?! Him standing outside and facing so many high level mutants while protecting himself; what was this supposed to be!

He tried his best to shoot warning glances at Shang Si, but Shang Si’s back was facing him and he didn’t turn back to look at him at all.

Zhang Zhiyin’s anger, anxiety, and worry mingled together in a ball, but there was nothing he could do. He could only watch Shang Si like how he had quietly seen him with the Angelic Clairvoyance. Shang Si’s body gradually suspended in the air and his eyes were closed as his turned over his hands that held that silver, purple, and platinum sparks. It was so beautiful that he dared not look directly at them.

The mutants that had fully awaken from their sleep had seized the ground, however, they dared not approach Shang Si.

This time, Shang Si took more time to gather his ability. It took around 7 minutes for him before he suddenly opened his eyes and poured down the thunder power accumulated in his hands. The running electric dragon rushed through the room, the mutants roared painfully, and white light burst in front of Zhang Zhiyin’s eyes. He hurriedly closed his eyes but there was still a bright white halo in front of him.

He couldn’t see anything. He could only hear a huge explosion lingering incessantly in his ears as if heaven and earth had split apart.

It seemed like a long time had passed, but it also felt like only a few minutes had gone by, before everything around him gradually became calm.

Zhang Zhiyin opened his eyes and saw a lot of devastation. On each of the four thick iron doors appeared a big hole enough for a person to enter and exit. The originally spacious and empty room with the orderly and spread out containers that held the mutants had became charred debris. It was not clear whether they belonged to the mutants or the glass container.

He was able to speak again. The thunder bell was no longer there, but the owner who had casted the thunder bell on him collapsed weakly on the ground beside him. His eyes slowly closed.

Zhang Zhiyin ran over and squatted beside him. His voice was shaking as he shouted, “Bastard…”

To let him watch this helplessly…

He still had a lot of of space teleportation talisman in his hands. They needn’t have been so miserable.

Tiny beads of blood constantly seeped out from the person, they gradually joined together, forming a pool of blood and it frightened Zhang Zhiyin until he was unable to say anything. He reached his hands into the space bag and took out a medicine— He still had a miracle medicine obtained from the Item Store at the price of 100 yuan. It was said to be able to revive even the rotting corpse, and in the game, it allowed players to be immediately revived with full HP without any negative side effects arising. In this world, it might really have a miraculous effect.

Facing Shang Si, he no longer cared whether his secret would be exposed or not.

Although it was not easily and somewhat far-fetched, Yin Nian still managed to get to this point smoothly. Seeing how he was about to achieve his goal, of course, he would not have him save himself. He decided that he needed to die as soon as possible without leaving even any dregs behind.

But he had one more thing to say.

Zhang Zhiyin saw the person in front of him showed a weak and helpless smile before asking lightly, “Zhiyin, if the person you like is actually like me and not what you think he is, will you still continue to like him?”

Zhang Zhiyin did not know what to say at this time. He chose to tell the truth.

“Yes. Whatever he is like, I will still like him. He has infiltrated my heart and cannot be pulled out.” If he had to be pulled out one day, he would hurt.

Yin Nian showed a relieved smile. Shang Si’s body seemed to be overloaded and he suddenly turned into fine powder, loudly scattering away.

“Shang Si… Hey! Shang Si!”

Zhang Zhiyin lay on the ground where Shang Si still existed in the previous second. His hand was still holding onto the miracle pill.

But the space beneath his body was empty. Other than the white powder that was smaller than dust, there was nothing left.

“Shang Si…”

It was strange that so much noise was made here but there was no movement outside.

It was only until when Zhang Zhiyin, who still immersed in grief and shock, heard a cold and low voice from outside.

“Destroy everything here.”

That’s the voice he would never forget!

Zhang Zhiyin turned back and glanced through the hole in the door. He saw the handsome and indifferent final boss standing outside in a white research gown. He was tall and slender, carrying an aura of disdain.

It was Yin Nian.

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