After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Zhang Zhiyin bought ten invisibility talismans from the Item Store, and after putting them on, he was going to explore the way to the secret laboratory of Muwo City, where E-lab was located, in the evening.

This was the benefit of the Item Store. Most of the stuff in the Item Store were things that this world did not have or was rare. Its application rules were beyond the scope of this world, so the utility of it was excellent, and there was no hidden danger of getting found out.

Zhang Zhiyin went for two days in a row and used up all the invisibility talismans. He found that the underground laboratory was very close and there weren’t many people. There were only thirteen people who had been here. Generally, there were only seven or eight people who would stay here. Their overall level was much higher than that of the Baiyin Station 7 and 3. Most of them were Level 5 or 6. The leader who seemed to be in charge had reached level 7. But Station 7 and 3 had many people, totaling nearly a hundred.

The other side’s use of powers was bizarre, and they had home advantage in their own lab. Zhang Zhiyin went down quietly once, but only in front of their black metal door, which had a very sensitive detection system that could sense body temperatures and mental fluctuations of any living people, even if there were invisibility talismans, it would still be effective.

The Enhanced Angelic Clairvoyance could sense the general structure of the base and the existence of an underground space, but it could not accurately explore in detail as to what was in it.

However, the plan could not keep up with the change.

Zhang Zhiyin had not yet came up with a comprehensive plan to deal with them when Station 7 had already received the news; there were strange disappearances happening in Station 3.

When the Station 3’s team members were out on duty, four people in a small team suddenly disappeared, and then Station 3 sent large forces to find the four people, not only did they not find any clues, on the contrary, there were three fewer people returning. After that, at least 10 teams were formed to act collectively in Station 3, but even so, some of those that went alone disappeared inexplicably. Other teammates saw the man following, but in the next second, the man disappeared. So far, the total number of missing ability users at Station 3 had reached 11.

Station 3 could not sit still. They remembered the siege of high-level mutants mentioned previously in Station 7 and decided to explain the matter to Station 7 and seek assistance.

“We have preliminary judgement that the perpetrators of the disappearance are hiding in this area.” The people of Station 3 took out marker pens and marked a red circle on the map of Muwo City. Street 14, Street 15 and Street 16 were all enclosed in the circle. “And we think they should be underground and have good psychic devices to block our psychic scan.”

That was all correct. Looking at Station 3 in front of the map and analysing a little, a sense of unpleasant premonition bloomed inside Zhang Zhiyin for no reason. That was too accurate. Like… they were deliberately induced to think so.

He remembered the black door again, and though he didn’t know what it was, he thought it would be much more difficult for them to move when they go underground — the other side was their home territory and it was full of uncertainties. If possible, they should try to avoid confronting them underground.

Standing behind the crowd, the boss under the disguise of Shang Si raised his eyebrows.

Although Zhiyin looked very cute when he was begging him at the… but it had to be said objectively that those guys in Lab 3 were not what Zhiyin could deal with right now. Even if Zhiyin had his item store with him, his winning rate was still not high, strength was a fundamental factor… And his family’s Zhiyin intelligence quotient was not high — in his eyes, his was too low, although Zhiyin was stupid, but he was also so cute that one would have the impulse to hide him in their hands and not let him out for fear of his own foolish death…

Although he was created by human beings, it seemed to him that human beings were really weak. Even if Zhiyin became stronger one day, he would not be that much stronger. There might be a qualitative gap between 60 and 100, but they were nothing in front of hundreds of millions.

Yin Boss had the idea of putting Zhiyin in captive, their daily life would not be his flabbl, super weak little Zhiyin being like this, disobediently running out everyday, meeting some other people for no reason. Then, he would run back hugging him, complaining that “Wuwuwu, XXX bullied me”; or he would excitedly tell him “Today I XXX”, as he was being happy over some small issues. He would be responsible for comforting and encouraging Zhiyin. He would hug him and sleep with him, making Zhiyin happy every day and satisfying all his wishes.

Of course, many of the above parts were still in the stage of imagination and brain filling inside his head.

He would absolutely help Zhiyin. But it did not hinder him at all. By the way, he should let Shang Si take advantage of this opportunity and die normally.

In the future, he could hold Zhiyin without any hesitation…

Liu Zhu touched him and said, “Deputy Manager, what are you thinking?”

Yin Nian said solemnly, “I’m thinking about how to save the comrades of Station 3.”

The General Manager gave a glance of approval.

Liu Zhu: “…” Like hell you are! You must be thinking of Captain Zhang. Only when you think of the Zhang Team would the normally calm and cold Shang Si had the damn appearance of a flower blossoming!

So, face was really important. If Yin Nian used his Dr. Y’s face, whatever he does, whatever he thinks, it would not seem strange. That face had its own cold, facial paralysis, noble, stranger-do-not-approach effect. Ever since many events, such as playing cards, Shang Si has been able to maintain his image without onlookers pointing at him saying that he was silly was all because of Yin Nian’s natural temperament and aura.

The other side acted faster than they thought they would. The two people from Station 3 had yet to left when new information came. The ability user from Station 3 who was on duty today found a strange entrance under the Industrial Building on Street 14. It seemed that there were still people coming and going out frequently.

It was certain that that was a trap.

Not only Zhang Zhiyin, but the General Manager who also knew nothing about the situation frowned.

“Something’s wrong,” the General Manager warned.

Station 3 remained silent. They were watching a message coming from Station 3, which was less than three hours apart.

The General Manager also looked over and his face gradually turned pale.

“It’s no use.” The youths from the Station 3 muttered bitterly, “They have captured our teammates and we have to save them as they want to transform them into new mutants… even if we don’t care about them, unless we evacuate, we will die here once new mutants developed.”

Station 3, after the discovery of the anomaly on Street 14, quickly formed a death squad to enter the scene. None of them were able to leave, but they returned the news about their missing teammates and the inhumane underground mutant experiment, which looked more as if the other party had deliberately sent them back.

The atmosphere in the Station 7’s conference room had also became somber.

Zhang Zhiyin bowed his head. He predicted a bad ending from the game, but he knew this too late and did not know enough information. As a result, when the other side came to this point, they had no other way to solve it except to evacuate. However, there was still something dubious: although the communications system had been seriously damaged, the communication between major bases, adjacent frontier sites, various other frontier sites and alliances had been given priority and was it was basically still smooth, but in the game, the alliance seemed to have received no news until the collapse of Station 7 and Station 3, right? What happened here was unknown.

“Send a message to the alliance, we’re leaving.” After weighing things over, the General Manager decisively ordered at once. According to the news, the new mutant was not something they could cope with, the enemy was in the dark, while they were in the light, the strength of the other side was mysterious and unknown. Even if they somehow won, they would still suffer heavy casualties. In the end, the most precious resources were those who were willing to join the alliance to work together for human revival, and could not withstand such expenditure. The best way was to evacuate temporarily to Station 5 or 6 and wait for further instructions and support from the coalition.

Another person in charge, Deputy Manager Qin, quickly tried to contact the alliance.

“No, I can’t contact you… our communications were cut off… There is no connection beyond a certain range, only the nearest station 3 can be contacted at present!”

Newsletter, he forgot that. The inertness of living in modern society for a long time made him forget the importance and fragility of communication in the end of the world. Zhang Zhiyin clenched his fist hatefully.

However, the situation was obviously different from that in the game. They had enough time to prepare for evacuation to other sites, and it was not so important whether they could contact the Alliance Headquarters in the first place.

Because of the interference of Yu Huo Force, the inadvertent discovery, and elimination of many E Lab’s mutants by Zhang Zhiyin and Shang Si, E Lab’s actions were much more impatient than it were in the game scenario, and it was no longer completely undetectable. Naturally, it was difficult to unexpectedly wipe out the two sites as in the game.

As long as they simply withdraw, they would not be able to exterminate each other and the missing people at Station 3 would not be able to come back, but at least it would not be the end of the whole army’s annihilation.

Station 3 sent back the news quickly, their situation was identical.

“Nevertheless, we are going to evacuate to Station 6 before we make plans!” The General Manager quickly ordered.

The characteristics of the front-line stations was their high mobility they could set off in half an hour.

Everyone at the Station 7 followed the commander-in-chief’s instructions for a quick evacuation, but two people from the Station 3 stopped and looked at each other, they made a noise to stop the people who were leaving the meeting room to pack up.

“Sorry, I know it’s very presumptuous to say this, and I shouldn’t make such a request… However, we must go back and have a look. The strength of station 3 has been perpetually damaged. Are there any friends who are willing to go back with us and help us?” They looked back at their station 7, their eyes full of anxiety.

The General Manager frowned: “You leaders should understand that withdrawal is the best choice at this time.”

Station 3 did not speak, but instead shook their heads. They suddenly fell on their knees and choked, “Please help our brothers. If they are still alive, our brothers’ lives will be yours.”

The situation of Station 3 was quite special. For example, Station 7 were randomly composed of teams sent from each base, and there was no connection between them. However, two-thirds of Station 3 came from the same village near Muwo City. The proportion of the village’s ability users was relatively high. Even in the end of the world, their ties and relationship were still strong. After joining the alliance, the volunteered to support the alliance by helping out with the cleaning work near Muwo City.

But as the two of them from Station 3 also knew, ten that went, * would come back. Any normal person would probably not help them, and they wouldn’t complain either. They shouldn’t have dragged other people into their mess, but at this point they were really desperate to think that they could have one more chance.

There was a moment of silence in the conference room.

A man suddenly said, “I’ll go with you.”

It’s Shang Si.

There was a cry of “Deputy Manager”.

The General Manager said in a stern voice without hesitation: “Shang Si, you stay, and the people under your hands still need you.”

But the wayward Deputy Manager simply ignored him.

Then everyone looked at Zhang Zhiyin.

In their opinion, if someone could persuade Deputy Manager not to go, it must be him.

Zhang Zhiyin was immersed in the disappointment that he clearly had the legendary golden finger but still failed to save all the people Station 3 and 7. Suddenly, he found that everyone was watching him.

Just now… It was like Station 3 was asking for support, and then Shang Si agreed to go with them? Why did everyone look at me?

Under the pressure of eyes, Zhang Zhiyin, who had not yet figured out the causes and consequences, quickly said, “I’ll go with him.”

His face was calm and serious.

He had items such as a transmitter flying flag and had the greatest chance of escape. And even if he died, he would not really die. If he went as a support, Zhang Zhiyin still felt that he was the most suitable candidate.

Everyone who expected Captain Zhang to persuade Deputy Manager Shang: “…”

That’s not true, Captain! Life and death, this kind of thing should not be played casually and for fun!

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