After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 46

Chapter 46

That vague conjecture gradually surfaced again, but he didn’t dare to think too deeply about it.

Zhang Zhiyin secretly ran back to the base and told the canteen’s Master Wang to leave a bowl of spare ribs soup for Shang Si.

They successfully cleared up that factory a few days ago and it was considered a small feat. The General Manager had specially allowed them to enjoy a bowl of spare ribs soup today.

Zhang Zhiyin went back to his room to rest. When he woke up again, he was back to the real world.

It was the off-season recently, so there weren’t many things to do in the company and he could knock off work on time. Zhang Zhiyin reached home at 6 pm. He opened the game out of habit and ended up realizing there was a new update.

He then went to the forum and checked out the new content.

As everyone knew, if a show or animation wanted to be lengthened, give them more villains; if a game wanted to lengthen its life cycle, they could also add rely on adding more villain characters.

The final boss was Dr. Y, if Dr. Y was easily defeated, then this game would lose the majority of its interest; now, it was still very popular in the market, 123 Love Stories had just got its hands on this game, naturally, they would want to prolong its life cycle by creating more selling points.

So, taking advantage of the summer vacation, they launched a new information clip.

This time, the main opponent was a person with sinister intention lurking in the dark. Watching the struggle between Cloud Sky Alliance and Yu Huo Forces, they wanted to seize Dr. Y’s powers, become the supreme leader of the new world and transform the surviving humans into their slaves. Mutants were their masterpiece.

However, in Zhang Zhiyin’s current timeline, the Cloud Sky Alliance had yet to officially compete with the Yu Huo Forces, so it was still far away from those secret lurkers appearing. However, the mutants had already emerged and were spreading, presumably, these people had already begun lurking in the dark.

When Zhang Zhiyin finished his meal, the game had finished updating.

Facing the person silently waiting for him and looking at this familiar face, Zhang Zhiyin hesitated for a moment before he typed:

“Y, are you aware that I like you? Are you trying to deceive me by pretending to be Shang Si?”

After some pondering, he felt that it was just too ridiculous. Yin Nian was a person from that world, how could he know what had happened in the game; furthermore, guessing that the boss also liked you because you liked him and that he even specifically used a fake identity to accompany him was too narcissistic.

At the end of the world, having some secret rare manual book or power was a possibility, it’s not like every person that had extraordinary powers was Yin Nian.

Zhang Zhiyin frowned, pressed ‘enter’ and those words were deleted away one by one.

The Zhang Zhiyin who returned to <Tomorrow> was still absent-minded.

The incident of Shang Si and him sneaking to the city and encountering mutants had been discovered by the General Manager.

The entire street was almost blown away by Shang Si, so there was no way it wasn’t discovered. When he was questioned as to how he escaped, Shang Si perfunctorily said that it was his secret method and it couldn’t be used frequently.

The General Manager was a little afraid of Shang Si, so he didn’t dare to directly reprimand him. By chance, he ran into Zhang Zhiyin and called him to his office to criticize him, “Did you know you entering the restricted zone outside of work is violating the rules? Did you know? If you know, why did you still go there? Deliberate violation of crime is also a crime.”

Zhang Zhiyin couldn’t refute, he stood there and listened with his head down. He seemed very dispirited, looking like he wasn’t giving a damn to the person.

The General Manager was even more angry.

A hand suddenly fell onto Zhang Zhiyin’s shoulder.

Who knew when Shang Si had walked in and was standing behind him, he lightly said: “I brought him there, don’t blame him.”

Then he exerted strength on his hands and used his eyes to tell Zhang Zhiyin to leave.

Zhang Zhiyin obediently left— both of them had a higher position, so being obedient and leaving during this sort of situation was the correct choice.

When he was at the doorstep, he looked back and saw how Shang Si was lowering his head and getting reprimanded by the General Manager without saying anything.

How could Shang Si be Boss? The arrogance Yin Nian had was enough to suppress the whole world, how could he obediently let someone else reprimand him.

However, as soon as he left, the room changed to a new sight.

General Manager: “Why did you bring him there for!”

Shang Si lightly and calmly said: “A clandestine affair.”

General Manager: “….”

Their work of cleaning up Muwo City was also proceeding in an orderly manner. There were no more advanced mutants in the city. The most troubling issue at hand was the two Level 6 fire elementals zombies in the office building on Street 13. Baiyin Station 7 had already entered into Muwo City, and they were on Street 7. It was blown up by Shang Si once, so their field of vision had widened and it was a pretty decent site.

Since then, the relationship between Zhang Zhiyin and Shang Si had also became normal. They had a more and more tacit understanding of each other. They often ate together when they came back from their tasks and sometimes they would also play cards at night.

In the monotone nights of these ability users who risked their lives to clean up the zombies every day, the only thing that they would not get tired of was playing cards.

Originally, Zhang Zhiyin played with Dadao and the rest. Afterward, when they got familiar with each other, no matter which team, everyone played together and were able to gather several tables. Even the General Manager played with them every day.

But no one dared to pull Deputy Manager Shang into the gang.

So when Shang Si followed Zhang Zhiyin into the canteen, everyone was stunned.

Li Zhun took the initiative to stand up and ask him “Do you want to play together, Deputy Manager Shang?”

Shang Si looked at Zhang Zhiyin: “Okay, I had never played this before.”

Everyone was flared up. They played with chips, and the loser would give the winner crystal nucleis. Shang Si was the famous good fighter of the whole Baiyin Station 7, he was certain to get the most crystal nucleus each time. Moreover, he had never played before, wasn’t this telling them— they are going to earn a huge profit?!

They certainly wouldn’t feel guilty bullying Shang Si this novice!

But soon they found themselves wrong. Shang Si took a seat and sat next to Zhang Zhiyin. He began to play with them. Liu Zhu explained the rules of the game to him. Shang Si nodded his head to show that he understood.

Then he had been winning since the first round.

Not only did he won for himself, but he also helped Zhang Zhiyin to win.

In the end, all the crystal nucleus on the table went to him and Zhang Zhiyin.

Zhang Zhiyin was very happy. He felt that it was a wise choice to bring a teammate such as Shang Si.

Others expressed that he was bluffing them. Shang Si was someone pretending to be a pig to prey on the tiger1!

After that, nobody was willing to play with Shang si.

Shang Si grievingly poked Zhang Zhiyin and said with full of hope: “Zhiyin, let’s play?”

What so fun about playing cards when there were only two people?

Zhang Zhiyin rejected and randomly joined another table.

As a result, the whole table united to pit him.

The idea of the people was like this: those who have lost money from Deputy Manager Shang could be able to recover from Captain Zhang here.

After playing three games, Zhang Zhiyin left with his face drooping. He and Shang Si occupied a small table and a deck of playing cards and began to play pull the train2.

Zhang Zhiyin, who had been playing pull the train for the whole night, was bored. He looked at Shang Si with grief and began to regret bringing such a big killer to play cards. Now everyone’s hatred value had shifted to himself, he couldn’t play anymore in the future.

Shang Si looked at them dispirited Zhang Zhiyin going back to the room, he frowned and began to make a plan.

The next day, Shang Si still took Zhang Zhiyin to the canteen to play cards.

Zhang Zhiyin refused: “I don’t want to play pull the train!”

Deputy Manager Shang promised, “Somebody will play with us this time!”

Sure enough, as soon as they entered the dining hall, a table of people shouted, “Captain Zhang, Deputy Manager Shang, come here!”

Dadao and Liu Zhu were all there, Liu Zhu was grinning and that expression made Zhang Zhiyin’s spine cold.

He had to say that it really felt very good to win the game while teaming up with Shang Si. Morevoer, the rest of the people playing with them wasn’t throwing that game. They were all losing badly but they still smiled bitterly and was willing to play with them.

After the end of the game, Zhang Zhiyin happily went back to his room and slept. Shang Si said to Liu Zhu, “Well done, go to my place to get the crystal nucleus tomorrow.”

Shang Si fulfilled his promises, he would return all the crystal nucleus and also gave an extra 20% as a reward. Liu Zhu then followed as he said and found a table of people to play with them.

When other people heard this, they though Shang Si couldn’t be this idly? Afterward, someone finally understood— nothing was important except for playing with Captain Zhang.

Afterward, Dadao, Xiao Jin, and Ah Kong all looked at Zhang Zhiyin with this “The whole station know that Deputy Manager is chasing after our Captain except for our Captain himself” expression.

Zhang Zhiyin: “Are there any problems?”

Xiao Jin: “… No, well, Captain, I didn’t notice your ability had gone up to Level 5! “

Zhang Zhiyin casually said, “The day before yesterday, Shang Si gave me a Level 5 ice crystal nucleus .”

The team members felt that the Captain had golden thighs everywhere. Last time, it was Dr. Yin, now, it was Deputy Manager Shang. If Captain and Dr. Y get together one day, they wouldn’t be surprised.

Level 5 crystal nuclei was rare, let alone the nuclei of this variant which basically had no market value. Zhang Zhiyin was in a good relationship with Shang Si recently, and he finally got to enter the Item Store when it was not broken, so he bought him the discounted gun that he had had been eyeing and gave it to him. As a result, Shang Si gave a crystal nuclei back.

But in fact, the crystal nuclei was just a gift from “Shang Si”. Lord Boss, who got the gift, was ecstatic and he, of course, prepared something better.

But then Zhang Zhiyin’s attitude toward Shang Si had improved, and he began to eat vinegar from his own disguise even more. He felt that he didn’t plan this comprehensively in the first place, and he did not take this into account.

Sure enough, as long as it was related to human emotions, he would still be unable to predict the deviation.

Let’s find a chance to kill Shang Si. Yin Nian sat in the office and thought with a straight face. It was still better if Zhiyin only liked and treated Yin Nian good. In any case, there wasn’t any Shang Si this person in the first place, it was just an identity he had created.

So now he refused to brush Shang Si’s good feeling too high!

About half a month later, Zhang Zhiyin came back to reality. It was the weekend and he didn’t have to go to work.

A game friend suddenly called him, “Brother Zhiyin, do me a favor, let’s do the next instance together?”

When Zhang Zhiyin entered the game, he also joined a small guild. The guild organization was relatively loose and there was no requirement. The people in the guild were very good. At first, they often brought Zhang Zhiyin along to raise their levels. Later, however, Zhang Zhiyin devoted himself to Boss, so, he did not play much with them.

He hadn’t responded yet when another piece of news came. “The new information came with a new instance. We need an ice ability user to restrain the monster. We’ve been waiting for a long time and there’s really no one else suitable. We kneel down and ask for the help of our Elder Brother, Zhiyin.”

Although Zhang Zhiyin had not fought the boss for a long time, his equipment was still good. Last time, in order to make gifts for boss, he frequently begged his game friends to help him fight other bosses, so, his basic controlling skills didn’t go too out of practice.

He looked at the time and didn’t hesitate. He swiftly typed: “All right, where do we meet?”

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